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By Dr. Hazel Wallace

Welcome to The Food Medic podcast hosted by medical doctor, personal trainer, blogger, and author, Dr. Hazel Wallace. In this podcast you will hear from leading experts in their field who share evidence based advice on how we can live healthier lives and cut through the confusing information that we find online. For more information you can find Hazel at or on social media instagram, twitter, and facebook @TheFoodMedic. The Food Medic for Life books is out now which is available online on amazon and in most good book stores.



This podcast episode includes some sensitive and potentially triggering content relating to eating disorders and body image. This week we are joined by Roz Purcell - former model and miss Universe contestant, now a bestselling cookery writer, host of the Bite Back Podcast and creator of the Hike Life community.Dr Hazel chats to Roz about her career as a model and turbulent relationship with her body and food, and how that has evolved over the years, how she avoids the pressure of having the perfect instagram profile and has learnt to be content in her own skin, sustainable fashion and food! If you have been affected by the topics discussed in this episode, or are looking for additional support, please visit
10/07/2040m 25s

S4 E 7 - PART 2: SUPERIOR: The Return of Race Science

In this two part episode, Dr Hazel is joined by Angela Saini, an award-winning science journalist who holds Masters degrees in Engineering from The University of Oxford, and in Science and Security from King’s College London. Angela is also author of the books Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong and Superior: The Return of Race Science.In part 2 they discuss her second book Superior: the return of race science. They discuss the history of race science and Eugenics, why race science is re-emerging, racial disparities in healthcare - including COVID-19, and ancestry tests. Thank you for listening and please do join in on the conversation and keep it going.Resources to support the #BlackLivesMatter Movement and Anti-racism.Links to donate (copy and paste into your browser): Black Lives Matter - Minds Matter - LGBTQIA+ Therapy Fund protest Legal Support UK - funds - and White Supremacy - Layla F. SaadSo You Want to Talk About Race - Ijeoma OluoI Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Maya AngelouI Am Not Your Baby Mother - Candice BraithwaiteBrit(ish) - Afua HirschDon’t touch my hair - Emma Dabiri Why I am no longer talking to white people about race - Reni Eddo-LodgeHow to be an Anti-racist - Ibram X.Kendi PodcastsThe NodIntersectionality Matters!Code SwitchPod save the peopleNew York Times: 1619About Race Scene on the radioWhite Lies Slay In your LaneWatch13thJust MercyAmerican SonThe Hate U GiveWhen They See UsI Am Not Your Negro*THESE LISTS ARE NOT EXHAUSTIVE*
03/07/2035m 3s

S4 EP 7 PART 1: INFERIOR: How Science Got Women Wrong

In this two part episode, Dr Hazel is joined by Angela Saini, an award-winning science journalist who holds Masters degrees in Engineering from The University of Oxford, and in Science and Security from King’s College London. Angela is also author of the books Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong and Superior: The Return of Race Science.In part 1 they discuss the effect of sexism on scientific research, how scientists often reinforce sex and gender stereotypes - instead of challenging them, and how sexism influences social beliefs.
26/06/2032m 16s

S4 E6 - Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

On this episode, Dr Hazel is joined by Olympic champion and three-times world champion heptathlete Dame Jessica Ennis Hill. Hazel chats to Jessica about her incredible career as an Olympic athlete, injuries and setbacks, announcing her retirement, how her day-to-day has changed - including her training, her new app, and being a mum to two young kids.
19/06/2029m 1s

S4 E5 - The Female Brain

On this episode, Hazel chats to Dr Sarah Mc Kay, a neuroscientist and science communicator. Sarah has written a book titled demystifying the female brain (also called the women's brain book on the other side of the world) - The neuroscience of health, hormones and happiness.They discuss:*The main differences (if any) between male and female brains*Common gender stereotypes when it comes to the brain*How puberty and pregnancy alters the brain*PMS and mood*Why mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety are more common in women.
12/06/2044m 37s

S4 E4 - Women Are Not Small Men

On this episode, Dr Hazel sits down with Dr Stacy Sims - an Environmental Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Scientist specializing in sex differences. She is also author of the book ROAR: a comprehensive, physiology-based nutrition and training guide specifically designed for active women. In this episode they cover:*Training around your period*How women compare to men in exercise performance - and in recovery*Fuelling training throughout the lifespan*Supplements*Gut health
29/05/2043m 54s

S4 E3 - Periods 101 and the Menopause

On this episode, Dr Hazel is joined by GP, Dr Philippa Kaye. On this highly requested episode, they cover everything to do with periods - what is normal, what is abnormal, what is irregular, how heavy is too heavy - and also the perimenopause and menopause. Let us know if you loved it by leaving a review and a 5 star rating - it really does help.
22/05/2032m 24s

S4 E2 The Power Hour

On this weeks episode of The Food Medic podcast, Dr Hazel chats to Master Trainer & Performance Coach, passionate Runner, and host of The Power Hour Podcast, Adrienne Herbert.This episode teaches you how to harness your own power hour, find and chase your goals, how to stay motivated, how to find time to do it and how to reach your full potential.
15/05/2035m 9s

S4 E1 - Imposter Syndrome

Welcome back to The Food Medic Podcast. On this episode Dr Hazel sits down with clinical psychologist Dr Jessamy Hibberd and author of the Imposter Cure, to chat all about Imposter syndrome. Please note: This episode was recorded LIVE at the life lessons festival at the beginning of 2020 prior to social distancing measures. Let us know if you loved it by leaving a review and a 5 star rating!
08/05/2028m 12s


Hello and a VERY big welcome back to The Food Medic Podcast. Before we dive into SEASON FOUR of the podcast, I wanted to record a prelude chatting about what has been going on in the world over the last few weeks and my experience working as a COVID19 doctor. Make sure to keep listening through to the end as I answer all the questions you sent in about COVID19 on social media. Tune back in next time when we kick off the season with Dr Jessamy Hibberd who I sit down and chat to about Imposter Syndrome and what we can do about it. Make sure to follow us on social media @thefoodmedic on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook and catch up on our blogs and recipes on
24/04/2026m 37s

S3 EP12 - *CHRISTMAS SPECIAL* - Christmas in the NHS

Welcome back to a Christmas special episode of The Food Medic podcast! This week Dr Hazel is joined by former doctor, Adam Kay. Adam is now an ​award-winning comedian and writer for TV and film. His first book "This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor" was a Sunday Times number one bestseller for over a year, breaking all records, and has sold over 1.5 million copies. His second book "Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas" was released in October 2019 and an instant Sunday times number 1 bestseller, making him the first author to have simultaneous number ones for hardback and paperback non-fiction titles.
19/12/1926m 58s

S3 EP11 - *BONUS EPISODE* - Sleep & Travel

Hello and a very big welcome back to The Food Medic - we are back for an extra special bonus episode on SLEEP! On the podcast today, Hazel is joined by Alan Flanagan who is currently pursuing his PhD in chrono-nutrition at the University of Surrey. They discuss how much sleep we need, what happens when we don't get enough sleep, how sleep deprivation affects our long term health and our appetite, the phenomenon of jet lag and social jet lag, and how exercise can support a restful nights' sleep. Check out @thefoodmedic on social media for more topics like this. This podcast episode is kindly sponsored by Westin Hotels & Resorts
03/12/1948m 1s

S3 E10 - Mental Health with Fearne Cotton.

Welcome back to #TheFoodMedicPodcast. On the final episode of season 3, Dr. Hazel visits Fearne Cotton in her home to chat all about her experience with mental health - the highs, the lows and everything in between. Resources mentioned in the podcast:1.Mind - Place -*Warning: contains explicit language*
10/09/1942m 39s

S3 E9 - How to get pregnant with Dr Larisa Corda

This week's episode, on the topic of fertility, is brought to you by your host Dr Hazel and her guest, Dr Larisa Corda - Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, and Fertility Specialist. Larisa believes in a holistic approach to treating a patient that addresses many lifestyle factors, and is a passionate womens’ rights ambassador with roles on a number of international charities that have included UN Women and The Circle. She is also ITV’s This Morning’s and Channel Mum’s Fertility Expert. As a little disclaimer, the term 'clean eating' and 'clean living' is used in this episode. At The Food Medic, we tend to not use this language when it comes to food and health. However, that is the termniology used by Larisa in the context of her conception plan and, in this case, we felt it was appropriate to leave it within the episode. For more info, check out Larisa's website: Topics covered:- How to maximise your chances of pregnancy- Male and female infertility- Fertility M.O.T.- PCOS and fertility- IVF
03/09/1936m 47s

S3 E8 - Strength Training for Beginners

The topic of this weeks show is strength training, and while it is not about food or nutrition (directly anyway) it is something that is so incredibly important for our health. This week Dr.Hazel is joined on the by two incredible strength coaches and personal trainers; Adam Willis and Laura Hoggins. Adam Willis is a Strength Coach, Mentor, Consultant & the Co-Owner of Lean Body Performance, an online coaching business. He is also the host of The Empowered Body Podcast. Laura Hoggins is a Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer. She teaches a mix of modified strongman, strength and conditioning circuits across the city at London’s top fitness venues - including her own concept class at ministry of sound fitness ‘lifted’. Laura has also just released her debut book Lift Yourself: A Training Guide to Getting Fit and Feeling Strong for Life.
27/08/1936m 29s

S3 E7- Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea

The topic of this weeks episode is hypothalamic amenorrhoea (HA) - quite a common cause of loss of periods. Dr Hazel is joined by Renee Mc Gregor, a leading performance and eating disorder specialist dietitian and Dr Nicky Keay who is a medical doctor specialising in sport and dance endocrinology.In this episode they discuss:What is HA?What causes HA?Health consequences of not having a regular period.What to do if you’ve been diagnosed with HAHow to recover and what to expect.Link to Renee’s website: to train brave: BAsem website:
20/08/1936m 39s

S3 E6 - “Is Butter A Carb?”

On this episode Dr Hazel is joined by registered dietitians Rosie Saunt and Helen West from The Rooted project. Rosie and Helen strive to be the most credible, non-judgemental and accessible source of nutrition information in the industry, drawing on the latest scientific thinking, at panel events and via social media communication. They have also recently published the ultimate mythbusting nutrition bible: ​Is Butter a Carb?On this episode they cover common diet myths, how to spot a fad diet, how to approach media headlines on nutrition research, vegan diets, carbs, gut health - and everything in between. This is a must listen for anyone feeling a bit confused about nutrition. P.S. If you want to submit your own question to the show all you got to do is ​tweet, facebook message or instagram DM me your questions with #thefoodmedicpodcast.
13/08/1931m 19s

S3 E5 - Can you die of a broken heart?

Our guest today is ​Dr Nikki Stamp - an Australian trained cardiothoracic surgeon.Nikki is 1 of 11 female heart surgeons in Australia and is a sought after speaker for women in surgery and a participant of social media campaign #ILookLikeASurgeon. Her research includes mentoring and gender in surgery, improving the patient journey and outcomes after cardiac surgery and the way plaque forms in our arteries. She is also author of the book “Can You Die of a Broken Heart?” And is due to release her second book “Pretty Unhealthy” later on this year.On this episode we chat about women in medicine and surgery, the gender bias in cardiac medicine, how our lifestyle can impact our heart and what we can do to try offset that risk, and if you can actually die of a broken heart.This weeks listener question is “What foods can I eat to lower my cholesterol?” So if you’re interested to find out the answer stay tuned to the very end of the episode and if you want to submit your own question to the show all you got to do is ​tweet, facebook message or instagram DM your questions with #thefoodmedicpodcast.
06/08/1938m 47s

S3 E4 - Body Image with Nadia Craddock

This week Dr. Hazel chats to Nadia Craddock who is a body image researcher and PhD candidate at the Centre for Appearance Research, based at the University of the West of England in Bristol.Nadia's research is centred around whether big business can foster positive body image through the lens of corporate social responsibility. Her wider interests span eating disorder prevention, colourism, weight stigma, and developing evidence-based body image and self-esteem curriculum. Nadia also produces and co-hosts the Centre for Appearance Research’s podcast, Appearance Matters: The Podcast with fellow PhD candidate Jade Parnell. Topics covered on this episode include: what body image is and who it affects, protecting your body image and mental health online, the recent stir-up of the plus sized NIKE mannequin, and body positivity. This weeks question is “Is green tea good for burning fat?”. So if you’re interested to find out the answer stay tuned to the very end of the episode.
30/07/1932m 19s

S3 E3 - Food and Mood with Kimberley Wilson

This week Dr Hazel Wallace is joined on the podcast by Kimberley Wilson, who is a Chartered Psychologist specialising in Whole Body Mental Health. She intends to transform the way we treat mental illness by integrating psychological therapy with evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle advice. She is also a former finalist on The Great British Bake Off - which is a very cool addition to her impressive CV.On this episode Hazel chats to Kimberley about the role of nutrition in mental health, if “mood boosting” foods really exist, stress and gut disorders, and - Kim Kardashians famous appetite suppressant lollipops.
23/07/1935m 36s

S3 E2 - Nutrition Q&A with Dietitian Maeve Hanan

This week Dr Hazel Wallace is joined by Maeve Hanan who is a Consultant Dietitian and Health Writer. She also runs the blog, as she is passionate about promoting evidence-based nutrition and fighting nutritional nonsense. Maeve is also The Food Medics resident dietitian and writes monthly articles on the website, so make sure to check them out. This week Maeve and Dr Hazel tackle 10 of the nutrition questions you have sent in. Tune in for topics on:- Intermittent Fasting - Celery juice- Dairy and The China Study- Metabolism boosting foods... And many more
16/07/1943m 37s

S3 E1 - Sleep and Meditation with Michael Acton

Welcome back to a new season of The Food Medic Podcast! We are kicking off the season with a very special guest - co-founder of the sleep and meditation app CALM, Michael Acton.Prior to Calm, Michael was the founder of Mind Candy and creator of Moshi Monsters, the online world for children that grew to 80 Million registered users and expanded offline into books, toys, games, magazines, music and movies. Michael is also the founder of, Ping Pong Fight Club and Berwickstock music festival. In 2014 he was awarded an OBE for services to the Creative Industries. Hazel and Michael chat about how to mediate, the use of technology in meditation and mindfulness, the impact of disrupted sleep on our health and tips on how to improve your bedtime routine. As this is a new season, Dr Hazel will be ending the episode with a listener question. You can tweet, facebook or instagram message us with your questions with the hashtag #thefoodmedicpodcast.
09/07/1932m 11s

S2 E10 - The Food Medic Story

The FINAL episode of SE2 of #TheFoodMedicPodcast On this episode Dr.Hazel is interviewed by her friend and presenter Chessie King. They chat about The Food Medic, when it started and why it started, balancing a busy schedule, and some of the most commonly asked medical questions (including how to know if you have a normal poo or not!) Let us know if you loved it by leaving a review and a 5 star rating.
27/03/1934m 50s

S2 E9 - Sustainable Food

On this episode we are exploring the concept of food sustainability, and what a sustainable diet might look like. Dr Hazel sits down with Louise Symington, a Registered Dietitian specialising in sustainable food. They discuss topics such as veganism, the planetary health diet, the social and economical barriers to eating sustainably, and whether plant milk alternatives are actually suitable nutritional alternatives to milk. Find more from Louise here: Did you enjoy the episode? Make sure to spread the love by giving The Food Medic podcast a 5 star rating! Don’t forget to check out @TheFoodMedic on social media and on the website www.
13/03/1926m 21s

S2 E8 - Sustainable Seafood

On this episode Dr.Hazel sits down with Lucy Erickson, who is the Science Communications Manager for the Marine Stewardship Council, an international NGO on a mission to end overfishing and ensure future generations can enjoy wild seafood. They discuss; overfishing, plastic in the ocean, seafood fraud, and how to support sustainable seafood practices. Did you enjoy the episode? Make sure to spread the love by giving The Food Medic podcast a 5 star rating!
27/02/1920m 12s

S2 E7 - Public Health Campaigns with Jenny Rosborough (RN)

In this podcast episode, Dr Hazel sits down with Jenny Rosborough who is a freelance registered nutritionist and Head of Nutrition at the Jamie Oliver Group. Jenny has spent the last few years campaigning for a healthier food environment, previously as Campaign Manager at Action on Sugar and now with Jamie Oliver. Over the last ten years, Jenny has also worked in child nutrition, training health professionals to deliver healthy lifestyle programmes, called MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it…!), with families nationally and internationally. Hazel and Jenny discuss the sugar tax, reformulation of foods, a ban on the of energy drinks to under 18s and a possibility of a meat tax. We would love your feedback on this episode and if you are enjoying the podcast please do subscribe, leave a rating and a review as it really does help. Ps. Don’t forget to keep listening to the end for a teaser to the next episode and also for this week’s challenge.Find Jenny on instagram @hellohealthyyou_ and on twitter @hellohealthyyou
13/02/1933m 34s

S2 E6 - Pre and post-natal nutrition and exercise

In this episode, Dr Hazel is joined by Charlie Launder, a pre & post natal personal trainer and founder of Bumps and Burpees’, and Charlotte Stirling-Reed, a Registered Public Health Nutritionist, focusing mainly on maternal, infant and toddler nutrition. They discuss what to eat and how to safely exercise before, during, and after pregnancy. This is a great episode - even if you’re not quite ready for babies just yet!
30/01/1938m 47s

S2 E5 - Ditching Diet culture with Laura Thomas

In this episode we hear from Laura Thomas who is a registered nutritionist, specialising in intuitive eating. Hazel and Laura chat all about how to ditch diets for good, what intuitive eating actually means, weight stigma and the concept of body neutrality. Laura also hosts a podcast “Don’t Salt My Game” calling out diet trends and myths, and has just released her debut book - JUST EAT IT. You can find more from Laura @laurathomasphd on Instagram.
16/01/1937m 39s

S2 E4 - Stress with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

In this episode, Hazel is joined by a fellow doctor, and lifestyle medic, Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Last year Rangan brought out a best-selling book titled the four pillar plan, which offers a 360-degree approach to health, and has just released his second book the Stress Solution. Throughout the episode, they discuss what stress actually is and how it affects the body, the concept of micro and macro doses of stress, how to manage daily stresses and how to harness a morning routine as an effective stress management tool. Find more about Rangan at or on Instagram (@drchatterjee) and Twitter (@drchatterjeeuk).
02/01/1939m 1s

S2 E3 - Sexual Health with Dr. Alex George and Dr. Neha

On this podcast Hazel is joined by Dr Neha Pathak, a sexual and reproductive health doctor in London, and Dr. Alex George, a doctor working in A&E and Love Island 2018 contestant. The three doctors dive deep into sexual health and discuss all of the things you want to ask your doctor from STIs, contraception, relationships, and issues during sex. You can find Neha on instagram @nxpathak, and Alex as @dralexgeorge. Hear more from The Food Medic over on or on social media @thefoodmedic.
19/12/1830m 51s

S2 E2 - Bonus episode from The Future of Food Conference

In this bonus episode Hazel sits down with 4 experts from The Future of Food conference Ryan Andrews; Dr Rupy Aujla, Prof Gareth Leng, and Dr Sandro Demaio.Make sure to get involved in our challenge of the week with the #TheFoodMedicChallenge.Hear more from The Food Medic over on or on social media @thefoodmedic.
05/12/1839m 21s

S2 E1 - Live Podcast: Cancer and Diet

This special episode was recorded live at The Future of Food conference. On the panel, titled Cancer and diet, Hazel is joined by Dr. Ailsa Lumsden, who is a specialist doctor in oncology, Camilla Ferraro, who is a dietician with experience in cancer services, and Dani Binnington, a lifestyle blogger and mum of 3 who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. Hazel also has a quick catch up on everything that has happened since season 1 of the podcast and shares some exciting news on whats coming up next. Make sure to get involved in our challenge of the week with the #TheFoodMedicChallenge. Hear more from The Food Medic over on or on social media @thefoodmedic.
21/11/1837m 16s

S1 E10 - Food Can Fix it

In the finale of season 1 of The Food Medic Podcast Hazel sits down with Dr Sandro Demaio, who is one of the leaders in the global health space, particularly when it comes to food. This episode is our longest and most robust covering topics from; non-communicable diseases, malnutrition paradox, nutrition at medical school, planetary health and sustainable diets, and childhood nutrition. You can find Sandro on Instagram and twitter as @sandrodemaio, and his book 'The Doctors Diet' is now available to purchase.
13/08/1847m 46s

S1 E9 - Periods, Fertility + the menopause

This week we have Dr.Anita Mitra on the show, a.k.a @gynaegeek, to talk about reproductive and hormone health from periods and PCOS, to fertility and contraception, and also the menopause. There’s something in there for everyone - including the men so make sure to have a listen and leave us a review and rating! You can find Anita on social media @gynaegeek or on her website
06/08/1843m 52s

S1 E8 - Gut Health + IBS

This week Dr Megan Rossi is on the show to discuss fibre, probiotics, irritable bowel syndrome, and also food intolerance testing. Dr.Megan can be on twitter and instagram @theguthealthdoctor and her website is The link mentioned in the episode: The Smile trial:
30/07/1831m 41s

S1 E7 - Clean Eating and Orthorexia

Hazel sits down with performance and eating disorder specialist dietitian Renee Mc Gregor. Renee has authored the book Orthorexia; When Healthy Eating Goes Bad. They discuss what orthorexia is, how it may be triggered, and how the clean eating movement on social media is largely responsible. Renee can be found on instagram @r_mcgregor, on twitter @mcgregor_renee and her website You can find her books; Training Food, Fast Fuel books and Orthorexia; When Healthy Eating Goes Bad, on Amazon.
23/07/1839m 51s

S1 E6 - Lifestyle medicine and the NHS

This week Hazel is joined by Dr Zoe Williams and Dr John Sykes. Zoe and John are both GP’s who are passionate about lifestyle medicine. They discuss lifestyle medicine within the NHS, girls in sport, Public Health England guidelines and reversing type 2 diabetes. Zoe can be found under @drzoewilliams on instagram and twitter and John can be found under @healthandfitnessdoctor on instagram and @Johnsykes_6 on twitter.
16/07/1843m 4s

S1 E5 - What to eat + When to eat

This week Hazel is chatting to Alan Flanagan, a lawyer and nutritionist based in Dublin, Ireland. They discuss topics such as low carbohydrate diets, dairy, diet and the circadian rhythm, and intermittent fasting. Alan can be found on instagram under @thenutritional_advocate.
09/07/1845m 0s

S1 E4 - No-Nonsense guide to skin health

Consultant dermatologist and author of ‘The Skincare bible’, Dr. Anjali Mahto, sits down with Hazel to discuss all things skin health including; the impact of our diet on skin, the best anti-ageing treatments, and natural vs. synthetic skincare. You can find Anjali on twitter @dranjalimahto or on instagram @anjalimahto.
02/07/1838m 20s

S1 E3 - Obesity and genetics

Hazel sits down with geneticist Dr.Giles Yeo to discuss his area of research - obesity! We chat about how our genes influence our chances of becoming obese, at home genetic tests, the clean eating movement and the sugar tax. Follow Giles on twitter at @gilesyeo.
25/06/1834m 46s

S1 E2 - Exercise is medicine: Mental health and physical activity

This week Hazel chats to Brendon Stubbs, a research physiotherapist specialising in physical activity and mental health. We discuss how exercise can treat and prevent depression, how food affects our mood, and if chocolate really can improve our health. You can find Brendon on twitter @brendonstubbs
18/06/1830m 47s

S1 E1 - Food For Fitness

In this episode Hazel speaks to registered nutritionist, and specialist in sports nutrition, Anita Bean. We chat about everything from pre and post workout nutrition, to sports supplements, and fasted training. For more information on Anita you can visit or find her on twitter @anitabean.
11/06/1840m 11s
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