Money Mindset - How to Raise the Bar

Money Mindset - How to Raise the Bar

By Nick James

When building a business people can suffer because of their mindset around money but if you understand what influences your beliefs around money and how to consistently raise the bar you can have what you want.

Nick has great advice and practical tips on understanding how to change your mindset and why you need to consistently raise the bar and get around people who normalise wealth to get where you want to be.



Beliefs around money stem from attitudes towards money growing up. The beliefs you had growing up will be an indicator of where you are now The language you use around money impacts on your mindset Changing from a statement to a question opens up the possibilities The language and the things you habitually say impact on your financial mindset. What were you taught about money?’ Everyone has a ceiling when it comes to money mindset and the name of the game is to consistently raise the bar. Everyone has that limiting factor and it’s about raising it consistently Being around people who have money and normalise wealth is the number one thing you can do to move your mindset.



‘Get around people who have money’

‘Money is only the measurement of the value I create for other people’

‘Saying you are skint will not put you in the right place for financial success’



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Nick James

Nick dropped out of university at the age of 21 and failed spectacularly with his first coaching business, which forced him to take a £16k/yr telesales job. 

Within 12 months he was the top performer and left to start his second business at 24. This time he discovered a winning formula and before long had a multi-six-figure company.

He then made a huge mistake which nearly put him out of business and cost him £50,000 in personal cash!

Fortunately, Nick kept it afloat, turned it around, and sold that business 2 years later in a seven-figure deal. 

He then co-founded a multi-million-pound marketing company, which he exited in 2015, and created Expert Empires.

Today, Expert Empires is known as the UK's number one business event for Experts, with world-renowned celebrity speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Chalene Johnson, David Goggins, and Lewis Howes gracing the stage.

Nick also specialises in helping Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Trainers, and Authors take their businesses from zero to six figures and beyond through his Expert Empires Mastermind programme.





















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