One-Off: April Fools' Day

One-Off: April Fools' Day

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

The first of April is widely regarded as an unofficial holiday reserved for pranks and hoaxes that seem too ridiculous to be believed yet are surprisingly enough to fool several hundreds of people. The pages of history are littered with such incidents, from claims of a flying saucer to news reports of a shocking theft.

For decades now, individuals – and even, reputable organizations – have been trying to outdo each other with the craziest yet most believable tales. These may not always result in laughs, but they do make for pretty good stories! In this episode, we’ll dive into three of the strangest pranks to have ever been carried out on April Fools’ Day. Given how outlandish they were, it’s hard to believe that they managed to fool thousands of people across the world!

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