42: Embracing Difference & The Power Of Allyship With Char Bailey

42: Embracing Difference & The Power Of Allyship With Char Bailey

By Sarah Taylor

This episode is one I’m so excited to be sharing with you. I’ve wanted to get my guest, Char Bailey, on the podcast for quite some time!

Char is such an inspiration and an incredible role model – in our conversation she shares her experience as a woman of colour who is also a lesbian and autistic and how she brings together her skills, experience and knowledge to help people reflect on everything they have inside themselves and live authentically. 

Char&aposs a life coach and NLP practitioner who studies spirituality, reiki and breathwork.  We talk about the power of owning our identity and the importance of visibility and how this helps others to feel safe and confident to show up as their true, unique, authentic selves.

And we dive deep into allyship - the harm caused by the assumptions people make about race, sexuality, autism and other marginalisation’s and some of the biggest challenges of overcoming bias and discrimination.  And why, when there’s still over 70 countries in the world where being gay is a crime and people are being killed for their existence that allies are so, so fricking important.

So please listen in and listen well.

This is such a valuable, open and enlightening episode.

I really hope you take away something new to reflect on and help you on your personal development journey both as an individual and an ally.

Link to my new Allies Workshop: Awareness to Action:  https://thequeerpreneur.lpages.co/lgbtqia-allies-workshop/

Link to my new Allies Workshop: Awareness to Action: https://thequeerpreneur.lpages.co/lgbtqia-allies-workshop/

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