The importance of SLEEP for Empire Builders

The importance of SLEEP for Empire Builders

By Nick James

Any empire builder has the potential to be the greatest asset of the greatest weakness in their business and being able to make sure you are performing at your optimum level is key.

Nick shares the critical importance of quality sleep when building your empire and shares how he has changed his own sleep patterns and the benefits.

When something is measured, it creates focus bringing decisions and actions that improve outcomes and tracking your sleep patterns provides the data you can act on.



The speed at which you can build your empire is proportionate to your performance as an individual If your performance is at an optimum you can grow your business faster What you can measure will always improve When you are measuring something there is a focus that will change decisions and actions and improve outcomes. Tracking your sleep provides data that you can act on, It means you focus on improving the outcomes. Eight hours of quality sleep will give you sixteen productive, efficient hours during the day where you are really on your game You can’t build an empire operating at less than your full capacity You have the potential to be the greatest asset to your business but also the greatest weakness if you are not performing at your best



‘It’s about finding the sweet spot and considering quality over quantity’

‘I’ve been really paying attention to the stats and data’

‘Focus more on your sleep and energy to give yourself the best chance of building your empire’



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Nick James

Nick dropped out of university at the age of 21 and failed spectacularly with his first coaching business, which forced him to take a £16k/yr telesales job. 

Within 12 months he was the top performer and left to start his second business at 24. This time he discovered a winning formula and before long had a multi-six-figure company.

He then made a huge mistake which nearly put him out of business and cost him £50,000 in personal cash!

Fortunately, Nick kept it afloat, turned it around, and sold that business 2 years later in a seven-figure deal. 

He then co-founded a multi-million-pound marketing company, which he exited in 2015, and created Expert Empires.

Today, Expert Empires is known as the UK's number one business event for Experts, with world-renowned celebrity speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Chalene Johnson, David Goggins, and Lewis Howes gracing the stage.

Nick also specialises in helping Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Trainers, and Authors take their businesses from zero to six figures and beyond through his Expert Empires Mastermind programme.















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