Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 27 - Terry Dempsey

Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 27 - Terry Dempsey

By Nash Tackle

This week joining host Hassan is “The Urban Myth” himself Terry Dempsey.

Terry talks us through his life from him discovering fishing in the hustle and bustle of industrial London through to his modern-day escapades on the most premier of big carp waters.

Terry’s carping pedigree is undoubtable, and he recalls the incredible captures of his first 30lb fish from Hainault Forest and his first 40lber from Longfield way back in the 1980’s. To have both a 30lb and 40lb fish under your belt, still being in your teenage and during an era where there where literally handfuls of big fish around “the scene” it shows just how dedicated and talented Terry is.

Terry also talks about his lifelong experimentations with bait, from sourcing ingredients to trialing new flavours, all of which has not only led to his big fish captures over the years but also to the formation of Urban Baits. On the same theme of Urban Bait, he talks about the development of the business and we get the full story of his tv appearance on the BBC’s Dragons Den.

Terry also talks through his chapter on the infamous Wraysbury of old, where he was targeting just seventeen carp in over one hundred acres of water. Add to the mix tackle theft, shootings and a host of carp fishing greats trying to work their way through the stock at the same time, its an eventful part of carp fishing history.

Moving onto Wingham Terry recalls his capture of some truly awesome carp cumulating in the capture of a 50lb+ common which his shared with his young son. Terrys&apos approach on the venue was very much  against the grain but as you will discover the carp certainly showed a preference to how he tackled it.

Finally, Terry talks about his family life, how he has changed over the years and also him writing his book “The Urban Myth”. In true “East End” style Terry is frank, funny and very much paints an incredible picture of just a few of the standout moments in the life of Terry Dempsey.

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