The Official Nash Tackle Podcast

The Official Nash Tackle Podcast

By Nash Tackle

Hassan Khan takes the reigns for the new and improved Off The Hook Podcast! Each week Hassan sits down with a new guest as they delve into their life and angling experiences.


Elmo - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 176

Joining Hassan in the studio this week is a man who is well known in the underground carp scene, a man who targets carp no one else has held, its none other than “Elmo”. Elmo has gained a reputation and massive respect from big names in the industry for his angling exploits ad fishing “off the radar” for unknown carp. Elmo talks about his journey as an angler, how he grew up fishing the big carp circuit waters and realised he preferred solitude and the unknown. He shares stories of big unknown carp; the edges he uses to catch carp and the tricky venues he targets them from. Elmo also talks about his writing in subsurface and how he works his angling around family life. Elmo is a humble angler who has strayed from the crowds in search of fishing that feeds his soul.
24/03/243h 30m

Hassan Khan "The Best Bits" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 175

One hundred and seventy five episodes , one every Sunday spanning over a three and a half year period Hassan talks through a few of his best bits hosting the podcast in the company of Dan Yeomans and Alfie Willingale. There&aposs choice exerts from Jeremy Wade, Jim Shelley, Chris Yates and many more. As well as this there&aposs a discussion around the bits that haven&apost made it to the podcast and an exclusive announcements about the future of the podcast! It&aposs one not to be missed.
03/03/242h 3m

John Timmermans "Best Year Ever" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 174

Joining Hassan in the podcast studio is Nash Tackle&aposs very own Euro big carp angler John Timmermans.John talks about his epic last year in which he has fished and filmed on three very contrasting public French venues with incredible results with a number of 60lb+ carp in only for short sessions. John has been with Nash for a year and he talks about his tackle and baiting strategy which has led him to his best year fishing.Finally John talks about his future plans and how he aims to supersede what&aposs has been a landmark year for him.
25/02/242h 8m

Derek Harrison - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 173

This week Hassan travels to Holland to meet one of the most well respected big European carp hunters Derek Harrison.Derek is not one to scream and shout about his angling but for decades since moving to Holland from the North West he has relentlessly chased huge European carp in Holland, Belgium and France (to name a few). He talks through a few of his highlights including chapters on Lac Du Der, the incredible capture of a 80lb+ canal carp and may many more hush hush never before spoken about adventures.Derek also shares an in-depth insight into how he approaches canal fishing in Europe which has become so popular in recent times. He also talks about his future and his guiding business.Derek is an incredible angler who is as passionate today about big carp as he ever has been, his finger is firmly on the pulse of the European scene and he has forged his own path and very much lives life on his own terms, sit back and prepare to be entertained, informed and inspired.
18/02/242h 54m

Michiel Pilaar & Mark Hofman KWO - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 172

This week joining Hassan from KWO HQ in Holland is the European superstar carp fishing dynamic duo of Michiel Pilaar and Mark Hofman.Pilaar and Hofman are widely acclaimed and renowned carp anglers having started KWO (a Dutch online carp fishing subscription site) back in the early 2000&aposs. They talk about how their friendship and love for adventure a public lake fishing across Europe and further afield led them to start KWO which is now the most popular platform in Europe for carp fishing content.The duo are well known for their incredible angling, energy and larger then life characters and this sure comes across with many no holds barred accounts of 35kg+ carp captures as well as incredibly funny stories for year of experience card fishing. Trust us when we say this podcast has everything in it and will have you in fits of laugher, totally shock and incredibly inspired by these two incredible gentlemen. Sit back and enjoy.
11/02/242h 29m

Chris Blunt - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 171

This week the podcast welcomes Linear Fisheries Manager Chris Blunt.Chris has spent over 25 years in some form or capacity at Linear and in this podcast he talks about his experiences over this time. From sublime pieces of angling form the very best to ever wet a line such as Terry Hearn through to crazy episodes including hiding in bushes with stab vests on, lets just say there&aposs a lifetime of stories to keep you entertained.Chris also talks in depth about his own angling journey, from his early years lure fishing in Texas through to catching liners "Small Plated and "Cute Tail" to name just a couple.Finally Chris talks about the future of Linear and his greatest challenges over his time working at the most popular day ticket complex in the UK.The work this man has dedicated to carp fishing and developing the Linear Fisheries has cemented his legacy in the future of our sport!
04/02/242h 25m

Mike Brown - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 170

Joining Hassan in the studio this week is a man who is famed for his crazy European adventures which span over decades, it&aposs Poingdestre Angling Centres&apos Mike Brown.Mike has gained a reputation for his incredible angling exploits fishing the likes of Lac du Der , Rainbow, Cassein and a huge arrange of public waters spread over Europe. In fact he has been doing these trips before this type of angling was as popular as it is now. He talks about how this came to be, what drives him and always has to this style of angling as well as an array of incredible stories and insight into his European angling.Mikes also talks about his UK chapters with his grounding around Ringwood. This is an area of Mikes angling that is more unknown but without surprise he sexily always had the ability to catch them. He shares stories about his carp fishing development and influences as well and how this lead him to work in the trade also.Mike is a humble yet incredible angler who has found what he wants and has always beat the crowds in search of carp fishing at its purist. 
28/01/243h 56m

Scott Hatton - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 169

This week the podcast welcomes one of the most dedicated and passionate carp anglers Scott Hatton. Scott is a man who by his own admission isn&apost a "household" name in the carp fishing industry however he has recently completed the ultimate carp fishing challenge in the UK, something no carp angling superstar has ever achieved or even dare to try and complete.... A Windermere carp! Scott talks about his and his son Connors incredible time on the 3000 acre+ inland sea.As well as this Scott talks about his love for fishing unknown big waters fishing for rumours, shadows and legends. There&aposs a fascinating section on his fishing at "The Flash" as well as other more mainstream chapter such as angling for one of the biggest commons in the country. Scott takes us back to his days fishing the canal and exactly what his obsession with carp fishing has cost him in terms of sacrificing jobs.This podcast is filled with passion and dedication in the purist form. there&aposs no bait deals or hand out hear just pure blood, sweat, tears and incredible carp. Add in the fact that Scoot raised Connor his son single handedly whilst doing all this and then involving him in his father son fishing adventures then this podcast can&apost help but leave you feeling incredibly inspired.
21/01/242h 45m

Loz East - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 168

This week joining Hassan is RidgeMonkey main man and top midlands based carp angler Loz East.Loz is a household name on the carp fishing scene, he talks about his own personal development within fishing and how he managed to carve his own path into the industry. He shares stories of his formative carp fishing years and how this developed over the years to him being a known day ticket angler with a host of very special day ticket carp caught from the likes of Old Mill Lakes, Linear Fisheries, Trent View and many many more. He also shares a host of tips and edges based on day ticket fishing.Despite being known for his day ticket angling Loz shares his account of two angling chapters which saw him target individual carp with great success. The Ivo Line from St Ives and and incredible looking mirror from a midlands small water show the versatility that Loz has with his angling and a side to him that isn&apost as well published as his day ticket success. Loz talks about the sponsored angler role and its development over the years. He is now in charge of this at RidgeMonkey and he talks about what people need to be doing in order to get involved as he did and work within the industry in this capacity.On thing is for sure Loz is an incredibly versatile angler with an unbelievable record in catching across a multitude of different venues and especially on new waters. He&aposs also very driven and focused in all he does and this had led him to success across the board.  
14/01/243h 27m

Joe Jaggar - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 167

This week joining Hassan is former Nash Tackle consultant and top carp angler now turn England International method feeder match angler Joe Jaggar.Joe was very much a household name a few years ago on the carp scene. He talks about how despite being born and bred in Cumbria his passion for catching big carp on those highly acclaimed, ultra carpy, difficult waters led him to travel up and down the length of the country as well as abroad in his pursuit. He recalls his found memories and captures fishing the likes of Elstow, Manchester Club Lake, Redsmere as well as foreign captures in France, Belgium, Morocco and Turkey. During his time he gained a consultancy at Nash Tackle and talks about his experiences whilst with the team including more than a few funny incidents.Joe talks about what led this incredible driven passionate die hard carp angler to stop and turn to match fishing. He talks about his thoughts and perspective on match fishing and modern day carp fishing as well as his incredible success in now representing his country and international level on the match scene.This podcast is a fascinating insight into and incredible angler and a truly driven man who was destined to excel in whatever he focused on.
07/01/242h 21m

Team Nash - 2023 Year Review - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 166

Join Hassan in the podcast studio with Team Nash members Alan Blair, Finley Todhunter, Jacob Worth, Tom Forman, Oli Davies and Henry Lennon as they discuss their individual highlights, toughest moments, favourite captures and give their Nash carp angler of the year award for 2023!As ever there&aposs plenty of funny stories and sneak peeks of things to come! Sit back, enjoy and on behalf of all of us at Nash Tackle a very Happy New Year to you all!
31/12/232h 44m

The Debate (5) Xmas Special - Alan Blair & Oli Davies - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 165

This week as its Christmas we have a gift (in podcast form) for you all in the shape of another debate with the Nash Tackle "dream team" that is Alan Blair & Oli DaviesThe duo debate a number of different topics including North vs South?  Best European venue? One hookbait? Retaining carp ? Moon phases? Beaked or straight point hooks?As to be expected the conversation is lively with plenty of opinions and cross over into other subjects. one thing is for sure both Alan and Oli don&apost hold back. sit back and enjoy!Finally we&aposd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a huge thanks for all your support with the podcast and big love!
24/12/231h 21m

Dave Little - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 164

This week joining Hassan in the studio is the River Ouse carping pirate himself Dave Little.Dave needs no introduction he&aposs a top carp angler who has not only published his own book "A Carper&aposs Path" but has also built up and incredible reputation as a river carp specialist.Dave talks about his grounding in fishing and where his love for carp fishing started. He then goes on to chronicle in detail his river fishing on the Great Ouse including a host of the most magical river 30lbers.Now Dave is no one trick pony and he goes on to talk all things fishing on the St Ives complex including his historic capture of Colin. He also talks about some other stand out captures on the Woolpack as well as some recent "guesting".There&aposs one thing for sure Dave has caught them and he is a talented story teller. This podcast goes to show how the unknown river network can be a real carp fishing paradise if you are willing to put in the work.
17/12/233h 6m

Ricci Connolly - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 163

This week the podcast welcomes owner of Fishon Tackle and all round top angler Ricci Connolly.Ricci is a carp catching machine. Despite his very busy job running a leading tackle store Ricci manages to balance his life to always allow time for him to catch some of the finest carp in the country.Ricci shares stories from his early years including some incredible historic chapters fishing in and around Kent at the likes of Barden, Spider Hall as well as adventures to big public lakes in France and Belgium. Ricci also talks about his enthusiasm for travel and how this lead him to catching carp in Canada and other more exotic species all over the world.In recent times he has had some incredible success on a local Kent syndicate which lead to him catching a 60lb+ carp. He also shares his secrets to success and his thoughts on particles and rigs that have made the difference on a number of venues including Ashbury Fisheries.Finally Ricci talks about the 13+ years of success running his tackle shop and what the realities of life in the trade is like.This podcast is both entertaining and informative, Ricci is a charismatic, very knowledgeable and articulate man who has craved his own path and done things his way!
10/12/232h 29m

Jason Hayward - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 162

This week the podcast welcome the first ever captor of "The Black Mirror",  hook sharpening specialist and big carp legend Jason Hayward.Jason is incredible technical in his angling. He speaks openly and in great depth about his technical thoughts and findings on rigs, hook sharpening and baits, with more than a few unique points  and key edges that every angler and learn from.Jason has always played his cards close to his chest about his angling, he reveals some lesser heard stories about his angling including his angling on The Thames as well as an incredible account of his time discovering "The Mere" and the first ever recorded captured of the infamous "The Black Mirror" at over 46lb in 1992.Jason is a "proper" carp angler in every sense of the word, he has a depth of technical knowledge that is second to none as well as the ability to tell and incredible story. This podcast will not only entertain you, make you laugh and leave you in awe but it will also give you more then a few things to think about when you are next out on the bank.
03/12/234h 3m

Jermaine Hull - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 161

This week the podcast welcome Nash Tackle Consultant and current distance casting World Champion Jermaine Hull.Jermaine is a very quietly spoken unassuming gentleman but he&aposs achieved so much in a short period of time with his casting and has never truly made public his angling exploits.Jermaine opens up about his significant angling chapters on RK Leisures Wraysbury, Parco del Brenta and Abbey Lakes over recent years as well as how his carp fishing was shaped by his childhood.We hen it comes to casting 200 yards is effortless for this man and he talks about a single tuition and a few casts at a previous Brentwood Carp show led to his discovery! Jermaine dispenses his casting wisdom including giving some key tips for every angler to consider when wanting to improve their casting. He also has an exclusive announcement around a few collaboration with Nash Tackle.Its a fascinating, very modest insight into the man himself.
26/11/231h 33m

Samir Arebi "Motorbike Carping" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 160

Joining Hassan all the way from his home on the banks of Orellana in sunny Spain is Nash Tackle consultant and big carp public lake legend Samir Arebi.In this episode Samir shares the behind the scenes story that the cameras didn&apost show on his epic motorbike carp fishing trip across Spain. Samirs incredibly successful videos about his trip recently launched on the Nash Tackle YouTube channel "Emancipation" Parts 1 & 2 are now available to watch if you haven&apost already.Sit back and enjoy hearing from the man himself about his most incredible carp fishing journey to date, a trip that surpassed his wildest expectations.
19/11/231h 48m

Steve Broad - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 159

This week the podcast welcomes former Angling Times/UK Carp main man, TV star and a true allrounder Steve Broad.Steve was very much at the epicentre of carp fishing media with his former role with Angling Times. It led him to fish with the brightest and best in the carp fishing world such as Terry Hearn, Alan Blair and many other famous names. Ultimately it also landed him on TV staring in shows such as Reel Wars and Carp Crew. He talks about his career in the industry with many incredible stories and humorous tales along the way as well as why ultimately he no longer works in the trade.On a fishing level Steve recalls incredible foreign adventures to Rainbow with Martin Locke as well as a incredible campaign back home for Bluebells "Benson" amongst other epic fishing chapters.Steve has talked the talk and walked the walk and despite no longer working in the trade he is still a passionate angler who very much enjoys getting out on the bank for all manner of species. This is a great nostalgic look back at a truly incredible career in angling.
12/11/233h 6m

Wayne Barratt - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 158

This week the podcast welcome Nash Tackle consultant and big carp terminator Wayne Barratt.Wayne has a photo album to rival any of the top carp fishing anglers out there. He has captured some of the finest old English carp from some of the most difficult and varied venues up and down the country. What&aposs more astonishing is that he&aposs managed to achieve this all whilst only fishing weekends and holding down a very busy work and home life. Wayne is very much underground in terms of his captures and rarely has spoken about or publicised his captures as he in no way craves the lime light. In this episode he opens up about everything from incredible captures through to his thoughts on rigs, baits and what he believes are key aspects to his success when competing against anglers with more time at their hands.One thing is for sure Wayne certainly shows that anyone can catch the carp of their dreams despite whatever time constraints they may have. His passion, desirer and unconventional thinking certainly will inspire you. Sit back an enjoy hearing from  the working mans Terry Hearn.
05/11/232h 56m

Lee Pettit - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 157

This weeks guest is Westmoor Farm Carp Fishery owner and captor of some of Europes largest ever carp, it&aposs Lee Pettit. Lee is no stranger to big carp, when we mean big we mean 80lb+. He talks in depth about probably the lesser known side of him and that&aposs his incredible angling captures. Starting from humble beginning on the Isle Of Wight through to the captures of incredible huge carp from the likes of Chantecoq, Les Telliatts and Graviers to name but a few. The level of his big fish experience and his angling approach thinking outside the box and seemly having a remarkably successful way to single bigger carp out on pressured waters will leave you in awe and certainly make you think. As if that wasn&apost enough Lee shares how he has built the incredible Westmoor Farm carp Fishery featuring an incredible day ticket, specimen lake and luxury lodge accommodation all in the space of seven action packed years. It&aposs a tale of hard work, love and real fish farming expertise which has lead him to own one of the most incredible complexes of lakes that cater for all anglers and boast fish to over 40lbs. One thing is for sure despite his understated manner Lee is an incredibly hard working and down right obsessive individual. He channels that so well through his fishing and work on the fishery and the results show for themselves.
29/10/232h 7m

Scott McCulloch - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 156

This week on the podcast we have Mr "The Fishing Outlet", top videographer and one half of "CarpFix" it&aposs none other then Scott McCulloch.Scott is probably more know for his amazing camera work filming content for the likes of Korda and Fishing TV. His most well known work would be Monster Carp and The Big Fish Off and he shares various accounts and stories about how he became involved in videography and the amazing experiences it has brought him. He also talks in depth about his decision to move away from Korda and start out with Darrell Peck in forming "Carp Fix". As if this wasn&apost enough he has gone onto form The Fishing Outlet tackle store  which is going from strength to strength and is the first tackle shop using this type of model.Scott shares his incredible fishing journey, which is a story that isn&apost as documented or talked about as he&aposs usually behind the camera. From early years on a Yorkshire syndicate through to his current angling on Grenville he has fishing a wide variety of Venus across the UK and Europe and has been incredibly successful.Scott is an incredibly driven individual who has reaped the rewards of his hard work and found success both in fishing and in his work. However rather then sit back he has always been one to push forward and continue to strive for more. This podcast in an incredibly frank open and honest look into the man himself.
22/10/232h 59m

Derek Stritton - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 155

This week the podcast welcome legendary carp angler, former British Carp Study Group regional coordinator (Essex) and former Carp Society Chairman the one and only Derek Stritton.Derek has been a carp angler since the 1960&aposs and recalls how his angling journey has flowed through the course of time. From incredible early captures at Epping forest ponds and his incredible adventures with good friend Fred Wilton tearing apart Darenth using HNV baits through to Dereks time catching on the likes of Savay and Yateley with the like of Rod Hutchinson and Kevin Maddocks. Derek has most certainly got a carp fishing pedigree that is unraveled. He talks about how angling has changed and how he has had spells out in France and now being back what fishing still means to him and looks like to this day.Derek has always been a person to go over an above in terms of giving back. He recalls his time with the British Carp Study Group and The Carp Society over the years with a whole host of shocking, funny and entertaining stories about key individuals involvement over the years including Kevin Nash.Derek is a carp angling institution who has seen it all. He has always been a custodian for the future of carp fishing and for carp anglers. His pure passion and love for the sport has led him to pave the way for what we see now as the carp scene and despite it all he&aposs still out there pursuing his carp fishing dreams to this very day! What&aposs an incredible man!
15/10/232h 41m

Dave Lyons "Tackling Minds" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 154

In this episode Hassan joins "Tackling Minds" main man Dave Lyons direct from the squared circle of none other then Tackling Minds Ambassador and multi time World Champion boxer Ricky Hatton&aposs gym.Dave&aposs incredible work forming the organisation "Tackling Minds" has received a huge amount of accolades and achievements since he started. From leading research proving the values of fishing as therapy, fishing now being prescribed on the NHS through to live TV appearances, Mortimer and Whithouse "Gone Fishing" as well as a honorary award from King Charles himself, Dave has achieved so much. This all comes off his own struggles with addiction and mental health and he talks about his very lowest moments as well and how he, via fishing and his passion for it managed to turn it all around.Dave also talks about his own fishing journey and how his north west roots run through it all. One thing is for sure Dave is incredibly candid, open and brutally honest about everything. There&aposs shocking stories, humorous as well as cold hard facts about his life and recovery. One thing is for sure Dave is an incredibly inspiring individual and this podcast will leave you with the same infectious inspiration.
08/10/231h 56m

Gary & Kev Peet "The Tackle Box" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 153

This week joining Hassan in the studio is legendary tackle shop owners with over 40 years experience in the game as well as being incredible anglers in their own right, its "The Tackle Box" owners Gary and Kevin Peet.Gary and Kev share their own angling experiences over the years. From their beginning fishing locally on rivers and targeting tench on Darenth, through to modern day chapters fishing Rainbow, Les Quis as well as historical significant captures form Nashy&aposs very own Church Lake and many many more. They also share how working in the trade has impacted their angling.They go on to talk in detail about how "The Tackle Box" started from a little help from their parents and a very humble start through to the incredible business that they have today. Throughout it all they share stories about exactly what it&aposs been like, the highs, the lows and the real truth behind the incredible amount of A list anglers that have been through their doors. There&aposs more than a few funny stories, crazy moments and surprises involving the likes of Kevin Maddocks, Danny Fairbrass and Alan Blair to name a few. The pair also share incredible tackle advancements such as the development of the hair rig that were all started in their shop over the 40 years they&aposve been in the game.It&aposs an incredible tale of how two very different but incredible driven brothers have forged a path to success in an incredible difficult, ever changing market place. above all they love the sport and this passion and enthusiasm as well as their morals and principles underpins everything they do.
01/10/233h 46m

Graham Mabey - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 152

Joining Hassan in the studio is Mr "South Coast Rods", Carp Team England Assistant Manager and Angling Trust Development Officer Graham Mabey.Graham is certainly not one to shout about his angling exploits however he shares just some of his incredible success from venues such as Horton Boat Pool, Horseshoe, Abbey Lakes and Rainbow (to name but a few) and how his mindset has helped him to achieve incredible success in very short periods of time on waters.He shares how his love for carp fishing has led him into his career at the Angling Trust as well as being assistant manager with Carp Team England and winning two gold medals. Graham also shares details on how his own fishing has changed since becoming a father and how he wants things to go with regards to safeguarding the future of fishing within his role at the Angling Trust.One thing is for sure Graham is extremely knowledgable and a real underrated carp angler. He is passionate about angling and is devoted in sharing this passion with others. His depth of knowledge on mindset and mental health is something that every angler can benefit from, a truly multi layered podcast with all then usual humour and honest that you expect.
24/09/232h 22m

Keith Arthur - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 151

This week the podcast welcomes legendary Sky Sports "Tight Lines" presenter and top match angler Keith Arthur.Keith talks in depth about his love for all different types of angling but in particular his thoughts on match fishing vs carp angling. He shares stories of angling "his way" for specimen carp on the Thames as well as his subsequent TV features with the likes of Kevin Nash, Terry Hearn and Adam Penning to name a few.Tight Lines was a fishing institution and as a dedicated fishing program on prime time Sky Sports Keith talks about how he became involved and ultimately was the face of the show until it finally disappeared from our screens after 19 years! There&aposs a whole host of tales, captures, funny stories as well as all the behind the scenes details of Keith&aposs time on this iconic show.Finally Keith talks about his foreign fishing adventures chasing marlin, tarpon and every other exotic species. He also talks about his involvement with the Get Hooked On Fishing Northolt initiative and how he&aposs now dedicated to helping promote angling to youngsters in his local area.Keith is an incredible passionate man who has lived such a diverse and incredible life at which angling has always been in the centre.
17/09/231h 58m

Mark Bryant - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 150

Joining Hassan in the studio is "Mr Baitworks" himself,  top carp angler and carp breeder Mark Bryant.In this episode Mark talks about how he has always balanced his carp fishing. From being a semi professional goal keeper, starting Baitworks and in more recent times having a family, Mark has managed to pursue his passion for catching carp on minimal time. Mark shares his most significant angling chapters from the Cotswolds Water Park nature reserve, Horseshoe Lake, Linch Hill and  "The Bird Pond" to name a few. There are more then a few incredible carp captures in these tales along with some real "out the box" thinking in terms of bait, tactics and rigs that certainly have given Mark the edge and will get you thinking.Marks talks about his passion for growing carp on from eggs and keeping stains of carp alive for example collecting spawn from venues around The Cotswolds Water park and growing them on to be restocked. It&aposs a fascinating insight into what makes Mark tick. In the final section of the podcast marks talks about the bait business and the realties of what the journey in the industry has been like for him and Baitworks.Mark is an incredible angler, he really is his own man and doesn&apost follow the path most trodden. This open minded individualism shine through and makes for an insightful, action packed podcast that covers a huge cross section of topics.
10/09/234h 17m

Danny D "Carp Porn" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 149

This week joining Hassan in a real meeting of two different worlds is world famous porn star and mad keen carp angler Danny D.Danny has travelled the world producing and staring in the adult entertainment industry but despite celebrity friends, parties and being one of the leading and recognisable stars on the planet  his true passion is heading back home and hitting the bank carp fishing!In this podcast Danny talks about his angling story from his early beginnings and influence to being a regular on Nash Church Lake and him catching 40lbers and breaking his personal best. Danny talks about what angling means to him and how his carp fishing has progressed from fishing other waters around Essex and Kent.Danny talks about his life and how fishing despite not always being possible to fit in regularly always has a propionate place in his thoughts and plans. There&aposs a look at what its like to work in the adult industry and how life really is in his line of work.Danny may not be a household name in carp angling but there&aposs no doubting his passion and enthusiasm for carp fishing. This podcast is an interesting look into the realities of working in a somewhat "taboo" industry and how carp fishing has such a broad appeal and how it captivates a huge variety people. One things for sure it&aposs certainly a different type of podcast episode!
03/09/231h 40m

"The Modern Scene" Henry Lennon, Jacob Worth & Finley Todhunter - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 148

This week in a "The Debate" style podcast format Henry, Finley and Jacob discuss what they feel is the modern day carp scene.From fishing abroad to Grenville and everywhere in-between it&aposs a no holds barred opinionated look at where carp fishing is now! Sit back and be prepared from some controversy, humour and point that will certainly make you think about what carp fishing today is all about.
27/08/231h 40m

Joe Wright - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 147

This week welcomes "Mr Carpology Magazine" a man who along with his partner Rob Bell has shaped modern day carp fishing media and left a huge stamp on it, its none other then Joe Wright.Joe talks about his angling background and his astonishing early childhood dream to own, edit and publish a fishing magazine. He talks about his significant early angling adventures on Waverney Valley Lakes before he started working with Tim Paisley at Angling Publications where turning his dream into a reality started.At Angling Publications Joe was lucky enough to go out on features with the creme de la creme of carp fishing including Rod Hutchinson, Terry Hearn and Nigel Sharp, he recall loads of stories and incidents during his time in these early years.From there Joe talks about Carpology, how it started and what has lead to him being editor for 20 years. He is open about his struggles over the years as well as the future of the magazine having sold it recently. There&aposs no doubt the magazine and its adoption of digital media future proofed the magazine and made it successful to this very day.This is a story of single minded persistence, passion and unbelievable talent. Carpology is an institution and is a back bone of the modern carp fishing media.
20/08/232h 15m

Martin Clarke - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 146

Joining Hassan in the studio this week is legendary carp angler, inventor of the Slip D Rig and former record carp brace holder Martin Clarke.Martin has an incredible history and pedigree in carp fishing, in this podcast he talks through his beginnings on the likes of Woburn through to the infamous shenanigans of those Harefield days. There&aposs more than a few humorous tales as well as some incredible captures. Throughout his decades of angling experience Martin has always been a real thinker and very much has experimented with rigs and bait. He talks through various chapters on the likes of Elstow and Summerleaze (the scene of his epic record breaking brace) where his developments with rigs had paid dividends for him.Martin talks about his recent capture of the Waterside Common at over 60lb+ and how he still despite all his years of carp angling very much has the same passion and drive for it all to this very day. This podcast is packed with humour, nostalgia, epic carp, history and honesty, sit back and enjoy.
13/08/233h 8m

Jake "The Heron" Hughes - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 145

This week the podcast welcomes big carp angler, talented artist, videographer and all round "ultra carpy" Jake "The Heron" Hughes.One look at Jakes incredible catalogue of special carp captures on his Instagram will leave you dribbling, in this podcast he finally opens up about his angling. Jake talks about his difficult up bringing and how carp fishing was and has always been a place of solace.Jake recalls incredible captures from places such as Frogmore, The Res, The Lea Valley as well as a 60 acre low stock pit. In each of these chapters he manages to apply his combination of single minded commitment and passion to reaps some jaw dropping rewards. Jake also talks about his art, from illustrating Kevin Nash&aposs book to his own commission artwork and now becoming a videographer for Sticky Baits. He is a man with an incredible amount of talent and very much lives in the present with his angling and lifestyle choices.Jake is not a man that&aposs interested in following the traditional beaten path in terms of life or carp fishing as you will see. If you like something a little different in terms of your carp fishing podcast, check out an insight into one talented and humble bloke.
06/08/232h 40m

John Claridge - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 144

This week the podcast welcomes Yateley "hall of famer" and one of the Cotswolds finest big carp anglers John Claridge.From the comfort of The Lakeside Retreat John talks in depth about his incredible ten years fishing Yateley. He shares a frank , open and brutally honest recollection of how he went about tackling the Match, Copse, North and Car Park lakes in search of the very finest carp to ever swim in our water, the likes of Bazil, Heather and the Dustbin to name only three. John shares stories of incredible captures, general Yateley life back in the glory years as well as the realities of fishing "the centre of the universe" in terms of carp fishing at the time.Finally John shares his significant angling captures after leaving Yateley as well as what its like to work in the tackle trade and how his angling and circumstances have changed over the years.John has lived and breathed carp fishing all his life, this podcast is packed with romance, nostalgia as well and more then a few surprises and jaw dropping stories!
30/07/234h 6m

Benedict Fowler - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 143

Joining Hassan in the studio is Benedict Fowler, a young man with an incredible list of achievements inside and outside of fishing.In terms of fishing Benedict was very much a feature of the British Young Carp Angling Championships, first entering the event at the age of just 8. He was a real childhood prodigy sharing matching fishing success in both 2011 BYCAC and also competing in the Erics Angling  pairs event on his own. He is still to this day very well known and respected in the carp match fishing scene by the likes of Wayne Mansford, Tom Maker and many others who now work in the industry.Benedict talks about his significant angling chapters on Horseshoe, Linear and Farlows to mention a few. He also shares his story of how he came to form his own business, host his own podcast and now build his own lake. Benedict is also very open about sharing how the sudden death of his father impacted him and it&aposs clear to see that this has very much made him grow up and grab life with both hands.Benedict is a driven young man with an excellent business mind. His hard work and passion has lead him to achieve incredible things in fishing and business despite him only being in his 20&aposs.
23/07/231h 47m

Al White - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 142

Joining Hassan in the studio is "Tails Up",  Cypher big carp angler and all round gentleman Al White.Al is very much a purist when it comes to his carp fishing and he talk extensively about his time hunting the myths and legends of incredible carp that frequent the RK Leisure complex. He talks about significant chapters on Island Land, W2, W1 as well as his time being a bailiff on the complex also. Al shares stories about incredible captures as well as sharing the banks with the great and good of carp fishing that have shared these prestigious waters with him.Al has recently been bitten by the European bug in terms of his angling and he explores and recounts his significant adventures to date. He also talks about his syndicate back in the UK which King Charles himself is connected to.Al is an incredibly modest, gifted carp angler who is a brilliant story teller. His angling has always been on his terms and he has always been incredibly driven in his pursuit of the carp he wants to catch. Sit back and enjoy his incredible account of his life in angling.
16/07/233h 49m

Wayne Mansford & Ryan Need - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 141

Joining Hassan in the studio is domestic and International match carp fishing supremos Wayne Mansford & Ryan Need.Not only are the boys current World Champions after bring home the gold in Hungry for Carp Team England but they are two time BCAC (British Carp Angling Championship) Champions. They are widely regarded as the very best pair in the match fishing world and have set about destroying records and taking titles since they began as a pair.In this podcast they talk frankly, directly and in detail about it all. In their own true style they leave no stone unturned even openly talking about the rumours of "hormone" use in their incredible match weights.They share the story of how they developed as a pair and their pathway to success through the Erics Pairs, BCAC and Team England Internationals.The pair talk openly about what makes them so successful including some really good insight into fishing with naturals and exactly the lengths they go to in order to win!It&aposs a fascinating, inspiring and shocking account of what it takes to be at the top and the angling ability and mindset that is needed. Fasten your seatbelts folks!
09/07/233h 19m

Gaz Fareham - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 140

This week the podcast sees the return of Mr Subsurface, one of the most multi talented and all round true carp fishing gentlemen (plus he can sure catch them) it&aposs the one and only Gaz Fareham.In this podcast Gaz talks about his modern day carp fishing pursuits on the likes of the ultra busy Stoneacres syndicate as well as his trips abroad for some real adventure and "freedom fishing". He talks openly about his observations when using a boat as well as his overall thoughts and frustrations in his recent angling. He has managed to string together some incredible captures of some infamous and much sought after carp both home and abroad and Gaz talks about the lengths he goes to make these captures happen.Gaz is a huge influence on the scene and he talks about his feeling on this as well as the people who have influenced him over the years. Gaz also shares an exclusive that he is writing his own book and he also talks about all things Subsurface and the future direction for this.Gaz takes a very philosophical view on his future and what carp fishing looks like for him moving forward. It&aposs fascinating insight into the mind of a modern day carp fishing great.
02/07/232h 40m

Jerry Hammond - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 139

This week guest is big carp angler, Hollywood star, Carthagena Lakes owner and all round legend Jerry Hammond.Jerry has an incredible big carp fishing pedigree, in this episode he talks through everything from his formative years on Hainult, Yatelely, Horton and Sutton through to more modern chapters on the likes of our very own Church lake. He details the highs, lows and history that has been his carp fishing over the years.Jerry also talks in depth about his military career and how this lead him to feature in Hollywood films alongside the likes of Tom Hanks. If it wasn&apost for him stumbling across Cartagena Lakes he may still be on the big screen now!Throughout the podcast Jerry is open, and brutally honest about it all. Its a fascinating insight into not just and incredible angler but a angler who really has stood the tests of time in and industry/scene that&aposs seen so much change.
25/06/233h 5m

Samir Arebi "Public Lakes" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 138

In this weeks episode Hassan is joined by "CarpLifer" himself and all round continental big carp catching machine Samir Arebi, all from the comfort of his sunny Spanish home.Samir is an expert in targeting the mega carp that reside in the numbers public lakes over the whole of Europe. He gives a "no holds barred" run down of his experiences on public lakes as well as consideration people should have who heading out to target them.He covers subjects such as tackle, rigs, location as well as the controversial side of life jackets, waders and boat use.The podcast is dynamic, informative, passionate and entertaining which is exactly what we&aposve all come to expect and love from Samir. Sit back and enjoy. 
18/06/232h 31m

Paul Bacon - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 137

This week the podcast comes live from the banks of Grenvilles Lakes with special guest and North West carp fishing legend Paul Bacon.Paul is an incredible carp catching machine who has caught fish from pre hair rig days in the 1980&aposs on North West cult waters such as Smiths Reservoir and King Georges through to modern day captures of 50lb & 60lb carp from Grenvilles and RK Leisures K1. In between this time he has successful torn apart places such as Elstow, St Ives, Darenth and the Linch Hill complex apart.Throughout all his success Paul has somewhat stayed low key with regards to the amount of media he has done so it is a real privilege to have him on the podcast talking openly about the edges in terms of his revolutionary "Bacon Rig" and his indication setup that has led to his incredible success.If you like your podcasts loaded with stories of incredible captures, loads of information/food for thought, carp fishing history and brutal honesty, we are sure you&aposll enjoy this episode. 
11/06/232h 52m

"Flota Rota" Oli Davies & Tom Forman - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 136

Join Hassan in the studio with Nash Tackles very own Oli Davies and Tom Forman as they share their wisdom on all things surface fishing. There&aposs more then a few gems in terms of tips to help you get out their and enjoy the Flota Rota buzz!
03/06/231h 8m

Jamie Clossick - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 135

This week joining Hassan is the multi talented, big carp angler and North West legend that is Jamie Clossick.From music, poker, the elite of carp fishing, starting the first ever carp fishing podcast "The Carp Cast" Jamie has done it all. Whilst his incredible depth and intelligence has also been channeled into catching some of the finest and hardest to catch of carp over the years.Jamie talks about his significant captures over at Elstow, Tatton Park, Yateley, The Manchester Park Lake as well as his wealth of experience in European carp angling. It&aposs a true insight into how driven one man can be and how if you are truly focused the seemly impossible can be achieved.In a frank and open chapter Jamie discusses the sacrifices he&aposs made as well as the impact it&aposs had on him and his life including his mental health. Jamie is an incredible intellectual man, who has very interesting thoughts on carp fishing at the very top level all founded through his own incredible experiences. This podcast will no doubt fill you with both motivation and a burning desire to chase you own carp fishing dreams.
28/05/233h 13m

Adam Penning "The Return" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 134

This week the podcast sees the return of former guest and one of the finest UK big carp hunters Adam Penning.Adam picks up from where he left off his last podcast talking about his concluding capture of "Tyson" a very big, very hard earned common carp which saw him end his campaign. He goes on to speak about notable other escapades on various other Venus such as The Wharf, The Essex Reserve and also the premier day ticket complex that is Bluebell Lakes.Adam has recently launched "Pennings Carp Academy" an online educational carp fishing platform and he talks all about how this came to be and how this increased workload and different direction will impact his fishing as well as allow him to spread his vast knowledge to others. For more information on this and to check it out head to the following link.... Adam is known for his outward opinions about such things as COVID vaccinations as well as other global world issues. He talks about his beliefs and thoughts on these matter which he believes need to be shed light upon in order to help educate people future.As ever its a fascinating insight into and incredible carp fishing mind. Adam is a brilliant story teller and this podcast goes from emotional tears to extreme laughter, its got it all!
21/05/233h 35m

Rob Gillespie - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 133

This week the podcast welcomes a real northern big carp legend in the form of Rob Gillespie.Despite hanging up the rods for over a decade Rob has had a huge impact on the big carp scene, catching the most desirable and difficult carp from famous waters such as Capesthorne, Redsmere, Tatton Park, Stoneacres and Dinton to name but a few. Over the course of the podcast he talks in depth about his fishing and what led him to take on these huge challenges as well as what ultimately he puts his success down to.Rob also talks about his thoughts on rigs and bait. A lot of carp anglers will remember that he rolled his own bait which had an incredible cult following, he shares the realities and ultimately what became of his tenure into the bait game. Robs incredible passion, desire an ability still holds an incredible about of respect and admiration from those who are at the top of the modern day big carp scene. He has a wealth of top anglers that he&aposs shared the banks with yet throughout this podcast Rob is humble, open and honest. He&aposs a true inspiration and we are pretty sure he&aposll be dusting off those rods again in the future!
14/05/232h 55m

The Debate (4) - Oli Davies, Jacob Worth & Tom Forman - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 132

Joining host Hassan this week is the Nash Tackle trio of Oli Davies, Tom Forman and Jacob Worth.It&aposs been a while but the team are back with another podcast debate, giving their opinions on four different carp fishing questions, these being long rods or short rods? Europe or UK? Top UK day ticket water? What is best carp fishing rig?Sit back and enjoy an hour of intense Nash Debate.
07/05/231h 23m

Stephen "Kumu" May - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 131

Joining Hassan in the podcast studio is North West based carp angler, ultra talented graphic designer and the mastermind behind Kumu Clothing Stephen May.Stephen&aposs angling exploits are relatively unknown but the depth and variety of angling he has done over the years is incredible. He recalls chapters from his youth on various caravan park based holidays with his parents through to week long sessions on Linear St Johns whilst he was at University. Stephen also talks about his adventures in more recent times carp fishing up north on Wyreside and Blakemere, the later of which is where the formation of his route into the angling industry with then "On The Beaten Track" clothing came to be. Stephen talks openly about how the brand developed as well as why its name changed to Kumu. He shares his vision and design process for his uniques designs. He also talks about his angling now including some stories on venues such as Horseshoe and Bluebell Lakes.Stephen is a talented, uniquely gifted artist that has craved his own path incorporating his love for carp fishing and design into not only his career but every waking moment, its a fascinating podcast.
30/04/232h 30m

Chris Ball - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 130

Joining Hassan in the podcast studio this week is legendary carp angler, carp fishing historian and a man who&aposs very much been there, seen it and got the t-shirt when it comes to carp fishing over a span of eight decades, its the one and only Chris Ball.Chris talks about his life time in angling and the changes he has witnessed over the years. Throughout time Chris has been obsessed by all thing carp fishing in particular surface fishing and stalking using a float and worm, he gives great insight into these two very niche methods that have seen him still to this very day catching incredible carp.Chris talks about his significant chapters catching Olive at Wraysbury  off the top as well as his time fishing linear Fisheries at the very start with the late Len Gurd. He also talks about his winter fishing in the past on Willow Park and his more modern chapters in his angling.Throughout the whole podcast there&aposs incredible references and stories of the all time greats of angling and how Chris has rubbed shoulders with them from Richard walker to Matt Hayes and everyone in between. Chris also talks about his time working for Carp talk including photographing some of the very best of old English history carp.One thing is for sure Chris has lived an incredible life and this action packed, story filled podcast will leave you in awe of the man himself.
23/04/234h 4m

Connor Hatton - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 129

This weeks podcast guest is a young man with an incredible sense of carp fishing adventure, determination and searching for unknown big carp, its Nash Tackle consultant Connor Hatton.Connor being based in the North West talks about his angling and how he&aposs been brought up the hard way, fishing low stock waters and having to persist through countless blanks in order to hone his craft and equip himself for his more recent crazy challenges. He has an unraveled passion for carp fishing and this clearly shines through.Connor talks about some amazing captures and experiences in his formative years, carp fishing on Sale Water park, catching "Tutti" from Pendleview at over 40lbs (a believed Northwest record) and French carping adventures.Finally Connor shares his epic story of fishing two unknown stock big (200 acre +) deep North West pits filled with rumour and mystery! He full admits the place broke him reducing him to tears! Along with his dad he spent four incredible years exploring the place resulting in some special captures before moving onto another equally monumentally challenging big pit.It&aposs fair to say this is not your average carp fishing especially by someone so young. Connor very much follows his own path and the sheer amount of off the radar, unique carp fishing he&aposs done is incredible.
16/04/233h 12m

Dean Fletcher - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 128

This week the podcast welcomes current British Carp Fishing Record holder Dean Fletcher.Despite an incredible wealth of both angling experience and incredible "A list" captures Dean talks about how his carp fishing has always been one night per week. He shares his no nonsense approach which he takes everywhere a uses to devastating effect even when the water has been dominated by fishing three rods on a spot.Dean recalls incredible chapters in his angling all the way from discovering the hair rig on California Lakes through to his record breaking capture of The Parrot from Wasing Estates Cranwells Lake. In between he documents his angling on Dinton pastures, Wellington Country Park, Farriers as well as an early trip to France.Dean is an incredibly gifted angler who has a single minded approach and drive to head out in search of carp fishing "his way". His success and dedication is incredible when taking stock of his ultra busy life. Its certainly one inspiration podcast.
09/04/231h 50m

Garry Atkin - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 127

This weeks podcast guest has been described by many of the very best anglers in the country as a carp fishing "terminator", it&aposs Nash consultant and Derbys finest Garry Atkin.Garry has been a carp angler for decades and he firstly recalls his formative years around the "colourful scene" of his local lakes before he made the plunge to travel to a historical venue outside of Derbyshire in the shape of Linear Manor Farm. Let&aposs just say some not so textbook stroke pulling led to him capturing some historic fish including the Birthmark and Random Linear, after which the carping world was his oyster.Despite a busy self employed work schedule and family life Garry shares in a no hold barred manner his adventures on the like of The Dark Park, Blue Lagoon, Linch Hill, Bluebell Lakes and topped off by an awesome account of his time fishing Fen Drayton natures reserves catching a unknown 42lb common! Garry also shares accounts of the antics he has witnessed both on and off the lake during the years as well as what it was like to fish alongside the likes of Terry Hearn.Finally Garry explores why he chooses to move from venue to venue, day ticket to syndicates and why variety is important to him. He also talks about despite an incredible carp fishing album, he has done very little outward publicity in terms of his exploits.On things for sure Garry is 100% honest and open about his angling and the stories and captures will have you inspired to get out in search of your own adventures.
02/04/233h 13m

"Rig Talk" Steve Briggs, Tom Forman & Alfie Willingale - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 126

This weeks podcast is an in-depth look at the technical side of the rigs chosen by Nash Tackles very own Steve Briggs, Tom Forman and Alfie Willingale.The lads discuss their own choice of popup and bottom bait/wafter rig and exactly what components they chose to use. They recall why they have come to these specific rigs and the success they&aposve had using them. There&aposs a wealth of experience from a massive variety of different venues and fishing situations home and abroad, so if you are technically minded, interested in rigs or want an insight into exactly how these top anglers go about their fishing then don&apost miss this episode of the podcast.
26/03/232h 9m

Dan Kilgour - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 125

Joining Hassan this week is the definition of a big carp target angler, a man who is all about fishing "off the beaten track" and Mr BIG DOG particles himself Dan Kilgour.Dan is not a household name to the wider fishing public but he has huge respect and acclaim from the biggest and best names in the carp fishing world due to his angling exploits and chosen style of angling.Dan talks about his angling and how he developed into targeting the very hardest of off the radar seldom spoken about waters for the creme dud la creme of UK carp. There&aposs chapters about Yateley, The Colne Valley as well as his time in around Cemex Waters all of which feature some incredible carp. Within these chapters there reference to his time spent with the likes of Oli Davies, Nick Helleur, Terry Hearn and many others.The most glaring things with Dan and his fishing is the lengths that he goes to mentally and physically in pursuit of these fish. He talks candidly about this including physical training and sacrifices he&aposs made.Finally Dan gives an insight into his BIG DOGS particle business and what his aspirations are for the future.This is a real tale of a truly driven focussed man who is the definition of BIG CARP!
19/03/234h 6m

Ali Hamidi, Frank Warwick & Oli Davies LIVE N.A.S Debate - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 124

This week we have a special episode of the podcast filmed LIVE at The Northern Carp Show where special guests Ali Hamidi, Frank Warwick and our very own Oli Davies joined Hassan on stage for a good old debate.The A list panel discussed their favourite carp of all time, the best carp fishing country, the best UK carp fishing venue and moon phases. As you would expect they were all on good form and there a host of humorous tales, information and general opinion on a wide variety of different topics. Sit back and enjoy!*due to the recording being live the sound quality will vary slightly form the usual studio podcast but its too good a conversation for you all to miss!
12/03/2340m 31s

Luke Bowns "Cotswold Puke" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 123

Joining Hassan in the studio this week is Cotswolds outdoorsman and Nash consultant Luke Bowns or how he is more "affectionately" known Cotswold Puke.Luke is a die hard carp angler who has spent the best part of thirty years fishing the waters in and around the Cotswolds Water Park. He talks about his love of the area and why he chooses to fish low stock, busy waters rather than travelling to venues away from the area.Luke talks about his significant Cotswolds chapters including his captures and escapades on Bramble Mere, Large Lake, Coate Water Park and various others as well as his "guesting" in the local area.Fishing the water park he talks about his experience of otters and their impact on the fishing as well as how he has developed techniques to fish and overcome the incredible infestation of crayfish that inhabit a lot of his chosen waters.One things for sure Luke is very much his own man who is proud of his roots and lives life and his fishing on his own terms.
05/03/232h 54m

Finn Lewis - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 122

This week joining Hassan is a unique, self confessed carping "river pirate" and star of Cypography&aposs "Wildman" series Finn Lewis.Finn is a young man who very much treads his own path in carp fishing and has an incredibly mature attitude which far exceeds his years. He&aposs a strong believer in staying away from the well beaten carp fishing path of day tickets and syndicates instead he has forged a life whereby he can fish wherever and whenever he wants.Finn talks in depth about his adventures river carp fishing in and around Essex. He&aposs fortunate to have a boat on the river and he shares stories of incredible captures from some of the most nomadic of hardened river carp he&aposs been fortunate to bank. He gives a great insight and advice to anyone wanting to brave the rivers in search of their hidden gems.He also sheds light on his less talked about chapters on still waters including some incredible pioneering style captures of uncaught 30lb + carp. In the final section of the podcast he talks about his life, river guiding and his very recent media career with Cypography and his aspirations for the future.One thing is for sure Finn&aposs passion, drive and determination is infectious and you can see why he has achieved such a unique position in his life with angling very much at the centre of it all.
26/02/232h 14m

Nigel Botherway - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 121

Joining Hassan in the podcast studio is Talk Sport "Fishermans Blues" host, angling all rounder and overseas multi species pioneer Nigel Botherway.Nigel talks through his carp fishing history, starting on the Diana Pond experiencing the revolution of "the hair rig" and rubbing shoulders with Terry Hearn and Jason Hayward, through to  his recent lake record captures from a Cotswolds syndicate water, Nigel has an incredible diverse, historic and varied carp fishing story. Not to mention his quest for pioneering adventure with his carping inn the form of his oversees trips with Kevin Nash to Lac Du Der and Raduta. Its an incredible look into a lifetime of awesome captures, stories and experiences.Nigel talks frankly about his love for foreign fishing including historic trips to India for Masheer, Sturgeon in Oregon as well as a host of other bucket list adventures.He talks about his career in the media from Tight lines onto radio and everything in between. He is pure class through and through, honest open and with life/angling experience that incredible.
19/02/232h 43m

Ash Bradbury - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 120

This week on the podcast we have owner of "Tails Up" baits and Ashbury Fisheries own Ash Bradbury.Ash has an incredible carp fishing pedigree fishing some of the most historic and iconic venues in his time. He shares stories about The Essex Manor, Horton, Kingsmead as well as Cleverly Mere and Top Lake which he now runs and has renamed "Ashbury Fisheries". Ash has always had an incredibly gifted fishing brain and he talks about various findings during his time on the bank including a fascinating insight into zig fishing and bait developed which led to him acquiring "Tails Up" baits.He explains how he has become very much a "big fish" style carp angler and what he feels gives him the edge in terms of approach and thinking when it comes to him catching big weary carp such as the incredible red mire common he banked from RK Leisures Wraysbury South Lake during last years Lucy&aposs Bowl Charity event.Finally Ash talks about his ongoing work as fishery managers and exactly what that means on a day to day basis. ash is incredible devoted to angling and he has lived his life in and he has managed to take this passion and dedication and forged his own path within our industry, his is a truly inspirational tale.
12/02/232h 29m

"Continental Connections" Henry Lennon & Dan Yeomans - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 119

Join Hassan in the podcast studio with Nash Tackles very own version of Thelma and Louise Dan Yeomans and Henry Lennon. The pair talk about the new series "Continental Connections"  which episode 1 is now available to view on Nash TV.They share the inspiration for the series and how things panned out on their first trip to film in Italy. As expected there&aposs a fair few humorous goings on as well as some incredible angling which cumulates in them taking on the test of trying to track down and catch a carp in the inland sea that is Lake Bolsena. Sit back and enjoy!
05/02/231h 46m

Jim Shelley "Fishing In Europe" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 118

Returning to the podcast studio is the one and only carp catching machine that is Jim Shelley.In this podcast Jim talks about his new found love for European fishing and how this has given him a new sense of freedom that he has been missing on the UK carp scene in recent times.Jim talk through significant European adventures including some incredible captures from some amazing venues. He also shares technical information that is priceless for anyone considering a trip to Europe to chase big unknown carp.This podcast is packed with humour, incredible angling and a brutal honestly that we&aposve come to love and admire from Jim. Sit back and enjoy!
29/01/232h 28m

"Borrowed Time" Alan Blair & Dan Yeomans - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 117

This week the podcasts welcomes the return of our very own Alan Blair and Dan Yeomans who join Hassan in the studio to talk in depth about the latest NashTv video release "Borrowed Time".They talk candidly about the bits you don&apost see in the video and exactly what went into  fishing and documenting Alan&aposs awesome campaign on an incredible hidden gem of a water.  If you haven&apost already make sure you check out the video after this podcast!
22/01/232h 11m

John Timmermans - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 115

This week joining host Hassan is former CC Moores man, French public lake carping genius and now Nash Tackles very own John Timmermans. John is most well know for his exploits over in France but prior to his adventures abroad he talks about his fishing in the UK including various venues from Kent to the River Trent in Nottingham, John explains how the carp bug lead him to complete his "apprenticeship" on the UK carping scene before travelling to pursue his carp fishing dreams fishing for the unknown monsters that live in the vast bodies of French public waters.Johns talks through various significant targets that he has captured on his adventures around France over the years, this including a number of big carp over the magical 50lb mark. he talks through what this type of fishing means to him as well as the actual practicalities that go into it. John has fished this way for years whilst balancing family and a very busy work life.Finally John talks about his vlogging and how starting independently and then onto CC Moores his journey in self filmed videos documenting his angling exploits has lead him to a new home, this being Nash Tackle.John is an incredibly passionate and gifted angler who has his finger very much on the plus of things. His drive and love for big foreign waters has led him to some incredible places and captures that we look forward to seeing more of in his future at Nash Tackle. Sit back and enjoy, one things for sure you can&apost help but love and respect John and how he has very much found his own carp fishing niche.
08/01/233h 29m

Dan Yeomans "The Swavesey Fish" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 114

Joining Hassan for the first podcast of 2023 is former host and Nash Media Manager, our very own Dan Yeomans.Dan sits down and talks through the capture of one of the finest fish to swim in UK waters, a fish that&aposs held in the highest regard and is the finest in "The Fens" the Swavesey Fish.Dan talks through how he came to fish the venue, why this local area and this particular incredible angling test has always appealed to him despite limited time and a very busy job. He shares the way his campaign unfolded, revealing the keys to the ultimate incredible climactic capture of the fish at over 50lbs. Its more than a bit emotional as well as packed with humour and inspiration. Dan is proof that you&aposve got to dream big and then sometimes those dreams will come true!Happy New Year everyone.
01/01/232h 22m

Martin Bowler - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 113

In this Christmas Day edition of the podcast, joining Hassan is one of (if not the) greatest all round anglers to ever wet a line Martin Bowler.Martin is more then just an angler with an incredible editorial career with the Angling Times through to huge tv series such as "Catching The Impossible" Martin is an extremely self driven, hard working man who has tirelessly pressed his passion for all fish species over the course of not only his professional career but his whole life.Martin talks about his love of carp and significant carp fishing chapters for him on Elstow, Cambridge, Oxfordshire as well as some foreign adventures.Martin has worked with and fished with the very best and he talks about the times he&aposs spent with influential people such as John Wilson, Peter Drennan, Terry Hearn, Bernard Cribbins, Chris Yates and many more.Finally Martin speaks in-depth about his recent struggles with ill health as well a a huge decision to leave Drennan for another brand (look out for the exclusive announcement as to where he now calls home) He also give insight into his future as he moves into opening up a carp fishery in the UK amongst other things.Its an open, frank and hugely eye opening chat from a man who has been at the very top of his profession for a number of years. From all of us at Nash thank you for listening/watching and we wish you a very Merry Christmas!
25/12/223h 40m

Dave Levy Euro Aqua - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 112

This week see the return to the podcast of RidgeMonkey front man and newly crowned Carp Angler Of The Year 2022 Dave Levy.Dave talks in details about and incredible trip to Euro Aqua which saw him, along with Paul Getty from RidgeMonkey bank numerous 60lb,70lb and even 80lb carp cumulating in two personal bests, these being a 90lb+ common and 101lb mirror carp. Literally a trip of dreams. Sit back and enjoy Dave&aposs no holds barred recollection of just one of the amazing sessions he&aposs had on the bank this year.
18/12/221h 24m

The Docks feat. Jacob Worth & Bradley Chambers - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 111

This weeks podcast is dedicated to our latest video release in the shape of the hugely successful and somewhat unique "The Docks" staring our very own Jacob Worth and edited by videographer Bradley Chambers.The podcast covers the behind the scenes not shown aspects of Jacobs two year winter campaign on The Docks in London which cumulated in thy capture of a 50lb+ ghost carp from the venue. Brad talks about the editing style which (in addition to the angling) has really set this video apart amongst other content that is to there in the industry.Make sure you check out the video on Nash Tv now and enjoy this eye opening little insight into the story behind it&aposs making.
11/12/221h 11m

Myles Gibson - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 110

This week joining Hassan from the comfort of his lakeside Cotswolds cabin is non other than Myles Gibson himself, one of the finest big carp hunters on the scene at the moment. Myles has caught some of the very finest carp from the most challenging of waters. His angling ability has been proven time and time again with incredible results on places such as Redsmere, Stoneacres, Dinton and many many more special venues. This podcast explores his mindset and drive and how he has been so successful on such venues.Myles also talks in depth about the cost of chasing big special carp in the form of sacrifices and even a criminal record in the case of his Tatton Park common capture.He&aposs shares an awesome insight into his finding fishing from a boat as well as his thoughts on spots, bait and rigs plus a lot more incredible insights from one of the very best carp anglers out there.If you are looking for information, entertainment,  inspiration and honesty this podcast ticks it all in abundance, so sit back and enjoy.
04/12/222h 38m

The Social 4 Lake Bled Special - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 109

Joining Hassan in the podcast studio this week are a number of the Nash Tackle team who stared in the latest The Social 4 Lake Bled video, available to watch now on NashTV.It&aposs fair to say the team smashed it on all fronts, with all the anglers and videographers on the shoot catching carp over the 40lb mark, topped by a 60lb+ mirror caught by Max Hendry.The video was shot with each pair of anglers having their own videographer to record the goings on over the course of the week. Overall the video was compiled and edited by videographer Barnaby Bos who speaks about the process of putting it all together and how he is now leaving Nash for a life in Switzerland fly fishing.Sam Barron and Bradley Chambers for the videography team also speak about the process of filming the events during a high paced, fish filled shoot on a days only mega lake.Dan Yeomans, Tom Forman, Henry Lennon, Alfie Willingale, Max Hendry and Oli Davies all discuss their angling on "the greatest" park lake in the world and what changes in tactics and bait led to their success. If you are heading to Lake Bled or looking for some humour and inspiration enjoy this unedited podcast.
27/11/221h 57m

Richard "Cash" Farnan - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 108

This week joining Hassan in the podcast studio is a blast from the past, former Gardner, DHP, Trakker and angling media man Richard “Cash” Farnan.Rich has not been involved in the fishing industry for over ten years. Instead now he is a highly regarded world class boxing corner man, who calls Ricky Hatton, Anthony Joshua and Derek Chisora friends.Starting his carp angling journey around the Cotswolds Water park back in the 1980’s Rich talks about his own journey. This includes his capture of the famous “Shoulders” from Horton, a spell on Yateley, Horseshoe Lake, the capture of a 30lb+ leather from Orchid Lakes as well as some incredible captures and spells on a host of other waters during 1990’s to mid 2000’sRich then goes onto to talk about how he gain his first job in the industry working for Gardner Tackle, which soon lead to him being head hunted by David Hall Publishing to work on fishing media in the shape of articles and features as well as selling advertising space. Finally before leaving the industry he worked for Trakker at which point boxing took over. The reasons why he choose boxing over fishing and why he hasn’t been back out fishing Rich talks about in an open and honest manner whilst sharing his opinions on the modern day scene that he still very much follows.Rich is an incredibly talented angler who has achieved a great deal both in his career and his quest for carp. His has also taken the same skills and successful mindset into his boxing and it shows that he was destined for success no matter where he ended up.
20/11/222h 48m

Finley Todhunter - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 107

Joining Hassan in the studio this week is our very own day ticket destroying young gun Finley Todhunter.Finley talks about his Cumbrian roots and what led him to leave the beauty of the Lake District and its abundant Fly and Pike fishing  in quest of carp. He talks about how this ultimately led to him discovering his love for Linear Fisheries and the style of day ticket angling associated with the venue.Having represented the England at junior level Finley talks about his love for match style carp fishing including his recent escapades into the BCAC with fishing partner Steven Coe. Finley talks about how his career has progressed from filming himself on his Youtube channel to establishing his profile in the industry and now landing a job "living the dream" with Nash. He has more than a few stories about "incidents" that he has found himself in already in his short time filming for Nash.Finley is a young, driven and talented angler who has an incredible amount of angling experience despite his age. The podcast is a great insight into him, his future and how with hard work, passion and a good attitude you can achieve anything.
13/11/223h 1m

Henry Lennon "The Year Of The Lennon" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 106

This week joining Hassan in the podcast studio is our very own  newly crowned Mr B.C (Big Carp) Henry Lennon.In this episode Henry talks in depth about his incredible year. Henry has committed to fishing more this year both domestically and abroad as part of his work for Nash Tackle and in his own time also. He has balanced a very busy job as well as booking in trips to various big fish venues across Europe where he has seriously made the most of his opportunities in terms of caching big carp.He shares his domestic success in the shape of him "guesting" on a reservoir which saw him land some incredible uncaught carp before (in a hilarious classic Henry manner) his fishing was cut short.He goes on to talks about his foreign success on venues such as Lake Bled,  France, Belgium and cumulating in his capturing the Spanish Record Carp on a recent trip with Samir at over 70lbs+Its fair to say that the boy has had a landmark carp fishing year by even the very highest of standards. Sit back, listen and let&aposs hope a bit of Lennon luck comes your way in the coming year.
06/11/222h 29m

Sir Pete Springate - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 105

Joining Hassan in the studio this week is one of the founding fathers of carp fishing, the living legend that is "Sir" Pete Springate.Petes starts by talking about his early adventures from tench fishing through to developing his passion for carp and catching his first 20lber back in the 1960&aposs & 1970s. Pete talks about a record bracing brace consisting of two 30lb+ carp which he had from Yoeveney, a very little known and seldom fished lake at the time.He goes on to reminisce  about Wraysbury where he was able to catch Mary three times to over 51lbs  as well as the iconic branch shot of Mary and Mary&aposs Mate both caught in the same session from 150 acres of water with a stock of only 25 or so carp in.A feature of this great man&aposs angling is that he has caught pretty much every modern day great carp before it was widely known and he shares chapters on The Sonning Eye from Sonning Reservoir, Heather & Basil from Yateley as well as commons from Redmire to name but a few.Lastly Pete talks about his opinions on rigs, bait, braided reel lines as well as his passion for catching carp off the top. In fact he managed to catch a carp off the top  in every month of the year for over three years!Without Pete&aposs early pioneering and unparalleled passion for carp fishing we are pretty sure the industry wouldn&apost be what it is now, so sit back and listen to an icon who has hugely been responsible for shaping the sport we all know and love so much.
30/10/222h 27m

Jay "Mungo" Cater - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 104

This week joining host Hassan is RidgeMonkey&aposs front man and carp fishing&aposs own version of Eddie Hall, its Jay Cater.Jay talks about his incredible foreign carp fishing adventures since he got the bug to travel with his fishing back in 1999. There&aposs so incredible stories including 80lb+ carp, huge hits of big fish as well as quiet a few funny mishaps and lesson learnt on venues such as Park Del Brenta, Rainbow and bona to name but a few.Jay goes on to talk about his UK fishing starting with the famous Essex Manor and Essex Arena venues. He shares stories of his own development with angling including how he managed his time working a full time landscaping job also. His passion and enquiring mind couple with his love for developing and drawing later led him to his position as Head of Product Development at RidgeMonkey.Finally jay shares his inspirational story of weightless and self improvement. Going from 27 stone to his current peak condition its show just how a persons mindset and attitude can make anything happen. This podcast really gives a great insight into not just Jay&aposs angling achievements but also into the man himself.
23/10/223h 38m

The Debate (3) - Tom Forman, Alfie Willingale & Henry Lennon - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 103

You guys loved it so we&aposve brought it back, this weeks podcast is another Nash team Debate.In this episode Hassan is joined by Tom Forman, Alfie Willingale and Henry Lennon in the podcast studio where they all share their opinions on retaining carp, mainlines, moon phases as well as the best uk venue and era!Was ever its packed with humour, controversy and more than a few points that will make you think about your own opinions on these matters!
16/10/221h 22m

Ladies Carp Team England Special - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 102

This week joining Hassan in the studio is four of our silver medal winning Women&aposs World Carp Championships England Team in the shape of Bev Clifford, Aimee Eaton, Ellen Beedham and Kayleigh Dowd.The ladies recap a real rollercoaster of an event fishing the recent Women&aposs World Championships at Linear Fisheries. They give a behind the scenes candid look at how everything unfolded which led to them securing a history making silver medal.The ladies then talk in general about women carp angling and share their own experiences and funny stories. They talk about how as a sport we can continue to inspire more females into the sport and what they hope to achieve both personally and collectively for the future of women angling in this country.
09/10/222h 22m

Mark Hutchinson - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 101

This week joining Hassan in the podcast studio is distance casting legend, all round proper carp angler and hugely successful match carp angler Mark Hutchinson.Mark talks about his love for carp fishing in all forms and how he has fished both home an abroad across the whole spectrum of carp fishing. from chasing big carp at Parco Del Brenta to qualifying for the British Carp Angling Championships Final every time he entered Mark shows just how his match fishing start and subsequent passion has driven him to a long and very successful life as a carp angler. He recalls numerous stories about himself and the likes of Tim Paisley, Kevin Maddocks and more modern angling greats that he shared the banks with on some of the finest venues in the history of carp fishing.Mark is a very well known distance caster being able to chuck well over 200 yards in measure competition. He still to this day runs casting tuitions and he shares a wealth of knowledge that will help even the most experienced angler brush up on their casting and achieve those all important extra yards. In addition he gives a great insight into his solid PVA bag distance rigs and his thoughts on baits and rigs in general.In a fascinating insight into the world of Mark. He&aposs very humble and open throughout having achieved so much as well as having an abundance of experience to share, we&aposre sure you are going to love this one.
02/10/222h 21m

Bobby Zamora - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 100

This week&aposs guest is probably more well known for his exploits on the football pitch with a star studded career playing for the likes of West Ham, Tottenham and Fulham (to name but a few) as well as playing for England. Despite this amazing football career there has always been a burning passion for angling throughout his life, it&aposs no other than Bobby Zamora.Bobby talks about his football career and how he managed to still include his fishing fix amongst a very busy schedule. He talks about his love. for carp fishing and there numbers funny stories of his times playing football and sharing the banks with footballers.His love for carp fishing blossomed when his career need and he managed to get a very prestigious syndicate ticket on Fox Mere. He shares his stories of how he managed to overcome fishing in weed to captures some of the lakes gems.Onto his passion for travel and Bobby talks about his carp fishing abroad where he has caught carp to 65lb+ in France and Croatia as well as his more exotic exploits in the Amazon (as part of The Big fish Off) and the Florida Keys.Finally Bobby talks about his bromance with Ali Hamidi and how he has become involved with his brand cumulating in the new TV series The Grand Fishing Adventure which is on our screens very soon. Throughout this podcast Bobby is very open and honest and the underlying theme is a man who is passionate and extremely driven and would therefore find success no matter what avenue he chose.
25/09/221h 48m

Ben "Benji" Brettle - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 99

This week joining Hassan in the podcast studio is the man, the myth, the legend that is one of the West Midlands finest secret squirrel big carp hunters Ben Brettle or "Benji" as he is known.Benji is known and widely respected as an incredibly driven big carp hunter. He has rubbed shoulders with the very best anglers such as Tom Stokes, Gaz Fareham and Marcus Howarth to name but a few. He is an angler who likes to keep his cards close to his chest but in this episode we manage to pin him down and talk all things big carp.Benji talks about his fishing starting in the West Midlands and moving promptly onto venues such as Yateley Car Park lake, Horseshoe and various Cemex waters back in the day. He shares stories of success, failure and memorable moments from this golden era of carp fishing. He goes on to talk about the influences of Terry Hearn and others on his carp fishing and why he has developed an incredible mindset which see him fishing the hardest waters in the UK.He talks about the darker side of the full time angler in terms of sacrifices that are made and also exactas toy what fishing full time looks like. Benji is very open in sharing his recent chapter of angling in the Cotswolds Water park and gives some enlightening edges around how to combat crayfish in a water.Benji is a mine of information, not only that but he has walked the walk when it comes to carp fishing at the very top end. He relishes the hardest of challenges and this unwavering passion has lead him to gain huge respect across the very best anglers in the land. 
18/09/222h 47m

Gaz Hood - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 98

This week joining Hassan in the podcast studio is Cipher&aposs main media man Gaz Hood.Gaz is an exceptionally talented videographer and photographer and he talks about how he forged a career in the industry from starting his work in the days of carp fishing magazines at DHP (David Hall Publishing). He talks frankly about how he progressed through other roles within the industry at Angling Publications before getting his current role at Cipher. Along the way Gaz shares stories of the great and good of carp fishing that he has met, worked with and shared good and bad times with.Onto his angling and Gaz describes how he came into the sport late and straight into carp fishing. He talks through his significant angling chapters and how both home and abroad he as a unique way of catching big carp on limited time whilst working.Gaz has an incredibly varied, detailed and experienced life within the industry, he has an exceptional work ethic and talent as well as angling ability. He is a true artist in so many levels and his charisma, humour and likability shine through in this podcast.
11/09/222h 55m

The Debate (2) - Oli Davies, Julian Cundiff & Gary Bayes - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 97

This week sees the return of The Debate based on the popularity of Episode 1. Joining Hassan in the studio for this head to head heated carp fishing discussion we have the Nash Tackle originals Oli Davies, Julian Cundiff and Gary Bayes.In this episode the points up for debate include who is the most influential angler of all time, when is a "wrong un" a wrong un, barbed vs barrels hooks and is carp fishing etiquette a thing of the past.Let&aposs say it&aposs certainly a very entertaining and opinion filled episode! sit back and enjoy.
04/09/221h 21m

Joe "Curly" Wooltorton - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 96

This week joining host Hassan is Carpology videographer, Mr “NuffinButFishing” and proud die hard cider drinking Bristol City fan its Joe “Curly” Wooltorton.Now he might be the only person to upstage Hassan on the hair front however Joe has achieved so much at such a young age within the industry. He talks about his starting point in angling and how this led him to build his successful YouTube channel NuffinButFishing.He talks about carving a niche at Carpology and how this has really established his career within the industry. He share stories about some of his favourite captures on and off camera as well as gives us an insight into what it’s like day to day with his work in the industry.Joe talks about the realities of balancing life as well as what it talks in the modern day industry to be successful. He also shares accounts of his various shoots meeting up with the very best anglers across all brands. Joe is incredibly talented and extremally open in this podcast, his charisma and love for both angling and his work shine through everything and its truly infectious.       
28/08/222h 2m

Alex Smith - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 95

Joining Hassan in the studio is former Nash Videographer, one half of the famous YouTube due Carl & Alex Fishing and now solo JustAlex YouTube star Alex Smith.Alex talks about his love for fishing and how this coupled with his brother carl led to the formation of the greatly popular former Carl & Alex Fishing YouTube channel. He also shares his highlights and insight as to what when on behind the scenes on the channel as it expanded and grew. Alex talks about his career path and how it led him to Nash tackle. He shares stories about his carp fishing over this time and his relationship with those at Nash.In more recent times Alex breaks his silence over him deciding to leave his brother and Carl & Alex fishing to form his own channel Just Alex which is based on totally different areas of the outdoors rather than just fishing. Alex is an intelligent gifted young man who is trying to find himself in a world in which he has already achieved so much. He’s very open and honest in this podcast and you can help but be gripped.
21/08/222h 19m

Jamie Cook - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 94

This week joining Hassan is CEO of The Angling Trust and experienced all round angler Jamie Cook.Jamie has come into the limelight for many due to his role and the great work that The Angling Trust did in getting us back on the banks over lockdown. However, the man has more to him then just his job and he talks in depth about his awesome carp fishing experience on the most prestigious of Reading big carp waters such as Pingewood and Englefield.Jamie goes on to talk about his significant carp captures on the likes of Ashmead and Dorchester Lagoon before talking through his more multi species based recent fishing focus.He talks in length about the Angling Trust and what actually happens with the money they receive. He also touches on other issues affecting our sport such as predation and what exactly is being done about protecting the future of our sport.Jamie is an intelligent, gifted angler with a very secret but equally impressive carp fishing pedigree, enjoy the next few hours learning more about the man behind the new look angling Trust.
14/08/222h 57m

Orellana with Alan Blair & Dan Yeomans - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 93

This week in the studio we have none other than Mr UrbanBanx himself Alan Blair and our very own Nash Tackle Media manager Dan Yeomans. The pair are into talk about an awesome trip to fish Orellana in Spain along with the legend that is Samir and videographer Bastl.There’s plenty of goings on during their time on the huge expanse of deep water including jet skis, 50lb+ carp and kebab related incidents to name but a few! Trust me you don’t want to miss this podcast, not to mention there is the corresponding video live for you to watch now available on NashTV. What a place, what a trip and what a bunch of lads, Enjoy!
07/08/222h 42m

Hugh Miles - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 92

This week the podcast welcomes multi time BAFA winning Wildlife Cameraman, mad keen all round angler and Director of the iconic “A Passion For Angling” TV series Hugh Miles.Hugh talks about his life-long obsession with nature and how this led to him traveling as a world leading wildlife photographer and cameraman. He has worked on numerous groundbreaking programs for the BBC including various David Attenborough series. He shares his wisdom on how he can gain animals trust which leads him to capture footage and images that we gasp in awe of.Onto fishing and Hugh talks about his obsession with everything that swims. He shares his carp fishing stories as well as talking about his love for other species such as roach and tench. Hugh recalls how a pilot program filmed with Chris Yates and Bob James turned into the iconic “A Passion For Angling “series which influence a huge amount of people over the years. He then goes onto talk about his friendship with martin Bowler and how this led to the more modern day fishing TV series “Catching the Impossible”.Finally, Hugh talks about his plans for the future as well as his fears in terms of the amount we are doing (or not) in terms of conservation and the future of wildlife and angling. This podcast is hugely varied but incredibly interesting, you can’t help but be inspired by such a talented expert in his field like Hugh.
31/07/222h 8m

Chris Yates - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 91

This weeks’ podcast guest is quite simply a living legend of carp fishing, a true maverick, original and a man who is so timelessly unique in ever single way. We can’t quite believe that we managed to get him on the podcast but here he is, it’s the one and only Chris Yates.Chris talks in depth about his upbringing and what has shaped him, his lifestyle and his angling choices of vintage tackle and places off the beaten track. He talks about his love for wildlife and how he “feels” his way through life.On the infamous Redmire and Chris share his timeless experiences on the famous water including his friendship with Rod Hutchinson, his capture of the then British Record Carp “The Bishop” at 53lb+ and a host of other recollections about his time on there.Chris talks about his venture into filming including the famous series “A Passion For Angling”, filming for Sticky Baits “Reflections” and his recent work on a YouTube video for Adidas! He also shares his thoughts on his angling moving forward as well as talking about his writing projects that are currently keeping him busy.This podcast just like the man is both charismatic and enchanting, they certainly broke the mould when they made Chris, sit back and enjoy over two hours in the company of a living carp fishing legend.
24/07/222h 24m

Viv Shears - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 90

This weeks’ podcast guest is one the busiest people in our trade, with his time being split between VS Fisheries, Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme, Sea Fishing Charter Boat, Guiding/Coaching as well as his own fishing, it’s the one and only Viv Shears.Viv talks about his carp fishing and how he discovered the sport. His angling hasn’t been publicly talked about being modest but in this podcast, he talks about a special capture on a Hampshire lake as well as his subsequent angling on some of the most historic and iconic of waters. Admittedly a huge amount of his angling has been during his fishery management work for RMC and later VS Fisheries with Simon Scott but its non the less impressive.Viv talks about stories of the very best anglers such as Pete Springate, Jim Shelley and Rob Maylin whilst working at Horton, Wraysbury etc in his RMC days. He shares his thoughts on fish farming and the realities of VS Fisheries on a working level.Viv has a huge passion for sea fishing, and this has led to him running a charter boat. He shares stories about targeting bass as well as a new venture fishing for huge blue fin tuna that now frequent our shores.Finally, Viv talks about our responsibilities environmentally as anglers in reference to the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme and a new project aimed at a bigger community in helping clear rivers of litter.Viv is a hugely well respected man who has a real sense of empathy towards our sport and those involved. He is selfless and has not only helped shaped the future of carp fishing in our country but is also trying to elevate the sport as a whole.
17/07/222h 52m

Ed Betteridge - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 89

Joining Hassan this week for the podcast is current Prologic Marketing Manager and serious big carp target hunter Ed Betteridge.Ed shares how he came to adopt the big fish target carping approach and what that means to him. His cv is littered with some of the best big carp that have swam in our waters and he shares some incredible stories about how he was successful on a number of notable campaigns /captures such as “The Mother” from Elstow 2, “Roids” from RK Leisure’s The Island Lake and “Choco” from Stoneacres.Ed talks about his approach towards rigs, bait and long periods of inactivity when fishing on low stock waters as well and how he goes about putting himself in the best position possible to catch those big special carp. Working in the trade for a long time Ed talks about how things have changed for him and how he has now had to adapt his angling to fit his lifestyle and expanding work commitments. There’s one thing for sure Ed is an incredibly driven man who has a passion for the toughest of angling tests which to this very day despite all his captures still burns as bright as ever.
10/07/222h 27m

Mike Holly - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 88

Joining host Hassan this week is a man who’s also comfortable hosting his own podcast for Baitworks as well as an incredibly gifted big carp target angler especially in and around the Cotswolds, this week the podcast welcomes Mike Holly.Mike talks through his upbringing and how he developed his love for big low stock wild waters which ultimately led to him targeting various special, off the radar non publicised carp in the Cotswolds Water park. Mikes shares his opinions and expertise on how predation has affected the water park over the years he has fished there. He shares his thoughts on how he managed to catch on these low stock big waters as well as highlighting how his “obsession” for his target carp can drive him to extreme levels of dedication.Prior to his current role working for Baitworks Mike talks about a completely different career working in marketing for various Charities including UNICEF. He talks about some stark and horrifying experiences of other people’s realities across other countries and how this has shaped his positive attitude and love for life. Mike talks about a few of his successful campaigns in recent years and how he has managed to even in the middle of winter catch some of the finest carp in the area on limited time with a busy job and homelife. One thing is for sure Mike is an incredibly intelligent, driven and articulate man who has used his experience, upbringing and passion to achieve things that on the face of it seem almost impossible to most of us. 
03/07/222h 41m

Steve Briggs Hot Seat Q & A - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 87

This week we welcome another new format to the podcast in which your questions are put to our chosen top angler whose in the hot seat.As its our first episode of this format who better to answer the weird and wonderful questions asked by you guys then the man, the myth, the legend that is Nash Tackles very own gentleman Steve Briggs. Sit back and enjoy we hope you like the new format!
26/06/221h 9m

Chris "Bones" Holmes - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 86

This week joining Hassan in the studio is Carp Team England Gold Medallist, the face of Trakker and the all round personality that is Chris “Bones” Holmes.Bonesy talks through his early years and how he discovered carp fishing whilst heavily involved in skiing would you believe it. He also had a heavy interest in motorsport but as soon as he got involved with Rob Hughes and the British carp angling Championships his life and career would become immersed in his true passion carp fishing.Bonesy talks about his philosophy of angling and the importance of the social side of angling to him. He has only ever had one syndicate ticket and loves the feel of day tickets homes and abroad.He talks about his very successful match fishing career winning gold with team England and his successful partnership with Neil Rivers. Bonesy also shares his love for fishing matches on the seatbox nowadays too.Finally talks about his career and how things have changed including him leaving Trakker only to come back to the company very recently.Throughout the whole podcast there’s loads of banter, humour and personality in abundance as you’d expect. Underneath it all Bonesy shows just what hard work, passion and drive can get you.
19/06/222h 37m

The Slovenia Trip - Alfie Willingale, Henry Lennon & Tony Waghorne, Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 85

This week Hassan is joined by Nash Team members Henry Lennon, Alfie Willingale and senior videographer Tony Waghorne to talk about their incredible trip to Slovenia which is also available for you to see in video form on the NashTv YouTube channel.When it comes to big fish and sheer numbers of them the boys first location “Bear Lake” Slovenia certainly delivered. Speak about being organised and travelling to the destination the boys couldn’t believe how incredible both the place and the fishing was. Despite a slow start Henry and Alfie made a few tactical and technical changes that resulted in then catching a huge number of big carp including a 50lber each over the course of their time on the lake. Tony gives a great insight into the work that goes on filming these trips as well as a few behind the scenes humorous tales of a certain “diva” on the shoot.The team then moved onto fish the river in the centre of town once again with some success in amongst free beer and bakery food brought to them by the locals. In fact, the trip overall was eventful, action packed and idyllic. One thing is for sure it will have you racing to book your own trip to Slovenia.
12/06/221h 16m

The Debate (1) - Oli Davies, Henry Lennon & Alfie Willingale - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 84

This week we bring you a new format and style of Nash podcast called "The Debate". Joining host Hassan we have three other members of the Nash Tackle team in the shape of Oli Davies, Alfie Willingale and Henry Lennon.The episode is exactly what it says in the title, each anglers gives their opinion on four different topics and argue the case as to why their opinion is correct. The subjects covered in this first episode include the best UK carp, The best country for carp fishing, The best Uk venue and finally the best piece of fishing tackle in the last ten years.As to be expected the chat is lively, opinionated and funny. So sit back and we hope you enjoy the first Nash Debate!
05/06/221h 12m

Pete Castle - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 83

This week on the podcast we have top carp angler, media guru and former TV star Pete Castle.Pete has been a carp angler for decades and he talks about his favourite chapters in his own angling around the UK over the years including fishing venues such as St Ives as well as many iconic venues around Norfolk and Suffolk. He talks about his style of angling and his opinions on rigs and bait and where he feels his strengths are.Pete has an incredible mind, and he shares how his insomnia coupled with his constantly idea filled brain have led him to develop and create amazing innovative products over the years, a lot of which he hasn’t received the credit for. He is incredibly gifted and a constant source of information which goes a long way into explaining how he can have such great results in his angling fishing short concentrated sessions as well as fishing longer session on big European waters.On the theme of Europe Pete talks about his foreign fishing including recent personal bests from Parco Del Brenta and his guided trips on the venue. He also shares his unique stance in not having any sponsors and his choice to concentrate on craving his own path and helping other anglers with his film and photography weekend courses.Finally, Pete talks about his amazing experience working in the industry for the likes of Korda, Free Spirit and Dynamite to name but a few. He talks about his TV career featuring on Matt Hayes Total Fishing and him winning “Kingfishers” a series which is still available to view to this very day.Pete is incredibly unique, down to earth and talented. This podcast jumps everywhere and is so varied it a real testament into how Pete has followed his passion and talent and forged his own path in the industry, a truly fascinating bloke.
29/05/222h 31m

Shaun Harrison - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 82

Joining Hassan this week is a carp angling hall of famer with over 40 years carp fishing experience, a true outdoorsman who has always carved his own unique path in carp fishing, former Nash Tackle sponsored angler Shaun Harrison.Looking back to 1970s Shaun talks about his beginning carp fishing and how the influence of punk rock would shape him over the coming years. Being from the East Midlands Shaun didn’t have access to an abundance of carp fishing until he learnt to drive and then the carping world was his oyster.Into the 1980’s and 1990’s Shaun fished venues such as Baston, Savay, The mangrove as well as various trips abroad to the likes of Cassein. He was incredibly successful and thus became recognised by Kevin Nash and brought on board as a sponsored angler back in the early beginning of Nash Tackle. He talks about his relationship with Kevin and how things ended with the company. He also talks about his long standing work within the trade at walkers Of Trowel where he spent over twenty years. Shaun also talks about becoming a member of the British Carp Study Group and how he is still involved to this very day.During his time angling other species in particular Catfish have really taken Shaun’s’ time and attention. He talks about targeting the biggest catfish at the time and capturing numerous big cats over the years. He also reminisces about friendships he’s made with angling greats such as Tim Paisley, Jan Porter and various other carp fishing legends.Finally, Shaun talks about his formation of Quest Baits, his writing and media work as well has his unique outdoorsman style approach to life. He also comments on his feelings about modern carp fishing and how things have changed over all the years he’s been involved in carp fishing. Shaun is an incredibly knowledgeable carp angler with a real unique character and style. He is very much his own man which is reflected in his angling and he has been hugely successful doing things his own way on his own terms, the podcast is a very open honest and interesting look into his world.
22/05/222h 34m

Lee Jackson - Nash Off The Hook Podcast- S2 Episode 81

This week host Hassan welcomes an incredible carp angler with over 50 years experience, former British Carp Record holder,  former World Carp Fishing Champion and a man who has caught both a 60lb+ mirror and common in the UK, it’s none other than Lee “Jacko” Jackson.Starting back in the 1970s through to the late 1980’s Lee talks through his time fishing his local Kent waters including Darenth, Brooklands and Horton Kirby to name a few. On such places he rub shoulders with angling legends, founding fathers such as Peter Springate, Kevin Maddocks, Martin Locke and Paul Forward. Lee goes on to talk about how he discovered the game changing hair rig and how carp fishing was both very secretive but also very social at the same time.Moving on a Lee talks about a captures which trust him into the lime light when his managed to land a 40lb unkown fish from the Colne Valley. This capture along with his quest for Favershams “She” which would be the first big carp he would choose to target lead him to find himself on the historic Conningbrooke in search of the biggest carp in the country at the time, the mighty “Two Tone”Lee talks about how his time progressed on Conningbrook and how the rock hard fishing made him almost give up when at his lowest moment the bite he’d been working so hard for finally came. He talks about a technical/tactical edge using bread which also led to the capture of his Brtish Record 60lb+ mirror in the shape of Two Tone.Lee talks about his big carp match fishing including why he has been so incredibly successful and consistent. He talks about his BCAC win in 2001 and his subsequent wins on the St Lawrence river with Ian Chilcott in the World Carp Championship 2011 and his most recent World Carp Classic win on the mighty Madine with Tim Paisley in 2017.Lee talks about his involvement over the years in carp fishing media. From writing articles and his book to working on Sky Sports Tight Lines show and his legendary Tel & Jacko Go Carp Fishing videos fishing with the legend that is Terry Hearn. He goes onto talk about his 30+ years working at The Tackle Box in Dartford and how this came to an end for him.In a final section lee talks about his recent fishing including the capture of a 60lb+ common and subsequent very recent repeat capture of the fish on his Kent venue. He also talks about his opinions on the modern carp fishing scene and the cost of big carp fishing to him personally in the form of his alcoholism which he has manages to very inspirationally over come being sober for 9 years now.When you talk about anglers who will be forever remembered in carp fishing history Lee is very much up there on that list. His lifetime dedication to carp fishing has seen him influence a huge amount of angler, catch incredible fish, win huge international competitions and still to this very day his passion and drive for it all hasn’t remotely subsided. The man is an inspirational force.
15/05/223h 57m

"The 24" Series 2 - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 80

This week the podcast is all about the latest Nash 24 Series 2 video series. The series features a host of Nash anglers including Oli Davies, Tom Forman, Alfie Willingale, Finley Todhunter, Jacob Worth and podcast host Hassan Khan himself all trying to catch as many carp as possible in 24hours whilst concentrating on a particular style/method/theme of angling. Each Monday a video is released and available for you to watch via the NashTV YouTube channel. This podcast discusses with each angler in depth on a technical level why they chose their particular theme for their 24, what happened and recommendations for anglers that might find themselves in similar situations in their own angling.Starting with the one and only Mr OD Oli Davies who chose “Edge Fishing” as his concept Oli talks about his thoughts on a subject which he is truly the master of. He talks about his episode and debriefs what he feels went well and what could have gone better.Next up a new member to the Nash team already making huge moves it was Finley Todhunters turn to talk through his episode all about fishing three rods on a spot. Finley talks about the reasons why he chooses to fish like this on venues such a Linear Fisheries Oxlease where the episode was filmed. He also talks about how to fish really tight on a spot and how this effects his baiting and rig choice. Finally he talks about his experience being filmed as part of the Nash team in his first shoot. Onto a man who enjoys the hustle and bustle of busy urban fishing in London, it was Jacob Worths turn to talk all things travelling light. He talks through how he organises his kit to travel light around various London venues in his episode. He shares some great tips that everyone could use no matter what type of venue you fish that will help you be more proactive, move quicker and hopefully catch you more fish.In the final section our 24 surface fishing dream team of Tom Forman and Alfie Willingale talk about their incredibly prolific surface fishing episode. They talk through the secrets to their success as well as a general guide to their experience and thoughts on surface fishing. The pair then discuss with Hassan why he chose to pick “Fishing In Weed” as his 24 episode topic. Hassan talks about how his session unfolded and about how he approaches fishing weedy venues both locating clear areas and catching fish in the weed itself.Overall the podcast is hugely informative and hits on a lot of topics which anglers will find hugely relatable when they are on the bank over the course of the season. Their a great about of tips and hints to help you as well as a good insight to behind the scenes on filming this series.
08/05/222h 39m

Max Hendry & Gary Bayes "Talking Particles" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 79

Joining Hassan in the podcast studio is the NashBait dream team of Gary Bayes and Max Hendry.With launch of the brand new range of NashBait Particles and liquids is imminently upon us and this podcast talks in depth about the development of the range, how to effectively fish with particles and a whole host of further tips and edges to hatch you more carp utilising particles.Max and Gary share their own particle fishing experiences across a spectrum of different venues including rivers and busy day ticket complexes. They talk about the choice of particles they have used at various times of year and how this impacts on fish feeding. They both also talk about the effect this has on hookbait selection as well as rig choice in a fishing situation.The pair then go on to talk about how they developed and built a purposed made additional Nashbait particle factory to produce the new particle range. They talk about what sets NashBait particles apart and how the complementing liquids are something hugely unique and exciting to the bait world.If you wanted to brush up on your particle fishing, take a look at the new particle range or get an insight into the advancements in NashBait by two of the greatest bait boffins out there then this podcast is certainly for you. An incredible amount of experience, expertise and knowledge runs throughout all of this podcast and its sure to all combine to help put more fish in your net.
01/05/221h 29m

Rob Hales - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 78

This week the podcast welcomes Midlands based seasoned big carp angler and RH Fisheries owner Rob Hayles.Rob maybe known more now for his fisheries, fish farming and imported strains of big carp however he has very much been involved in fishing some of the most prestigious waters in the UK over the past few decades including the likes of Patshull church pool, Saavay and Harefield to name but a few. He has also mixed with a number of the carp fishing elite including a close relationship with one Kevin Maddocks.There has always been a passion for foreign fishing adventures and to this day Rob still plans a couple of trips abroad to special venues. He’s fortunate enough to have fished the likes of Cassein, Salegou and Rainbow for many years and has been incredibly successful capturing 60lbers from Cassein as well as the first ever 90lber from Rainbow. He talks about a number of funny trips and incidents when fishing these venues with Des Taylor back in the good old days and how he approaches these waters now.Working in his family business (Red Bear toy company) under his dad Rob talks about the decision behind him leaving this incredible successful career in order to carve his own path in fishery/fishery management and fish farming with his own lakes.Rob is now a renowned fishery owner with an incredible portfolio of lakes holding an incredible number of big carp all of which he has now bred and reared himself.  Rob has made no secret of him importing carp from Israeli, Hungarian and Croatian strains in his attempt to see if they could reach the same size potential as they do in Europe. Rob talks about how the opinions on his fish being classed as “wrong uns” by a few effect him and also how the “BIG RIG” 69lb capture from Tom Doherty and subsequent British Record claim saga played out.  Onto more recent times Rob talks about developing his fisheries including his new fishery The Mere and RH Baits in his continued unrelenting quest to produce the very best fisheries for today’s anglers as he can.Rob is incredible passionate about carp; he also is equally passionate about business and also making the average working man with limited time dreams come true on his fisheries. He is hugely open and honest in this podcast and doesn’t shy away from his opinions. You can certainly see why he has been so successful and has certainly played a huge role in carp fishing history especially in the midlands with a legacy that will live on long into the future.
24/04/221h 52m

Sam Toro - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 77

This week joining Hassan is one of the North Wests most understated but deadly big carp catchers and a man who has put northern carp fishing history in print with the recent release of “The Northern Chapters”, the podcast welcomes Sam Toro.Sam being born and bred in Salford has spent the majority of his angling life targeting the largest carp in the north west. The northern big carp scene is very different when compared to the sheer abundance of waters and big fish that are present in the south. Sam talks about the northern “circuit” waters and how the whole scene is different to the south.The Manchester Park Lake has been a place that Sam started his big carp exploits and has continually drawn him back. He shares stories about how on a very tricky venue his experimentation and tactical changes allowed him to capture “Mr Angry” a real significant North West history carp on two occasions. He also talks about the park lake goings on and the fish that have evaded his capture on the venue.Moving onto The Dear Park Sam talks about his spells “guesting” this infamous water on his hunt for an ultra-special pair of fish namely The Barrel and Jim’s Fish both of which where over 40lbs. The venue is filled with no fishing zones, rangers patrolling and with a huge expanse of water that the fish could reside in, it’s a place even the most hardened of carp anglers could spend the rest of their lives on trying to capture these fish. The events and incredible capture of Jim’s fish is a story to behold and Sam shares this in such a poetic eloquent way its sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.Sam talks through other significant captures in his angling such as the capture of a big leather from “The deep Hole” lake and fishing Pennington Flash which is at over 170n acres a pretty daunting prospect. There’s more than a few twists, turns, funny goings on and incredible manoeuvres that occur along the way that will leave you with a great appreciation as to how hard the northern scene can be and to how devoted and determined an angler Sam is. So overcome by his quest for these special carp it has even cost Sam a marriage which he also discusses.Sam talks about the other huge influences and loves in his life which are music which forms his full time job and also the compilation of the book “The Northern Chapters” with the help of Gaz Fareham and the anglers that submitted chapters.Finally, Sam talks about his chapters travelling down south to fish including his capture of The Big Plated from Linear Fisheries St Johns as well as his current choice of water the mighty Burghfield. Sam is an incredible humble, driven angler with a real passion for his roots in the north west. He doesn’t crave fame or recognition but enjoys taking on what most would consider frankly crazy big carp targets on limited time. 
17/04/223h 7m

Ali Hamidi - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 76

This week joining Hassan has cemented his place in carp fishing history, from putting fishing on TV through to transforming media within the industry and catching incredible carp both home and abroad along the way it’s none other then “One More Cast” Ali Hamidi.It was surreal and a privilege to have Ali over at Nash HQ and to sit him down and explore the man behind the myth. A huge amount (if not all) of Ali’s angling exploits have been documented over the years and this podcast pays homage to his standout chapters on the bank, however the main focus is about what makes Ali tick, why he chose to leave Korda, his secrets to success and what drives him moving forward.Starting with Ali’s childhood in the warzone of the Iran Iraq war he talks about family and him moving to England. He talks about his introduction to fishing and also dealing with challenging aspects of adjusting to life in the UK especially. Ali goes on to describe his early angling exploits in Essex on venues such as Layer Pits.Pursuing his media career moving up north to university in Cheshire Ali talks fondly about his time immersing himself on the northern carp scene in amongst the like of Frank Warwick and Gaz Fareham. At this time Ali also found himself fishing the historic Redsmere and how writing a chapter on silty meers led to him being published in Carp World. Ali then goes onto explain how via work experience at Sky Sports and a brief very successful spell within another industry lead him to get the job as head of marketing at Korda. He talks about his time at Korda both behind the rods and in the office as well as his relationship with other members of the team. He also talks about the changes he made with regards to media which have shaped a lot of what we see now from media within angling.The decision of Ali to leave Korda a year or so ago sent shockwaves across the angling industry and community that’s for sure. Ali talks in detail about this and his aspirations with regards to his new company One More Cast. He openly talks about his start at OMC with regards to Bobby Zamora, Ray Kelvin, Nic Warner and The Grand Fishing Adventure to name but a few. The reality and challenges of starting a new business as well as Ali’s incredible drive and work ethic are highlighted in this section also.Finally, Ali talks about his future aspirations and what drives him. Ali is an incredibly driven, humble and knowledgeable man with an unrivalled passion for fishing and the promotion of the sport on a wider level. He has always remembered his roots and those that have helped him every step of the way and despite being so successful he never takes anything or anyone for granted. This podcast in a very open, honest and frank depiction of the man himself.
10/04/222h 36m

Garth Ethelston - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 75

This week joining Hassan is a man who has been a huge part of the fishing industry for over 20 years. He’s a very modest understated man who has caught incredible fish from rivers and lakes across the UK both back in the “good old days” and he’s still out there doing it today! Now an integral part of Blakes Baits it’s the one and only Garth Ethelston.Garth is somewhat of a “secret squirrel” with a huge catalogue of incredible carp captures from iconic history waters such as Horton back in the 1990s through to modern day non publicity waters. He also has a huge number of funny tales about the great and good of carp fishing who he’s shared the bank and worked with over the years. In the podcast he finally speak about it all.Starting with his days fishing around Derbyshire where he was born, he talks about discovering carp fishing with his brother as well as his ever present love affair with river fishing, a passion which he takes with him onto the Thames where he targets the chub and barbel now.Garth talks about Horton and how this became a huge influence on him and how he found himself on there doing work experience as a schoolboy. During his years spent on there whilst doing his university degree he talks about his angling and the infamous great anglers he met on there as well as the crazy times down the local pub. He talks about the sadness of the big fish kill and how he fished the lake after this managing to catch iconic carp including shoulders.Garth continued his angling quests under the influence of Ian Russell who he met and befriended him on the Horton Complex. Garth shares a number of stories about the more “interesting” antics the pair go up to as they fished Summerleaze and Fox pool together post Horton. Garth also accredits a huge amount to Ian in terms of him influencing his angling and getting him into the fishing industry as a career.Garth talks about his more modern angling and why he has chosen to go down the non-publicity water route. He does share an awesome chapter on the North Herts Club water which lead to him capturing some incredible carp whilst suffering from a heart condition which required three separate surgeries to fix.Finally, Garth talks about his career from his early days at Gardner, DHP, Korda and now his work at Blakes Baits. He talks about his life, the future his passion for the river and how he splits his precious time between carp fishing and the river. Gareth is a brilliant storyteller, such a humble and well respected bloke (rightly so) and this podcast has everything you could want in terms of humour, history, mega carp and everything in between.
03/04/223h 7m

Oz Holness - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 74

This week’s guest is one of the finest, most driven big carp anglers that have ever cast a rod and he’s an incredible storyteller to boot, it’s none other than former British Carp Record holder Oz Holness.When it comes to Oz there’s one thing that sets him apart from allot of other anglers and is undoubtably the reason for such an incredible host of big special carp captures over the years and that is his mindset.He talks about exactly what mindset is for him, what it means in an angling sense and being in the fire service for over twenty years shaped this. He talks about “wanting it” which meant that despite a missus and a full time job he would ensure that he visited the lake as much as possible even if it was just to look at the water for an hour and not fish. Over his career he has captures some truly awe inspiring jaw dropping carp form venues big and small. Oz shares his thoughts on bait, rigs, spots, watercraft and his fishing on limited time.The real stand out jewels in the crown of Oz’s captures have to be the Burghfield Common as well as the British Record at the time in the shape of Two Tone from Conningbrooke. He talks in incredible details about the lead up to these captures and exactly what it took for him to achieve these goals despite working full time.Being a Kent local for all his life Oz also talks about his friendships with other anglers such as Paul Forward and Si bater who helped him developed as an angler and see that nothing was impossible. He recalls the capture of three incredible full scaled mirrors from Kent off the back of him applying himself to the lake where these fish resided.Finally, Oz talks openly about his future and what still drives him to target the most tough, sort after special carp out there despite the changes that have been seen over the years in angling. This podcast is a true insight into the very elite of carp anglers and shows first-hand the passion, sacrifice and believe it take to capture these super special creatures but by the same token how this can very much be done by the average working man as Oz has shown time and time again.
27/03/224h 14m

Jamie Bellhouse "Brother Carp" - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 73

This week joining Hassan is Nash Tackle consultant, Mr “Brother Carp” Jamie Bellhouse.Jamie is one very busy bloke with three different business that he currently manages in very different fields. From medical device consultancy through to his popular YouTube channel/brands “Brother Carp” and “The Reel Nomads” Jamie explains how he manages his life and career and this has facilitated his dream of being able to pursue his passion for travel and fishing.In terms of his carp fishing background and development in the UK Jamie talks about his influences and his journey discovering carp fishing around Hampshire and later the historic mecca of carp fishing that is the Colne Valley. Jamie talk through significant campaigns and captures on The Bridgewater Canal, as well as Hollybush and other lakes over his formative carp fishing years. On to his relationship with Nash Tackle and producing content in the form of videography and photography in fishing, Jamie talks about how and why he started his career and some of the amazing places it’s taken him to. From the Alps through to numerous French pay lakes Jamie talks through the adventures he’s had and the amazing carp he’s caught along the way.Finally, Jamie talks about his future aspirations and visions for both producing his YouTube fishing content as well as travel. Jamie is a hard working, talented angler who has to be admired having craved his own path to create a lifestyle which is one that any angler would dream to have.
20/03/222h 38m

John Bailey - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 72

This week joining Hassan is a proper all round specimen hunter who has achieved so much in and around fishing over the course of his life. Its none other then author, TV star, angling guide, photographer, radio host and all round fishing oracle John Bailey.John has a caught everything you could possibly dream of both home and abroad and has an incredible hugely envious set of PB’s however he describes his love of carp and how his carp fishing progressed from 1970’s/80’s when he started fishing for them by design. The words magic and mystery are what drew John to target carp and his angling progressed along with such advancements as the development of the hair rig. He share stories about notable captures of significant carp around the Norfolk area and how he like to target and pursue carp in this modern age. He also shares his opinions on the modern carp scene and why he doesn’t choose to fish a lot of modern venues.John reminisces about his time in Norfolk including his relationship with legendary angler John Wilson. He talks about the influence of John and how it made him a true multispecies specimen hunter. In the 1990’s he was obsessed with the unbelievable big roach fishing on the Norfolk river system especially the Wensum valley. He shares his opinions on why this is no more as well as how this resulted in him moving away from his beloved Norfolk home. He also talks about his experiences with otters and the changes in the river via predation.When it comes to foreign adventures John has been fortunate to have many pioneering trips for exotic species choosing to travel a path pre internet where information was very limited. He talks about his Mahseer fishing in India as well as his Taimen Mongolian adventures, these adventures also coincided with his TV career starting as these trips where documented.Finally, John talks about his career book writing with over 50 books to his name and accounting as well as his work on Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing. He also hints to future projects and what keeps him motivated in fishing including his guiding and his own sense of ambition. Being a clearly intelligent man John talks about despite more financially better directions he was always destined to pursue a career in fishing.John is an incredible, articulate and talented man who has lived an incredible life within fishing. He has such a burning passion for the sport which has always driven him and continues to be as prominent as ever despite him achieving so much.
13/03/222h 45m

Elliott Gray - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 71

This week joining Hassan in the podcast studio is Cypography’s main man Elliott Gray!Elliott is well known and respected throughout the industry for his incredible achievements both working within the industry as well as his big carp “target” style fishing.In terms of Elliott’s style of fishing he talks about his early experiences and how his background shaped the style of angling he enjoys and has become synonymous with. He talks about how targeting individual carp is what gives him the greatest buzz and goes into details about how he does this all the way from identifying a target through to baiting and rigs. Elliott also shares how these thoughts have been developed over the years and into the modern age where he like to consider not only his quarry but also competing and being different to other anglers fishing the same venues, an outlook which has brought him very successful returns. In very recent times he talks about how success on his local series of Essex club waters has meant him having to look further afield for targets and how this has meant a slight lull in his own angling.  For Elliot his own angling is always kept very private and out of the media in an age where being able to protect what you have going is very important on a venue.Elliot is open an honest about his career from getting into Korda and ultimately a very big decision to go it alone and form Cypography. His mindset, talent and creativity towards media and fishing has meant that Cypography was destined for big things. Elliott talks about his perfectionist/OCD nature and how this marries with the likes of Richard Stewart and Mike Bridger who he works with. He also shares his insight into the future of Cypography and his thought on other subscription based competitors out there. There’s a host of funny stories along the way including tales of Jim Shelley, Ritchie MacDonald and many more.Elliot is a very intelligent, hardworking man who has craved his own way according to chasing exactly what he wanted throughout his whole life. His keen eye and meticulous nature has brought him success on and off the bank and will continue to do so, this podcast shows the values of trusting yourself and committing 100% to what you believe in.
06/03/223h 16m

Tom Gibson - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 70

This weeks’ guest is Sticky Baits media man and all round likeable northern bloke Tom Gibson.Tom has achieved a great deal in a relatively short period of time working within the industry. He has also caught a number of quality carp from his carp fishing escapades. He’s very much a man who knows his own mind and is incredible driven and passionate about carp fishing and everything that it entails.Starting with his years developing his carp fishing on Millfield Pool, Tom discusses significant moments and captures that led to the carp buzz really taking hold. In his late teens Tom’s career was a long way from tom carp fishing media man in fact he was working his way up the later in the construction industry. This career choice left him time to fish but due to his mindset and attention to detail it also meant he climbed the ladder quickly and time for angling reduced as his responsibilities at work increased.Tom talks about his angling on subsequent venues over the years including Erics Willows where he fished rather an eventful and very humours session with host Hassan. Tom also recalls a hugely successful campaign on a Cambridge syndicate lake where he took to using a rowboat to find spot for the first time in his angling. Unfortunately, the end of his time wasn’t so pleasant as politics and “the green eyed monster” led to his early exit on there. Finally, Tom discusses his time fishing on Girton and also his European adventurers with Sticky Baits boss Tom Anderson. He also talks about his thirst for more European angling adventures in the future.A pivotal moment for Tom was when he left a lucrative job in construction and his girlfriend at the time to change his life and enter the fishing industry with Trakker/Cipher. This was all in the pursuit of his own happiness. He talks about how his career has progressed and how he came to be at Sticky Baits. Tom is frank about the realities of working in the industry and what that has meant for him and his fishing. He is very humble and always creates the team of people around him and those who have supported him in various ways through his journey in the industry.Tom is an incredibly focus man who knows what makes him happy and what he wants to do. He has huge vision and ambition and has created a niche in a very competitive industry where he can thrive. This podcast is a fascinating look inside the mind of the man himself.
27/02/222h 47m

Ian "Chilly" Chillcott - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 69

This week the podcast welcomes a truly inspirational man and iconic carp angler in the shape of the lovable character that is Ina “Chilly” Chillcott.WARNING! This podcast is a real emotional roller-coaster so be prepared for tears as well as plenty of laughter and epic story telling! Chilly takes us all the way back to his paratrooper days sharing funny stories and describing how he even from frankly scary young aged always wanted to jump from the sky. His para days took him all over the world into various hostile environments and in contact with some pretty menacing characters but throughout it all his love for fishing and carp angling in particular blossomed.Moving onto his incredible “early days” carp angling exploits on the likes of Horton, Yateley Car Park Lake, Wraysbury and Farriers to name but a few, which include the captures of infamous carp such as “Jack The Net Ripper”, “The Dustbin” and a host of epic big commons. Chilly shares his experiences in terms of his angling and how his friendships blossomed with fellow anglers such as Dave Lane etc. His success in his angling also led him to contribute to written angling media a lot as well as him being involved working in the industry with Fox International. Chilly talks openly about how his angling progressed overtime and how his involvement within the trade change up until one faithful day where his life changed.The life changing event was the discovery of a life threatening brain tumour. He describes in a raw unedited way how he came to undergo and pull through a very intense surgery and how his recovery has changed him as a person as well as his angling. It’s a truly inspirational and confronting tale of how incredible the human mind came be but also how fragile life is. Throughout it all Chilly has always had angling to “Light His Fire” and this fire is burning away brighter than ever as he continues to chase his carp fishing dreams.Chilly rounds of his podcast by thanking significant people who have helped him recover as well as talking about his prognosis for his future and what that looks like with a very surprising but exciting development.There’s one thing for sure you cannot fail but to truly admire the man, despite everything he has battled and continues to fight his drive, determination and shear stubbornness combined with his love for carp fishing means that he is still out there catching incredible carp and will continue to do so for as long as he can!
20/02/223h 33m

Sean Leverett - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 68

This week joining Hassan is a true big carp target angler, former Nash angler and now Proper Carp Baits boss it&aposs Sean Leverett.Sean has caught an awful lot of the most iconic carp to have ever swam in our waters over the 90’s and early 2000’s. He has always thrown himself one hundred percent into his work and his angling but has very much tried to stay out of the limelight. In this podcast he discusses some incredible captures as well as how carp angling and the sacrifices he’s made to pursue the very best carp in the land.Starting in the early 90’s Sean talks through his captures on the infamous Essex waters of Star Lane, The Essex manor and Cleverly Mere. His captures of fish such as The Annie, Northern Lin, Spike and Hendrix from these waters were a prelude to how his natural ability as an angler and his mindset would lead to more incredible results in the future.Sean talks about how his work has changed over the course of his life. From setting up his own successful plumbing business through to starting up Proper carp baits with friend and partner Jon Mac. In the interim period Sean took a year to go full time and concentrate on his fishing after selling his plumbing business, let’s just say he may have been too successful in this time as he captured his target fish such as The fat lady from St Ives in record time. This led to his obsession with carp angling growing so strong that it cost him a marriage and ultimately five years of his life in full time pursuit of big carp.Reminiscing about his time with Nash, Sean talks about how much faith he had in Scopex Squid and also his relationship with Kevin Nash. Over thirteen years with Nash he had seen a lot of the developments over that time including Alan Blairs arrival to Nash. He talks about a particular session on Church where he was very successful and due to his camera shy nature had to tell a few tales to ensure Kevin didn’t sound a camera crew down to film him.Moving on from Nash Sean talks about his more recent angling with Sticky baits from 2011-2016. In this time, he set his sights on the ultimate prize of The Black Mirror from the Mere only to discover it dead on his very first session. Sean talks about success he had on various RK leisure waters until ultimately on Cassein he realised he wanted to take his future a different way and came out of full time angling to pursue his bait business.Sean talks about his health and future goals as ultimately, he hasn’t been fishing for over three years, but the desire, drive and mindset is there for a return in the not too distant future hopefully. Sean is an incredible example of how ability is nothing without mindset and hard work. He is brutally honest and understanded in this podcast and there’s one thing for sure, if I were a carp, I would want him to set his sights on catching me as time has shown it will only end up one way!
13/02/223h 22m

Richard Stewart - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 67

This week joining Hassan is Cypography’s superstar cameraman  Richard Stewart. Not only is he one of the very best videographers in the game and a connoisseur of carp fishing history but he’s a man who’s own fishing has been kept relatively quiet until now!Rich talks about his own fishing starting with his humble beginnings in the north west where he was taught to fish by “Bill”: a gentleman who was a member of the not commonly known about ultra carpy “Golden Scale Club” founded by Chris Yates. He moves on to talk about special venues which he fished as he moved through his University years. The thirst for carp fishing history was already a huge point of interest for Richard and this has never left him to this day, making him one of the most knowledgeable “carp fishing geeks” (in his own words) to date.Moving on to the start of his career in the industry and Rich talks about his years at DHP in the glory years of Total Carp magazine and Advanced Carp magazine which he went on to become Editor of. During this time Rich talks about many found memories including features with the like of Steve Renyard, James Armstrong, Elliot Grey and Jim Shelley. This section rounds of with him taking about a few significant captures whilst managing to flick the rods out during features and how this led to his work with Korda and then in more recent times Cypography with Elliot.Rich talks about his own angling and his choice of carp that he angles for. A lot of his fishing has been based around no publicity waters where he can fish in the essence of what carp fishing is for him personally. Rich talks about how his own life and family priorities gives him one night a week to target these waters which hold very special carp. There’s a brief talk about rigs and general thoughts about the modern day carp fishing scene and where its heading.The final section of the podcast Rich talks openly about Cypography and how in an increasingly busy marketplace what the future holds for him. From the start of Cypography and his decision to go it alone through to what particular parts he has enjoyed the most. He has been fortunate to work with some of the real icons, characters and seen some of the finest fish in the land in the flesh. One thing is for sure Rich is a man with an incredibly creative and intellectual mind who is a wealth of information. He very much lives and works on his terms and has reached the top of his game by following his nose and reacting to things, working hard and letting his talent speak for itself. There is an incredible depth to Richard and often he’s chosen to keep a lot of this in the shadows behind the camera, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this rare look into the man that is Richard Stewart and what makes him tick
06/02/222h 21m

Marc Voosen - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 66

Joining Hassan on the podcast this week is Nash Tackles very own Marc Voosen. Marc combines Hollywood looks, incredible big carp catching both in his native Germany and abroad as well as a wealth of information and expertise in carp fishing for example his work with “Pinpoint” hook sharpening which is integrated into our own Nash Pinpoint hooks.Marc starts by giving context to the German carp fishing scene including how the UK scene has influenced its formation. He talks about the history of how carp came to be stocked, the nature and development of the lakes and how fishing is controlled by incredibly strict licencing in Germany. He also gives insight into the difference in fishing laws in German compared to England where it is “illegal” to release a big carp, let’s just say there’s a bit of a culture shock here for UK anglers.Marc goes on to talk about his fishing development and how he came to find himself on one of the most prestigious and incredibly hard low stock 160 acres lakes in Germany. He spent for years chasing three 30kg+ carp and let’s just say (without spoiling the unbelievable story) it was an incredible eventful time he spent on there. It was also a time where he was completely captivated by the fishing, learning a great deal but ultimately also sacrificing a great deal professionally and personally. He then goes onto to speak about the fishing on there was so special that now his priorities have changed in terms of what he likes from his own fishing.During his time fishing hard at the top end of the German scene Marc formed Pinpoint hooks. He sharpen hooks both by hand and later machine for some of the leading names in carp fishing before his business became so popular it couldn’t be maintained by him. In stepped Kevin Nash and Alan Blair and a deal was made for him to partner up with Nash in the form of the Pinpoint Nash Hook Range. Marc talks about the impact and still to this day overwhelming friendship he has for Nash and how now being in charge of Nash Germany how he see both his and the company’s future.In a final section Marc talks about his thoughts on the UK carp scene having fishing Bluebell lakes and at Angling Projects. He compares what his German fishing is like and how if given the opportunity he would like to work on certain more UK aspects of his angling. Marc is incredibly charismatic, intelligent and speaks with so much heart and passion that we know you can fail but to be captivated by this podcast.
30/01/223h 33m

Martin Symonds - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 65

This weeks’ podcast guest is Martin Symonds. Now Martin may not be a household big carp catching name, but he is a man who coupled with his father Norman has shaped the landscape of carp fishing to the industry we see today.How? You might ask, well back in 1960’s Norman brought and formed the first commercial day ticket carp fishing lake “Waveney Valley Lakes” a complex which couple with his importation/stocking of carp from Europe was the mecca of carp fishing at the time attracting anglers such as Rod Hutchinson, Lenny Middleton, Kevin Maddocks, Jack Hilton,  Peter Regan, Jeremy Wade and in later years Kevin Nash and John Wilson to name but a few. The lake at the time boasted a number of 20lb+ and even 30lb+ carp spread over its six lakes which at the time was far more than all the other venues in the UK could offer put together. Martin talks about the development of the complex, his father’s vision and legacy as well as the advancements that were made in the importation and rearing of carp. He also covers his experiences fishing with the big names of the time, revolutionary carp fishing developments such as the hair rig came to be used on the complex and ultimately what lead to the site being sold in 1980’s. Keep your ears peeled for Martin also sharing a story about his capture at 13 years of age of a 45lb+ carp that would have claimed the British Record and why this never came to be.Martin talks in depth about his own life and how he, much like his father carved his own path. To stay Martin has had a “colourful” life would be an understatement. There’s everything from hitchhiking around Canada and The USA which lead to him training with Chuck Norris to him living in Japan and becoming a very successful Koi carp farmer and now buyer. Indeed, Martins Koi business is to this very day incredibly successful with him helping many stars/rich and famous select the very best Koi to be exported all over the world. He’s a gentleman who’s full of character, charisma and knowledge as his career in fish farming, fishery management and general entrepreneurship shows.After the success at Waveney the family bought Homersfield lake which from a site of utter ruin has become one of the top waters in the country boasting huge carp, catfish, roach and tench. Martin discusses the stocking of this lake from its conception and how a lot of subsequent stock derived from the European fish they imported before importing fish was banned had been spread around venues far and wide across the UK. Indeed, generations later a lot of fish that are caught are no doubt derived from fish that came courtesy of Martin and his father’s work. Nowadays the venue is home to Martin and his family after his fathers passing but its sure to say his father’s legacy, hard work and vision lives on to this very day and testament to him carp fishing owes him a great deal. This is a fascinating look at the background of carp fishing not from just an angling perspective but the formation of a model that fisheries follow to this day.
23/01/222h 9m

Frank Warwick - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 64

This week Hassan meets up with one of carp fishing’s true mavericks, a man who has an incredible carp fishing mind and a larger then life character too boot, its’ none other then legendary northern carp angler Frank Warwick.A huge amount of Franks angling exploits over the decades have been published in the media via various videos, articles and even podcasts. In fact a large amount of Franks experimentation with bait and rigs has led to developments that feature in our everyday modern carp fishing. In order to bring something fresh to the table and to help put across the incredible unique thinking that Frank has when it comes to carp fishing this podcast looks at the key themes .Starting with bait Frank talks about a whole multitude of things from buoyancy, liquids, colour, hemp and worm fishing to name but a few. Frank talks through how bait has been a major factor in his success from fishing fluros at Redsmere in the 1980’s through to catching on his local Cheshire syndicate this winter. There’s a particularly detailed account of how Frank used the method feeder with an “active” mix to great effect on Acton Burnell.Onto rigs and techniques and Franks talks about his success and experimentation in time between recasting rods on various waters. There’s an in depth look at zig rig fishing and surface fishing at night on Bluebells as well as catching huge continental carp at Rainbow on zigs as well. Frank talks about his “shot on the hook” rig, the chod rig and his longshank rig and why he has refined these presentations over the years.This podcast is a true deep dive into the mind of one of the greatest carp anglers of his generation who is still catching carp to this very day. Make sure you have a note pad ready as there’s more than a few key “gems” that will help you put more fish in your landing net.
16/01/223h 9m

Oli Davies Woolpack Campaign - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 63

his week the podcast sees the return of Mr Half-A-Wrap the one and only Oli Davies.Oli has had a hugely successful campaign on the infamously difficult Woolpack Lakes 5 & 6 over the previous season. This campaign was the subject of a two part video series on Nash Tv all about how Oli went about targeting the special old English carp that live in the waters of the Woolpack. This podcast goes into even more detail on how he was so successful in such a short period of time on the venue.Oli takes about why he found himself on the complex and fully admits to at first not knowing much about the stock. From a tricky start with floods and generally not being able to fish regularly he soon built up a picture of the lake with as always fish location being top of his list.With his trusty Nash Bushwhacker baiting pole in hand Oli explains how he located carp and presented the perfect combination of rig, bait and hookbait to them right where they wanted it, and this soon led to incredible success in the form of two ancient A Team common carp.Oli success and confidence grew and soon the thought to be ultra-tricky spooky carp where giving him bites within seconds of him deploying the Bushwhacker in some cases, even before he could shut the bail arm. Oli talks about how he had to change things to keep bites coming but keep coming they did! Ultimately the fish he wanted “The Carving” ended up in his net which signified the end of his time on there, even if maybe the lure of the other lakes and fish on the complex draw him back.This is an incredible insight as to just how focused Oli is in his pursuit of carp, it also shows that he has his carp fishing priorities in order and doesn’t get bogged down with particulars. It’s fair to say Oli is a carp catching machine wherever he goes, but despite not targeting specific carp Oli’s natural angling ability shines through and the proof as they say is in the pudding. Incredible angling as always Oli.
09/01/221h 31m

Jake Wildbore - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 62

This week Hassan joins one of Leicester’s finest and one half of a hugely successful pair of carp fishing industry brothers, Jake Wildbore.Jake has pretty much done it all despite his young age. From representing your country to working in the industry and catching some incredibly sought after carp both home and abroad, Jake in his understated hard working way has achieved an awful lot.Looking back at his early years Jake talks about him and his brother discovering Linear, Linch Hill and Horseshoe lake and how these venues developed their carp fishing. Along the way there’s recollections of awesome captures, funny moments and developing their own presence in the carp scene which ultimately lead to them testing themselves in matches. Despite an apparent lack of real effort, they were hugely successful and soon represented Carp Team England.Jake goes onto talk about his international fishing exploits teaming up with his brother fishing thirty two foot fixed zig rigs in one particular World Championships. This is a real eye opener as to how things actually played out in these events and how cruel the media had been when things didn’t go to plan for them. Over the course of their international match fishing career Jake is very proud of having a silver medal to his name, even if they were told they had won the competition before the official scoring came out. This section is a fascinating look at the very top end of international carp match fishing.From working twelve hours a week to working in media and now sales within the fishing industry, Jake career path has been on a huge upwards trajectory since finding his place working in the industry. He recalls found memories and funny stories of his time at various other brands as well as why he chose to leave his previous role to pastures new.Jake talks in-depth about his angling and how his style has changed from day ticket to big fish style venues such as Irchester and Elstow. Wherever Jake has cast a line, success has followed, and he looks back at success on a huge variety of venues including Cassein, Belgium Canal, French public lakes and domestically on venues such as Walthamstow Reservoir.In the final section Jakes talks about his opinions on the fishing industry, his future and what he wants to achieve. There’s one thing for sure there’s more than a few laughs in this podcast and you’ll be sure to see that despite all his success Jake s feet are firmly on the ground and he doesn’t take himself too seriously.
02/01/222h 20m

Jim Shelley - Rig Thoughts - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 61

We have a Christmas Day present for all of you in the shape of one of the finest ever big carp anglers ever, it’s the return of none other than Jim Shelley.In this podcast Jim talks in depth and openly about his rigs. Jim has caught endless amounts of incredible, special and tricky carp over the course of his angling and he now shares details of his experience and how that has shaped his rig choice.We all know how Jim has torn venues apart using his version of the chod rig. Jim talks and shows (on YouTube version of the podcast) you exactly how he ties his hugely successful version of the rig. He talks also about how he arrived at the presentation, his memorable captures using it and the scenarios in which he uses it. Regardless of if you are new to carp fishing or a seasoned campaigner everyone can take away something to add to their armoury from “The Chod Farther” himself.Moving onto fishing bottom baits (or the darkside as Jim terms it) Jim reveals his presentation which has been incredible successful for him over the past two seasons. The rig is known as his “Bungee Darkside Rig” and features and elasticated element via Nash Trigger Link which is something that helps trip up those clued up old carp which often pick up and eject our rigs. Jim talks and once again demonstrates (on the YouTube version of this podcast) how to tie this rig and offers his opinion on bottom bait fishing and baiting scenarios. On top of all this Jim also talks about a few more of his edges when it comes to carp fishing including hook sharpening as well as a few other thoughts that he probably wish he didn’t make public!This podcast is an incredible detailed exploration into the mind of a man who is at the very top of the big carp game. He has over forty years’ experience catching the very crème del la crème of old English carp and there’s simply is no substitute what he has experienced and learnt over the years. As ever with Jim there is an incredible about of honesty, humour and no shying away from what he believes in, we wouldn’t want it any other way! Get your note pad at the ready and learn from the master.
25/12/211h 52m

Christmas Special 2021 - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 60

It’s that time of the year again! This week’s podcast is the Nash Christmas Special 2021!In the studio with Hassan, we have Kevin, Alan, Oli, Henry, Dan, Alfie, Tom and Reedy all spreading their own Christmas cheers and reminiscing about the highs, lows and madness that has been the past year.In now customary Nash style there’s loads of banter, funny stories and general feel good festive party vibes throughout it all as well as more than a few exclusives that I’m sure shouldn’t have been let out of the bag.On behalf of all at Nash tackle we’d like to say a huge thank you for your support over the year and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Sit back and enjoy!
19/12/212h 44m

Des Taylor - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 59

This week the podcast welcomes one of the angling worlds true characters, West Midlands finest all round angler, the one and only Des Taylor.Des is a true specimen hunter setting his sights on all manner of species both home and abroad over his incredible 50+ year angling career (and counting)Des talks in depth about his carp fishing including filming and iconic and influential DVD on the famous Cuttle Mill Fishery forty years ago which proved to be way ahead of its time. He also talks about his fishing on various Shropshire waters including RH Fisheries waters. To round off the carp fishing section Des shares some incredible stories and equally impressive captures of carp to over 70lb from Cassein and Rainbow in France.Not content with just carp Des talks about his multispecies exploits both fishing for specimen barbel, perch and chub (to name but a few) in this country and targeting Mekong Catfish, Sturgeon, Marlin and a multitude of other bucket list species all over the world. The pinnacle of this is when Des talks about his capture of a 1000lb+ Great White Shark in South Africa.In classic Des style he talks in depth about his opinions on modern day fishing and his development and career in angling media. He shares his passion for writing and how he want to write a number of books but at present fishing takes priority. He talks about social media and how he’s embraced Facebook lives with his group as well as his thoughts about the future of angling. Des also talks about how his role within the sport has changed and how he now runs a hugely successful guiding business where his clients benefit from all his wisdom and experience.This podcast is packed with truth, rawness, humour and quiet simply incredible stories from an incredible man who has lived (and continues to) an incredible life fishing for and catching species most can only dream of. There’s one thing for sure his passion for angling has never wavered and the next two hours is sure to have you captivated.
12/12/212h 11m

Winter Carp Fishing with Alan Blair & Oli Davies - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 58

This week in the studio we have the EuroBanx Nash “dream team” of Alan Blair and Oli Davies who are sharing their wisdom and experience of winter fishing.Winter can often be a time where anglers catch rate drops and with it does the motivation to carry on angling through the winter, that’s of course if the rods aren’t already hung up until the spring. Winter can be an incredible, enjoyable and prolific time to be out on the bank carp fishing. In this podcast two of the best in the business talk you through how to approach your winter fishing to keep those indicators dancing.Alan and Oli share their winter fishing tips including location, bait, tackle, tactics and much more. They also talk about significant captures they themselves have experienced during the winter where the banks have been quieter, and they been able to catch some incredible winter carp.If you are thinking about fishing through the winter or you are out there and your catch rate has dropped or maybe you just want to put some of the tips from these to carp fishing superstars into you own angling, then this podcast is the one for you. Alan and Oli make sense of approaching your winter fishing and give you a great blueprint to ensure that you are rewarded for your winter efforts on the bank and aren’t sat at home missing out on the action.
05/12/211h 2m

Julian Cundiff - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 57

This week we welcome long standing Nash angler, former legal “big wig” and one of the busiest and most helpful men in carp fishing, none other than Julian Cundiff.Julian takes us back to his formative carp fishing days where he was noticed after submitting an article to Tim Paisley and given the nickname “The Selby Flyer”. This nickname was fitting of Julian’s incredible work ethic which runs the course of his whole life but was evident in his carp catching exploits in his early years on northern venues such as Tilery and Drax. Julian talks about his writing and becoming co-editor of carp Fisher working alongside Tim paisley, a role in which he mixed with the founding fathers of carp fishing such as Rod Hutchinson, Kevin Maddocks and in later years Kevin Nash. Julian gives an insight into his writing journal which is still to this day seeing him in print and at present he is working on another book to be released next year. Back to fishing and Julian shares stories about how he balanced a thirty eight year long career in the courts with his carp fishing. In the early years this cost him relationships and friendships but his passion for carp fishing and hard work were always paramount to him in terms of importance. He talks about his overnighters and successfully adapting an approach over the years including his infamous “Claw Rig” that work perfectly for his short session style of fishing. He also talks about his UK personal best of 49lb 6oz caught from Nash Church Lake and how despite him now being retired and having the time, chasing a bigger carp isn’t of interest to him. Julian goes in depth on his relationship with Kevin Nash and Nash tackle which goes back to 1989.Finally, Julian talks about his healthy lifestyle, love for music and what keep him motivated in his angling now. He also shares his opinions on modern carp fishing media and why you don’t see him appearing on video. This podcast is an incredibly interesting and frank look at a man who is a real piece of carp fishing history. They certainly don’t make men and characters like Julian anymore so sit back and enjoy a look into the minds eye of our very own “Jules”
28/11/212h 1m

Daniel & Lewis Daneshi (Reel Fishing UK) - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 56

This week the podcast welcomes a pair of carp fishing brothers who are not only incredible hauling machines both on their home waters and abroad but they also have a real passion for sharing their knowledge via their successful YouTube channel Reel Fishing UK, it’s Lewis and Daniel Daneshi.Daniel and Lewis maybe best known for their time fishing Farlows. They have regularly fished this local (to them) venue and over the years have developed and incredible understanding of the lake resulting in last session them capturing and incredible amount of the lakes stock and only doing two nights all year! They talk about their findings on the complex over the years and how they approach fishing on there. If you plan to visit this historic, incredible day ticket fishery then make sure you listen to the wealth of experience and tips they share.Onto a recent incredible underwater project “Syndicate Life” which was shown on their YouTube channel. The video shows awesome underwater footages of fish feeding and taking rigs, the stuff that primes the interest and understanding of every carp angler and at the same time maybe makes you think maybe a little too deeply. They talk about the realities of filming the project, their most memorable moments as well as their overall experience having their own YouTube channel. They end by giving some useful tips about growing audiences and generally starting you own YouTube channel.In the final section of the podcast Daniel and Lewis talk about their future angling, life and the realities of balancing working a full time job, family and having time to go and catch carp.This is a look at the modern day, real life carp fishing that everyone can strive for and attain if they are dedicated and passionate enough. Both Lewis and Daniel are the most respectful, helpful and stand up of carp fishing gentlemen and this podcast shows that regardless of how busy life is, there’s always time for angling.
21/11/212h 41m

Brian Skoyles - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 55

Joining Hassan this week is a man with not only an incredible carp fishing pedigree but over sixty years fishing experience. His career has seen him writing for historic, iconic publications such as Carp Fisher and The BCSG 7th Book, working alongside other legends of the carp fishing world. Throughout it all he has been catching big carp from home and abroad as well as turning his attentions to his love for other species. The podcast welcomes Brian Skoyles.Brian talks about his life as an “adopted northerner” and how he found his way on various water around Yorkshire cutting his angling teeth. He recalls his angling on Emmotland, The Tilery and The Approach as well as his carp fishing around the country including venues such as Ashmead, Linear Fisheries and Hommersfield lakes. His passion for carp and his learning curve is clearly demonstrated and in true Brian style his incredible captures are very much on his own terms.Looking further afield and Brian reflects on the amazing opportunities he’s had to angle abroad in France, Holland, China and Canada to name but a few. From perch to carp he has tackled these waters and been successful in pitting his wits on new often unknown venues. It&aposs clear that Brian is a true angler in the very purist form and his experiance and life long passion have taught him and incredible proficient and varied skill set, no fish is safe.When it comes to angling writing and modern day media Brian has done it all and got the t shirt. From being a junior features editor under Tim Paisley for carp Fisher, through magazine writing for Total Carp, Advanced Carp and Carpology Brian’s expertise and exceptional writing style has stood the test of time.  A particular poinunt chapter is his work with the late Kevin Green on the Haynes Manual On Carp Fishing and how Kevins untimely death effected him. Brian has also contributed to some incredible books including  “Floater Fishing” with Chris Ball. In more recent years Brain has taken his skills to film starring on Tight Lines and Carp Crew. He truly is a talented angler, great personality and has an instant likeability whether in print or on the screen.Finally, Brian talks about his fishing nowerdays, his love for other species and his ongoing seemily never ending “giving back” to angling in the shape of his coaching and angling in school tutoring which stems back to him starting a 1970s night teaching fishing believe it or not. This podcast is a incredible look at a mman who has dedicated his whole life to the sport of angling, Brian is a man who is unassuming but has achieved so much over the course of his career and all with his own stamp of class and quality.
14/11/213h 57m

Tim Paisley - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 54

When it comes to living legends, they don’t come bigger in carp fishing then Tim Paisley. In this episode of the podcast Hassan was fortunate enough to meet up with the man himself and record this podcast surrounded by a huge amount of carp fishing history in Tim’s own home office.Tim Paisley has changed the landscape of carp fishing forever in respect to his carp fishing writing which started way back in late 1970’s. From being Editor of the Carp Society’s “Carp Fisher" magazine in the early 1980’s he went on to form “CarpWorld" magazine in 1988. Tim talks about this whole groundbreaking process of putting carp fishing into print. He also shares tales of how angling was back in the 1970’s and 1980’s and reflects on the contributors to magazines at the time, anglers such as the legendary Rod Hutchinson. Another prominent part of Tim’s career within carp fishing magazine media was the formation of the world’s first ever weekly carp fishing publication “Carp Talk” alongside Kev Clifford and Chris Ball. Tim reminisces about his time working as Editor across all three publications and the amazing, eventful and colourful times he had.Not content with magazines Tim also has eleven (and counting) books published. He talks about his love for the written word and how his love of carp fishing really brought this to the forefront via his books. His books are really a labour of love and a collection of carp fishing historical chronicles over the course of his lifetime obsession.When it comes to angling in the UK Tim being a proud northerner has fished some of the most famous and iconic of places. He talks in depth about fishing and running both Birch Grove and The mangrove syndicates in Shropshire. He also talks about his travels down south to meet up with good friend Kevin Nash fish the Church lake, this is still the sight of Tim’s UK PB mirror at 45lb 8oz.When it comes to foreign fishing adventures Tim has amassed an incredible total of five seventies from three different waters. Probably the most impressive being the capture of a 73lb 13oz common carp from Lake Raduta which was the biggest carp caught in the world in 2001. Tim talks about his love for fishing abroad and how it suits his “session” based bait and wait approach to carp fishing. Tim also shares his thoughts on rigs and what he thinks is going on below the surface when fishing for carp.Tim has an incredible match carp fishing record winning the World Carp Cup twice with Steve Briggs and winning the World Carp Classic with Lee Jackson. Tim recalls the highs and lows of his big carp match fishing days and shares incredible stories, memories and captures from those glory years.Tim is an institution of carp fishing history and knowledge, this podcast has something from the most die-hard of carp angling historian to a modern day newcomer, Tim has forgotten more about carp fishing then most of us will ever know yet he remains so modest despite the monumental impact he’s had on our sport.
07/11/213h 34m

Bev Clifford - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 53

Joining Hassan in the podcast studio this week is our first solo female carp angler, Ladies Carp Team England Captain, former Carp Talk & CarpWorld editor its non-other than Bev Clifford.Bev has achieved so much in her angling career from incredible carp captures both home and abroad, editing the iconic Carp Talk and CarpWorld magazines, captaining her country in international competition as well as being an all-round pioneer for female carp angling. In this podcast we delve into it all as well as get a real understand of the lady herself in terms of her mindset and ambition.Starting with Carp Talk Bev shares stories about her father Kev Clifford (who founded the magazine which she later took over editorship) Simon Crow and various other “great and good” anglers that were part of this immensely popular weekly carp publication. She divulges the story behind the end of the magazine as well as various humorous stories about the carp scene at the time and her dealings working in a very male dominated world.Bev then talks about her mindset and how she overcame her “party days” to find direction and meaning through running. She is frank about her time spent burning the candle at both ends working and partying hard and how drugs and alcohol were a part of this time for her. She now competes in ultra-marathons and has very much taken a huge positive step in her life with an incredible mindset for success and bettering herself. She talks about a recent SAS weekend and her continued quest to push herself to her very limits in whatever she chooses to do.When it comes to fishing Bev is incredibly modest as she shares her success over the years fishing abroad on venues such as The Ebro and French public lakes. She also talks about a large variety of UK waters that she’s had success including RH fisheries Western park, Acton Burnell and our very own Church Lake. Bev talks about the formation of the Ladies Carp Team England and how representing her country and captaining the first ever Ladies World Carp Cup in France two years ago was such an honour despite a disappointing bronze medal place finish. She is open about how the match didn’t go to plan and talks about the future of ladies’ international carp fishing.Finally, Bev talks about the realities good and bad of being a lady involved in carp fishing. She talks about her work with the Ladies Carp Academy (which she founded and runs) getting more new female anglers into the sport as well as a fair few stories and options on how things can improve further in terms of women and carp fishing. This is a great insight from a leading female anglers’ perspective into how incredible carp angling is and how its appeal knows no boundaries, it’s really a sport for all.If you are looking for a podcast that will not only fill you with admiration, humour and make you think a little deeper about the sport we love then look no further and a huge thanks to Bev for sharing all her wealth of information and stories with us.
31/10/212h 11m

Jon "Shoes" Jones - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 52

This week joining Hassan in the podcast studio is a real carp fishing character, Birmingham’s finest and a man who has carved out an incredible media career in the industry which started way back in the 1990’s, its none other than Jon “Shoes” Jones.We all know carp fishing is full of characters and nothing goes to prove that more than this podcast. From his early years fishing the likes of Patshull Church Pool and Yateley Car Park Lake through to his modern day thoughts on media and rig safety, this podcast covers a huge spectrum of carp fishing and gives you a fascinating peak into the mind of “Shoes”.Starting his angling based in the West Midlands which was and still is home for Jon, he instantly found a real affinity for catching carp. Early highlights included catching “The Pet” from Farlow’s the lakes biggest resident as well as capturing “The Baby Orange” from the iconic Yateley Car Park lake. Jon fondly recalls memories of sharing the banks with carp fishing legends such as Rob Maylin, Ritchie MacDonald and Terry Hearn. He also tells a number of tales about the “antics” which went on away from the lake including some seriously funny stories about a certain pub scene at the time.Jon talks about his introduction to working in the carp fishing industry which came from Rob Hughes. He worked with Rob producing photography and video as well as appearing on tv with him. This time was an incredible time for growth in the industry and as Jon’s network grew his coverage and presence on the carp fishing scene was cemented. This led to him later talking up various freelance roles providing various forms of media content for leading companies in the industry. Jon recalls stories of his times away and at home fishing and working with the likes of Steve Briggs, Ian Russell and Simon Crow to name but a few. It’s a great look at how far he himself and the industry has come.Always know for thinking outside the box Jon shares his thoughts on carp fishing including experimentation and rig thoughts. He talks a great deal about being a responsible angler and rig safety which he feels isn’t always of paramount importance in the modern scene. There’s a very interesting look at his use of washed out baits and how this led him to great success on the infamous Birchgrove.Finally, Jon talks about modern day media and how the industry has changes especially for someone wanting to work within the industry. The podcast is an eye opening look at carp fishing from both inside and outside the industry. Whether you are after product development insight, baiting strategies or reminiscing about historic captures Jon packs it all in this podcast and all in his own quirky insightful manner.
24/10/212h 36m

Kevin Nash Fisheries Special - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 51

This week on the podcast the boss is back, Kevin Nash is in the podcast studio to talk about his history owning and developing his own fisheries both home and abroad.Starting with his own lakes dug from scratch on the same sight as Nash HQ. Kev talks about his vision, struggles and triumph in creating both the famous Nash Copse and Church lakes. There’s an incredible insight into his fish selection and also how he selectively cultivated the flora and fauna around each lake to maximise the biodiversity and thus increase the overall natural bounty for the carp to reach their maximum potential (which they certainly did and still do to this day)Kevin shares a very honest account of the fish kill on The Church Lake and the potential British Records that were unfortunately lost. He also recalls significant captures on the lake at the time the fish and fishing was at its peak.Kevin talks about developing both lakes and his overall vision for the sight. He goes in depth about his success and failure as well as the various tests he’s faced.  The Church currently really is the lake of dreams and has account for more PB’s then Kevin can keep track of. Kevin also shares a choice bit of information about The Copse and its further as well as his new very exclusive lake on sight.In between the development of Nash Lakes in the UK Kevin also managed to own a fishery Lac Cavagnac in France. There’s some incredible tales about the difficulties of being a British citizen owning a French lake including a scrape or two with the French police, not to mention the madness of anglers fishing the lake week in week out with everything from near drownings to opening day dramas. Kevin talks through the fishing how the lake took shape and how eventually reached the decision to wrap it up.As ever the podcast is colourful, humour filled but an incredible insight into an incredible man who has not only changed carp fishing but has created an equally incredible legacy with his own lakes.
17/10/212h 34m

New Tackle! Nash Expo 2021 Special - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 50

For our 50th episode of the podcast we bring you a different style of show from a different location….We are at the Nash Expo 2021 Trade Show where Hassan will be interviewing various members of the Nash Team on their favourite items of new tackle coming to a tackle shop near you in the not to distant future. Those eagle eyed/eared may spot a few exclusives that we haven’t talked about yet but that are on their way after this current launch.Being the biggest product launch to date there’s so much new tackle to talk about but we start by discussing with Alfie Willingale all about the eagerly anticipated new Nash Siren R4’s. Alfie talks the difference between the current R3’s and the new R4’s as well as what these benefits mean to an angler. There’s a run through of settings as well as a look at indicators and accessories that come with them. Just when you thought you couldn’t better the R3’s check these out.Next, we meet up with the new Product Innovations Manager Nick “Reedy” Maddix to talk about the “Moonshine” Range of Nash Headtorches. From the basic Microlite to the Multilite and then onto the signature Megalite the range is very diverse. It’s been a while since Nash had a headtorch and in this range there’s something for every angler whether its day to day fishing or the ability to clip onto a Bushwhacker baiting pole or even to go and lamp carp at night, as a range it’s got the lot.None other than the boss himself Kevin Nash talks about how all these new items where developed before focusing on the additions to the awesome Bushwhacker Baiting Pole. Now the poles incorporate the ability to be able to lead around using them as well as attach a deeper to locate spots before dropping your rig. There are additional extras and add on that really take an item of tackle that certainly can account for more quick bites and more bites altogether to the very next level.Finally, Henry Lennon talks about the improvements and advancements in the Nash Dwarf Range. From Luggage to mats and everything in between. Henry has a real passion for the range and incorporates majority of the range in his own angling.The podcast is a great way to gain more information about the new products coming from Nash in 2021 told to you in detail by those who have been part of the development process and those who use then in their own angling.
10/10/2147m 15s

Season 2 The Best Bits So Far... - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 49

This weeks’ podcast features Jim Shelley, Alan Blair, Nigel Sharp, Jeremy Wade, Steve Briggs, Kev Hewitt, Dave Levy, Terry Dempsey and Scott Lloyd in a celebratory look back at a selection of the standout moments (for a variety of reasons) during season two of the podcast. I think you’ll agree the line-up of names alone would make some serious VIP carping guest, that’s without their epic tales.Starting with Uncle Jim and his epic tale of how he in forty nights captures probably the most sort after of carp in the UK, the infamous Black Mirror.Next we look back at our very own Alan Blairs’ journey into what has to be one of the finest stand out careers in the industry. This chapter Alan talks about it could have all gone seriously wrong and how he managed to find his way through some difficult times.When it comes to Yateley Nigel Sharp is an out and out legend, one of the very best to have fished the complex and when you consider the anglers that have fished there that’s some statement. Mix this with one of the most iconic carp of all time “Bazil” you’ve got one incredible story that’s for sure.This man has transcended angling and is an international superstar, biologist, scientist and all-round rock-hard adventurer. The star of the tv series “River Monsters” Jeremy Wade and in this epic podcast moment he describe his brush with death in the amazon during and ill-fated light aircraft flight.One of the true pioneers, gentlemen and a true Nash Tackle “lifer” Steve Briggs shares his incredible story of a 60lb+ carp caught from the beautiful Lac Du St Cassein and how this started Steve (and his partner Joan’s) lifelong love affair with the placePossibly the deadliest day ticket anglers out there at the moment Kev Hewitt discusses (in a slightly awkward force and surprised way) his “edge” and think behind bait that has seen him produce consistent big hits of big fish on hard pressure waters up and down the country.This man has the mindset of a true champion whatever sport he chose, Dave Levy shares how this mindset led him to successfully capture a modern day iconic fish in the shape of the long powerful scaley mirror called “James”.Proper London geezer and life long “Hammers” fan Terry Dempsey takes a break from Urban Baits and from starring on BBC’s Dragons Den to talk through and incredible capture of “Jack The Net Ripper” from back in the glory days of carp fishing.Finally, onto a modern day iconic carp in the shape of the Burghfield Common all 62lb+ of it, at least this is what it weight when the charismatic Scott Lloyd captured it. Scott shares how he was successful where so many others haven’t been and still to this day haven’t banked this most prized of big carp.Whatever you listen to the podcast for, information, entertainment, controversy or simply to stoke you angling fires this podcast has something for everyone. We hope it inspires you to listen back to episodes you may have missed or check out the new episodes which air every Sunday. A massive thanks for your support over the past forty-nine episodes and here’s to forty-nine more.
03/10/212h 1m

Ian Russell - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 48

This weeks’ guest in the podcast studio is the enigmatic, charismatic and timeless carp fishing star that is Ian Russell.When it comes to carp fishing there are very few named anglers whose careers have been so varied and incredibly successful as Ian’s’. Whether its catching numbers of carp, big carp, making bait or working on tv Ian has done it all and all in his customary classy, happy, humour filled way.Starting with his angling on the infamous Harefield including the colourful “social scene” centred around The Horse and Barge, Ian talks about how he came upon a chance meeting in Harefield Tackle that led to him forming Heathrow Bait Services. He talks about how the business progressed and the development of the incredible Pukka Pineapple and Indian Spice Pop Ups which accounted for so many carp. Finally, Ian talks through the conclusion of Heathrow Bait Service and why he chose to step away.European angling isn’t something that many would associate with Ian however even pre-90’s Ian was out in Holland, Belgium and France chasing continental carp. In recalls his one and only trip to Cassein where in 1994 he landed a 30lb + carp. In more recent time in fact over that last ten years the Abbey lakes complex has been a mainstay of Ian’s yearly trips and he recalls how the venue has been so kind to him as well as things to considered for anyone who wants to fish the lakes.Ian spends a lot of his time on busy day ticket complexes both when he’s filming and with his tutorials. He runs through a guide to his experiences on the likes of Linear Fisheries including him capturing the Oxlease Common. He also shares valuable tips around common mistakes he sees people making on these types of venues.When it comes to match carp fishing Ian has an incredible record. From early “Battle Carp” 1vs1 matches to “Carp Wars”  in Crafty Carper Magazine Ian has beaten some of the very best anglers and won both match series. He talks through his fond memories of these vents and recalls some special times shared with Iain MacMillan amongst other famous carpers. Onto Carp Wars the tv show and Ian talks about his journey through series 1 and 2 and how he nearly didn’t fish the second series due to being “robbed” in the first series.RK Leisure has always been Ian’s “for himself fishing” venue. The incredible complex of lakes has been the scene of so much consistent success for Ian. He talks through and epic Horton Boat Pool winter campaign as well as success on Kingsmead 1. The lake that holds a special place in Ian’s heart is Wraysbury and he shares the story of how he caught his targets of a big Redmire Common and the “No Name” mirror, showing when it comes to big carp Ian is just as comfortable as the best bounty hunters in the game.With a career spanning over 40 years in the industry Ian talks about the development of his career from writing in magazines through to working on TV and nowadays social media as well as everything in-between. The mark of true success is him constantly improving himself and adapting to huge changes over this period of time which have made him just as relevant now as he has ever been in the carp world. One thing is for sure his energy, personality and passion for angling is truly inspiring. Sit back and enjoy!
26/09/212h 55m

Max Hendry - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 47

This week NashBait main man Max Hendry joins Hassan in the podcast studio for a catch up since his last appearance on the podcast back at the start of season one.Max is a “unique” character hence a host of nicknames “Instability Max” and hashtags #ThatsSoMaxHendry that have been created off the back of his antics. In this podcast Max speaks frankly about a very testing two years period at the head of NashBait with not only COVID but also Brexit and the impact in terms of bait being shipped abroad. Max talks about how despite everything NashBait is thriving and there’s an exclusive insight into some new products joining the NashBait range that have “never been done before “in the market. Never one to rest on his loreals Max has two brand new factories that are undergoing development which will all be part of producing not only new products but also helping meet the incredible seemingly never ended demand for NashBait across the UK, Europe and further afield. It’s a very honest and open look at the ins and out at the very top of the modern carp bait game.With a huge amount of time being invested at work and with the birth of his newborn son James Max might have been forgiven for hanging up the rods however he had managed to get the rods out and he discusses two successful venues where he’s managed to find success. On AJS Fisheries Girton Complex Max spent some time last winter getting amongst the incredible stock fishing at range in very deep water, there’s a great insight to his fishing in deep water situations as well as a close encounter with the lake’s largest resident “Butthead” a 60lb+ common.Onto Nashy’s Church lake and Max has been lucky to have had three sessions on the lake (weekends) captures three different forty pounders with the last fish being anew forty for the lake and thus names after his newborn son James.Max also talks about and upcoming session to the amazing Spitfire Pool with his friend Jim Wilson. He talks about The Wood and Long common as well as his thoughts on how these gems will hopefully end up in his landing net.If you want to know exactly what it’s like to work in the modern-day carp industry at the very top then this gives you great insight into the drive, determination and sheer hard work that is needed. Max has an incredible mind, is never happy with his success and is so understated in everything he does, he’s truly an inspiring bloke who is an example to anyone looking to be successful in the angling industry.
19/09/211h 21m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 46 - Scott Lloyd

Joining Hassan this week is a modern day carping giant who has probably the best carp in the land on his CV in the shape of the Burghfield common at over 62lbs as well as a host of other incredible carp, its none other than Scott “Eggy Lad” Lloyd.There’s no doubting not only Scott’s incredible carp catching ability but also his infectious, very unique personality but in this podcast we delve deep into what’s made him such a success. Scott talks about his upbringing, his struggles with the law and how despite more than a few scrapes with the law he managed to move away from the trappings of crime with carp fishing being very much his saviour.Scott recalls cutting his carping teeth on linear where his love for carp observation and learning from this truly began. Through his experimentation and development on the complex he managed to capture the awesome Big Plated from St Johns which is still a major draw to anglers who visit the complex now. From these beginning on Linear Scott moved to a complex which he has become synonymous with in recent time, that being Linch Hill.Talking through his time, findings and observations of the carp on Stoneacres, Christchurch and Willow Scotts shows his incredible ability to find carp and then developed methods that single out the real jewels in the Linch Hill Crown. Notable captures that Scott talks about are Bite Mark, The Bus and Harleys to name but a few. We couldnt have Scott in the studio without talking through his amazing achievement in capturing The Burghfield Common. Not only is capturing a 62lb+ Common from an incredible disjointed, large and tricky water incredibly impressive but his mindset and approach through his three year campaign is inspirational. In true Scott style he was after the next bite he was after THE BITE. Whilst talking through the capture Scott also set the record straight for the first time around his split with Greys including a rather awkward falling out and phone call with Ed Betteridge.After the Burghfield common Scott became a little lost and flitted between venues (very successfully as expected) before targeting Englefields “Baby Black” which he managed to bank in relatively short time once finding his carping mojo once gain.Onto present times Scott discusses his campaign on Dinton Pastures as well as his new business in the form of “Fink Food Fishing” where he has delved wholeheartedly into the catering side of carp fishing after leaving his long term lucrative job on the railways.If youre looking for a podcast that has everything from brutal honestly, controversy and out and out incredible angling then this will no disappoint. The next three hours are an incredible maze that will leave you shocked, inspired and entertained thanks to the one and only Mr Lloyd.
12/09/213h 52m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 45 - Nick "Reedy" Maddix

This week the podcast welcomes the enigmatic, charismatic Northern Angling Show director and now new Nash Product Innovations Manager Nick ‘Reedy” Maddix.Wherever Reedy is or whatever he’s involved in there’s sure to be energy, enthusiasm and plenty of laughs, this podcast is certainly no different.Reedy talks through his early years fishing around his home town of Bedfordshire and how this led to him studying fishery management at Shuttleworth College where none other than Alan Blair was his lecturer! Through this he made his way to bailiff on Cavagnac Kevin Nash’s France fishery where he was thrown in at the deep end for sure with let’s just say some humorous “mixed” results.A fact most people won’t know is that Reedy joined Nash working in the warehouse and later in the media/marketing department before Alan Blair joined the company. He talks through his Nash years and why ultimately he left before forming the Northern Angling Show dream team with friends Lee Spence and Jamie Clossick.As angling shows go The Northern Angling Show is considered by many as one of if not the very best of UK carp based shows. Reedy talks about the birth of the show as well as more then a few stories about how the concept and show progressed. Look of for a few top tales including shoplifting, Jamie Clossick and a fire hydrant as well as Reedy’s magic ruler.On to foreign fishing adventures and Reedy talks through an epic if not relatively uneasy session on Luke Moffats Graviers Fishery in France where ultimately after battling against some tough conditions he managed to bank the once world record carp "Scar" at a whopping 92lbs+. He also recalls epic sessions back fishing with his dad on Rainbow and talks about his hopeful plans to head back out to the continent in search of big carp.Finally Reedy talks about his decision to come back to join Nash and what he plans on bringing to the UK Product Innovation Manager position.One things for sure you can’t fail to be entertained by Reedy but behind his charm and personality there’s a seriously talented and extremely capable carping mind. Sit back and enjoy the Reedy show.
05/09/212h 7m

Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 44 - Mike Wilson

Joining Hassan in the studio is Nash Tackle Product Innovations Manager Mike Wilson! Warning…. look out for a shock announcement in this podcast and have your tissues ready!Mike has been with Nash since his teenage years and has grown to be a fundamental part of Life at Nash and responsible for a whole host of incredible Nash products over the years including the new “yet to be seen” products due in the future.Mike talks through his recent successful three years campaign on Essex big carp syndicate Golden Gates targeting a historic 40lb+ common by the name of Bulldozer.Fishing midweek overnighters mainly Mike spent three seasons trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together to unlock the code to capture Bulldozer. The whole campaign has been captured on film and will be released soon on Nash TV however we take an exclusive and detailed look at how Mike went about his angling. After getting his ticket and being told “you can’t catch them off the top here” Mike in less than a few hours caught the second biggest fish in the lake on a mixer. Despite being an incredible result, it was a false dawn and Mike had the rest of his success off the bottom in that first season. In season two Mike started to apply bait to areas that would see him receive consistent action. He refined his rigs and approach to maximise opportunities that presented himself. The syndicate socials, fellow anglers and etiquette showed added to Mikes enjoyment and the whole overall incredible atmosphere at the venue.Finally, in season three after a “written in the stars” sequence of events Mike managed to capture his target, the details and emotions around the capture we will leave Mike to share with you in his own customary way.Moving on from his campaign success Mike shares details around how his life has changed recently with him getting married (sorry ladies and gentlemen but he’s now officially taken) as well as what the future looks like for him.Finally, Mike takes a little look back at some of his favourite chapters in his Nash life thus far, be prepared for some funny stories, truths and an end to the rumours around his “crying” episodesAs ever with Mike there’s humour, charisma and a huge amount of understated incredible angling. What a boiiii! Sit back and enjoy the Mike Wilson show!Iain McMillian 1971-2021 RIPPlease get involved show your support and donate (where you can) to honour the memory of a true character/gentlemen of our sport and to help support the incredible work of the Dougie Macmillian Hospice.Just Giving Competition
29/08/212h 6m

Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 43 - Steve Briggs "Fifteen From Fifteen"

This week joining us for the second time this series is none other than the living legend and Nash/Carp Fishing Hall Of Famer Steve Briggs.To our knowledge Steve is the only man on the planet to have caught FIFTEEN different 50lb+ carp for FIFTEEN different countries! If that’s not impressive enough, he’s still out there doing it and I’m sure number sixteen isn’t too far away! This podcast tells the stories and details behind each one of these incredible captures. From the Black Mirror in the UK through to South Africa and a host of different European countries Steve has been there and got himself a 50lb+ T shirt. Take a look at the list of Steve’s captures and venues they are from below….1: 61lb 8oz mirror France, Cassien 19872: 54lb 8oz mirror South Africa, Klaserie Dam 19993: 53lb common Romania, Lake Raduta 20014: 55lb 10oz common Austria, Forest Lake 20065: 51lb 12oz mirror (The Black Mirror) England, The Mere 20106: 62lb mirror Belgium, The Surf syndicate, 20117: 57lb common Germany, Becker Pool, 20128: 58lb mirror Hungary, Euro Aqua, 20139: 56lb mirror Poland, Tuszynek Lake, 201410: 59lb 14oz common Croatia, Lake Sumbar June 201711: 53lb common Slovenia, Smartinsko Lake July 201712: 55lb mirror Italy, Parco Del Brenta, November 201713: 51lb common Holland, Carplantis, August 201814: 56lb 8oz common, Czech Republic, Hejlov lake June 201915: 53lb mirror, Bosnia, Pelagicevo lake, October 2020In his own classy, eloquent and modest way Steve talks through each capture in detail as well as the funny, controversial and untold stories that come along with a lifetime of incredible angling. Steve also give an insight in how he comes to find/hear about big target fish as well as how he has refined his rigs and baiting approach to aid him in capturing so many incredible carp all over the globe over the past 30+ years. Steve is a true carp angling pioneers and one of the most humble, down to earth and nicest of guest we’ve had the pleasure of having on the podcast. His carping pedigree is second to none and the sheer scale of what is discussed in this podcast is mindblowing and will leave you in awe of a man who has dedicated his life and lived his carping dreams yet still has the hunger for more! Big Love Briggsy. #FifteenAndCounting
23/08/213h 58m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 42 - Forbidden Routes Jack Thomson

This week joining host Hassan in the podcast studio is a self made carp fishing YouTuber, the man behind “Forbidden Routes” Jack Thomson.Jack is a truly passionate and skilled carp angler who manages to catch some incredible carp for all over the country despite holding down a family and full time job. Add to this the fact that he also documents his own fishing adventures on his “Forbidden Routes” YouTube channel which has over 10k of subscribers to date and you cannot fail but to be impressed.Jack talks about how he came to start his Youtube channel along with the difficulties and realities of filming his angling. He talks about him receiving death threats and the general negativity that comes with putting your content out to the masses. He also talks about the positivity he has received and that way his channels has grown since he started it four years ago. Finally he gives some sound advice for anyone out there who wants to follow in his carp fishing YouTuber footsteps.One significant place and a location which put him and his big carp fishing on the map is London. Jack talks through some crazy times tackling the capitals “no fishing” lakes in search of some incredible big scaly carp. Jack’s limited time means that he is constantly moving around  London trying to find a stalking opportunity at one of the very desired London carp which reside in its canals, rivers and park lakes. He talks about two special mirrors which he captured whilst filming/fishing last year. Both these mirrors where from areas on venues where he had to be as hidden as possible and required some serious “quick in and out” skills. Jack also talks about the reality of fishing in London with a very protective community of anglers, traffic, tackle thieves plus much much more. It’s certainly an eye opening look into the London carping scene.Onto river carping, an area which Jack has excelled in recent times and has led him to have two features in typography. He talks about his approach and captures on various river systems and how the adventure and unknown element attracts him to these venues.=In the final chapter Jack talks about his recent incredible success capturing a 49lb surface PB and a stunning dark platted mirror from a new syndicate. He concludes by giving a candid but vague enough account of a big pit that he is targeting in Cambridgeshire which is practically unfitted and has rumours of 50lb uncaught monsters in.As a character Jack is incredibly driven and give 100% in everything especially his carp fishing. If you like your carp fishing with adventure and passion then this is sure to light your fire.
15/08/212h 7m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 41 - Dan Wildbore

This week the podcast welcomes one of the industries top videographers, former England International and a man who likes his carp British and full of history, Dan Wildbore.Dan and his brother Jake grew up in Leicestershire and both of them despite their relative youth have achieved a huge amount both on the bank and in a wider aspect working in the industry. There’s certainly some incredible carp oriented Wildbore genetics at work.From his humble beginnings fishing for doubles and maybe the one or two twenty pounders present locally Dan really kicked his carp angling into gear when taxied by his mother he found himself on the Linear complex and The Carp Society’s Horseshoe Lake during his teenage years. He developed his love for fishing over bait and had a host of incredible captures including “The Birth mark Linear” from linear fisheries as well as a huge host of incredible old apple sliced Horseshoe lake stunners to over 30lb.As these venues became busier and busier Dan decided to targeted a big fish syndicate in the shape of Irchester. After a tough time adjusting his tactics to the new venue the second season saw him have numbers successful sessions capturing a number of the A team.Not content with his success along with his brother Jake they entered the carp fishing match scene and took it by storm. Despite their relaxed manner, seemly only going to have a number of beers and a social they were successful and soon developed quite the match winning partnership. This lead to them qualifying to represent their country and Carp Team England in three Word Championships across three different countries. The ins and outs of this time I will leave Dan to explain via this podcast but let say he doesn’t hold back and shares just how things can be tested in angling media and how much pressure there is angling at the top level. Dan also shares the story of how him and his brother came second in the World Carp Masters but didn’t ever receive any of their prize money.In terms of his career lets just say Dan has covered everything from working at a supermarket to being instrumental in the rise of Sticky baits along with his friend and owner Tom Anderson. Dan goes into detail about his time at Sticky and how as media/marketing manger he built the brand up from its humble beginnings. He reminisces about his fondest shoots and chapters including working with the likes of Chris Yates, photographing The Burghfield Common and filming Nick Helleur when he captured “That Thames 50lber”. He talks fondly about his “eventful” trips to Cassein with the team where he himself landed a 65lb+ Cassein carp as well as nearly drowning Tom doing some underwater filming.  Finally Dans talks about a venues that have captivated him over the recent years and which he still finds himself on the banks of, these being Linch Hill and Elstow. With a host of incredible captures from both venues you’d think he’d find it hard to choose between the two but Dan’s heart is firmly over at the secretive Elstow and after hearing about it you will know why.Its truly a fascinating insight into Dans influence and drive during his time at Sticky.Dan rounds of this action packed podcast by talking about his recent career change and his decision to leave Sticky and go freelance. He talks frankly about his opinions in terms of fishing and media as well as what he wants for the future.Dan is a true creative and an incredible gifted angler. His nonchalant nature and modestly hides a man who is a real achiever. The podcast shows just how diverse Dan is and how just like he has already proved he can certainly crave a niche for himself wherever he wants.
08/08/212h 49m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 40 - Dan Hawkes

This week joining Hassan in the studio is RidgeMonkey front man and star of ‘The Great Escape’ series Dan Hawkes.Dan is not only a well-known high profile carp angler but he is a dynamic sales manager for RidgeMonkey and has been instrumental in the development of the brand in recent years.Dan shares in a very personal and in depth manner the story of how he came to work in the angling industry. His wife was instrumental in getting Dan his first opportunity in the industry when she applied for a position advertised at ‘Phat Fish Tackle’. After a period of time working in retail with Phat Fish he moved on to a regional sales manager position with Sonik Sports. This was a relatively short lived chapter in Dan’s career and he shares the reasons behind his decision to leave Sonik and head to a new emerging brand at the time this being RidgeMonkey. Dan also gives great advice for people looking to make fishing their career and follow in his footsteps.Over the last few years Dan has had to balance his day to day Sales Manager job with his appearances on ‘The Great Escape’ fishing across Europe at some of the finest venues holding some huge continental carp.  Dan talks about his friendship with fellow RidgeMonkey angler and former guest on this podcast Dave levy and how he has learnt so much in terms of mind-set and how to single of bigger fish from Dave. Dan recalls epic numbers of big fish he has captured from Parco Del Brenta, Sumbar, Carplantis and Euro Aqua. He has been fortunate to be the first man from the UK to land a 30kg+ fish from Central Europe on his first trip. Finally Dan talks about a fish that literally left him in tears that being a huge 78lber from Zajarki. Concluding this section Dan talks about the banter and goings on of The Great Escape and the madness of the challenges they face in every episode.Dan is a Kent man through and through and historically he has had great success across a variety of Kent waters. He has captured Chillys Fish from Chillam Mill, The Rasta from Swan and one of the fully scaled mirrors from Tonbridge. He has also had success on Loggies Lake and in more recent times he has smashed The Stour Syndicate catching a huge number of big fish over the past two seasons on there including the incredible Black Mirror which got him on the cover of Total Carp. Dan talks about his development as an angler and how over the years despite fishing only one mid-week overnighter his regular application of bait and use of liquids has accounted for so many mega Kent fish. He demonstrates that there’s always time to go fishing despite a busy family and work life and if you are willing to put in the effort the rewards are there.Dan is a charismatic man who truly has the gift of the gab. He also has an incredible passion for carp fishing and work ethic that is second to none. All this combined has led him to great success and will continue to do so in the future. Sit back and enjoy an insight into the man himself.
01/08/213h 25m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 39 - Bill Cottam

This week joining Hassan in the studio we have another northern carp fishing legend, former Mr Nutrabaits himself Bill Cottam.Bill has an incredible carp fishing pedigree dedicating himself to the sport in his early years fishing venues such as Lymm Dam before a meeting of carping minds led to a huge number of changes and would set the president for Bills’ future work within the industry.  This meeting was with non-other than Tim Paisley. Before the two went onto form the mega bait brand that was Nutrabaits, himself and Tim headed to Darenth big lake as well as other venues such as the famous “Mangrove” Shropshire syndicate and Bill talks through his captures, experimentations and development over this time.Bill talks about the development of Nutrabaits as well as his team of incredible anglers which helped shape the most popular and best selling two baits namely Big Fish Mix and Trigga. Bill talks about his wider thoughts on bait and bait application all reflected by an approach which Bill uses to target big carp  to this very day. Bill goes onto give insight into the modern-day trends within the bait industry and how Nutrabaits chapter ended for him.Bill has had a huge amount of big fish success on the continent and he discusses his incredible annihilation of Luke Moffats Graviers lake where he accounted for all the lakes A team including “Scar” at over 80lbs+ , a fish which once held the world carp record. Bill also talks about capturing the Saussie Common at over 70lbs+ and how recently he has carried on his rich vein of big continental carp form catching five fish over 70lbs in just four session in France. There’s no doubting Bills incredible achievements in terms of big carp and his mindset and desire to wait for the real big carp rather than catch numbers is second to none.Finally Bills shares his passion for writing including how he came to write his own book in amongst regularly writing articles for the likes of Carp Talk and to this very day Carpology magazine. He also talks about the modern scene and social media and how carp fishing is changing.Bill is a true carp fishing hall of famer, his love for the sport and knowledge for bait and how to single out big fish has put him firmly on the map as a true carping superstar that has survived the test of time and is still producing results to this very day. Enjoy this honest, open and direct podcast.
25/07/212h 31m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 38 - Jeremy Wade

This week joining Hassan in the podcast studio is global fishing superstar, biologist, author and star of the hit television series “River Monsters” Jeremy Wade.Fishing meets worldwide celebrity in this unprecedented podcast, we still can’t believe we managed to get him on. I think it’s safe to say and as you’re about to discover Jeremy Wade is in a league of his own. Jeremy sets the scene by talking about his carp fishing exploits in the 1970s and 1980’s in which time he managed to catch his current personal carp of 26lbs+ from Waveney Valley lakes back in 1977. Spoiler alert he has since managed to break that fishing our very own Nash Church Lake. Jeremy was also one of the youngest members of the British Carp Study Group (BCSG) joining at the age of just sixteen years old. Fishing was always in his blood and over his teenage years he shaped his choices to hopefully led him to a career where he could immerse himself in this passion for angling and water.After a number of different jobs in various sectors and armed with a Zoology degree Jeremy set out following another burning desire and that is to travel and explore. He soon made yearly pilgrimages to the likes of India and The Amazon in search of infamous exotic large freshwater species such as Golden Mahseer and the Arapaima. Year after year he refined his location and gained intel on these species and a chance meeting with a  director led to him filming “Jungle Hooks” his first appearance on tv. The series featured him landing an incredible hand line caught 100lb+ Arapaima and surviving a plane crash. The series was extremely successful, and he moved some years later to film “Jungle Hooks India” a series in which the world was brought the first filmed sightings of the man eating Goonch catfish.Jeremy continued to live on a shoestring spending much off his time travelling or planning new adventures. He sold articles and photographs, but it was the development of “River Monsters” some years later that burst him into the public eye in incredible style. Jeremy talks about the process of filming these episodes along with the dangerous and incredible stories of things that happened “off camera” along the way. Jeremy talks about his favourite captures and locations as well as his appreciation for the team around him that make these amazing programmes come to life. After nine series River Monsters clearly struck a huge chord with a massive cross section of TV audiences and that’s something that still humbles Jeremy to this very day. From huge giant Thailand stingray through to incredible man-eating bull sharks Jeremy tells the most incredible tales of these fearsome beasts that have succumbed to his rod and line. He also shares the story of his sound man being struck by lighting, him being held and gun point and him having to “sexually assault” a crocodile in the name of science.Finally, Jeremy discusses his goals and ambitions for the future as well as how he has handled his newfound celebrity. He talks about his love for UK fishing as well as one or two revelations about himself and his personal life outside of his tv work.Jeremy is a true gentleman, utter professional and incredibly intelligent. His stories and accounts will keep you hooked (no pun intended) through out but underneath it all there lies an extremely determined individual who has dedicated and sacrificed his whole life to shedding light on the real-life mysteries within freshwater, what a man and what a life!
18/07/213h 38m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 37 - Steve Renyard

This week the podcast welcomes a true carp fishing character and star of Advanced Carp Fishing’s “The Weekender” series Steve Renyard.Steve has an incredible carp fishing pedigree cutting his teeth fishing in the 80’s catching much sought after twenty pounders. He talks about being fortunate enough to learn from three of the greatest carp fishermen that have ever cast a rod, these being Kevin Maddocks, Rod Hutchinson and Kevin Nash.Steve reflects on his time fishing Kevin Maddocks&apos Withy Pool, where despite its rock-hard reputation over the nine years Steve fished it, he “smashed it” using a combination of watercraft but also the development of the now well renowned “Withy Pool Rig”. Testament to how epic this rig development was Steve still uses this presentation to this day and it accounts for numbers of large wary big carp. Steve also talks about the social scene at Withy and how “bad behaviour” was encouraged by Kevin at the time, you’ll be sure to have a few chuckles along the way during Steve’s reminiscing.Onto Wellington Country Park and Steve once again applied a rig development in the shape of his “Basic Complicated Rig” which accounted for numerous thirty pounders which would grow to be the fifties and sixties that Wellington has become famous for.On the theme of rigs and bait Steve talks about his ever faithful “Hermit Rig” incorporating elastic and using solid PVA bags before they were widely used and fashionable like today. He looks back to starting his own bait company and learning about bait from the likes of Gray Bayes and the team at Richworth. At this time, he talks about his fishing in “The Weekender” days for Advanced Carp Fishing and recalls his success on Yateley North lake, Nashy’s Church Lake and many other venues whilst being photographed by the likes of Richard Stewart and Oli Davies.Steve explains the reasons behind his five-year disappearance from carp fishing and how this affected him. He talks about his epic return onto the scene thanks to  Dan Wildbore and Sticky Baits/Thinking Anglers. He managed to capture a numerous string of 30lbers and 40lbers including the A Team from Linch Hill and Linear to name but a few. Steve talks openly about his thoughts on the modern scene and his general musings about carp fishing. One things for sure this podcast has so many layers, pure carp fishing acumen, epic tales, comedy, history and all form integral parts into what maketh the man, that man being the living legend that is Steve Renyard.
11/07/212h 21m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 36 - Nigel Sharp

This week the podcast welcome “Yateley Legend” and all-round big carp machine Nigel Sharp.For the real carp fishing connoisseur Nigel’s carp fishing photo album has to be regarded as one of the very best! It features some of the rarest, hardest to catch and finest carp that have ever graced our waters.Starting back in the early 1990’s Nigel’s talks about how he came to start fishing Yateley after meeting the likes of Ritchie Macdonald years before whilst walking the complex. He started on the Match Lake where despite its rock-hard reputation Nigel set out catching from the start with alarming regularity. He then moved onto the Copse Lake and in true “Sharpy” style he ticked of his targets in a matter of weeks.His early exploits had led to him not only striking up what would be lifelong friendships with the likes of Terry Hearn and Lewis Read but also, he himself was very much the talk of the carp fishing grapevine after his incredible start. A meeting with Jeff Pink then led him to meet Kevin Nash and join Nash Tackle which was his first entry into the commercial word of angling and sponsorship.Over to the big boy side of Yateley and Nigel recalls targeting the infamous Car Park lake. There was no change to his routine and unbelievably within 16hrs he had “Heather” (the most famous leather carp pf them all) in his landing net. He went onto catch a host of the A team including  “Arfur Tail” or as it was come to be known more commonly in later years “Arfur” which had been on the missing list for a number of years prior to his capture.Onto the North Lake and Nigel set his sights on “Bazil”. With adaptations in tackle and rigs he once again managed to capture one of the most renowned of tricky carp in just 26 nights. There were a few more Yateley chapters featuring the Pads Lake and back to the Match Lake but by 1997 he had completed one of the hardest complexes in carp fishing and was onto pastures new.Still to this day one of the finest fish that swims in the UK has to be the Burghfield Common. Nigel thought that it would be another one he could tick off his list in a relatively short period of time initially, how wrong he was. Burghfield being a big vast expanse of broken channels, islands, back bays and islands proved a much more challenging prospect. Of course, Nigel caught fish from the start but despite feeling like he lost the common early in his campaign it would be five years until that incredible moment finally occurred. We will leave that incredible episode for Nigel to tell in his own works but at 50lb+ the capture was breath-taking in so many ways.Finally, Nigel speaks about writing his book “Living The Dream”, his fishing now and also about his thoughts and opinions on carp fishing now. There’s simply so much history that we are sure to get him back on to talk about some other incredible captures which we simply didn’t have time to discuss.If you like carp fishing history, incredible angling and an insight in to exactly what it takes to be top of the game then look no further.
04/07/213h 42m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 35 - Jacob Worth

This week the podcast sees the return of “The London Carper” Jacob Worth. Jacob is a young man who certainly is going places not only with his angling but also  within the angling industry itself. It’s been over a year since Jacob feature in Series 1, Episode 16 of the podcast and its fair to say a lot has happened in that time.Jacob talks about his fishing over  lockdown and how he managed to target northern canals in his hometown as well as managing to catch a 40lb+ Belgium mirror to save what was a tough trip once we were able to travel. There’s the usual craziness, antics and funny stories along the way as you would expect.Upon returning to London Jacob had managed to secure a fishing boat which he explains isn’t “the dream” you think it would be as well as his exploits with regards to buying his houseboat. Jacob talks about starting a long-term campaign on the Docklands area which he will document via a campaign video once he has managed to tick off all the fish he believes are in there. He has got off to a flying start and there a not to subtle sneak peek at an incredible unknown fish from his campaign thus far.Prebaiting, approaching urban venues and opinions around publishing venues and captures on the London scene is all covered. This certainly will help steer anyone thinking of their own urban campaign in the right direction, as Jacobs previous captures show he can certainly catch them. There’s also some very relevant information and advice on anyone entering the media side of the industry and looking to build their profile in the modern carp fishing industry.He also talks developments in terms of his career direction away from professional dancing and more into the angling industry in various forms. Jacob talks about his plans to expand his work within the retail sector of the industry with his expansion and investment into his part time job at a London tackle shop. He also shares his excitement for featuring on CarpFix in the future covering his urban angling exploits and bringing them to the masses. Finally, he explains his venture into the new carp raffle phenomenon that is FishOLux.There’s one thing for sure Jacob is a real grafter and he’s not one to let opportunities pass him by. His passion, commitment and drive for success clearly shines through everything he does, one thing for sure his future is a bright one.
27/06/211h 33m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 34 - Mark Holmes

Joining host Hassan this week is Yorkshire’s big carp bounty hunter himself Mark Holmes.Mark has been an established personality in the carp fishing world for well over thirty years. From his early days fishing the mixed fisheries of Yorkshire learning to single out bigger fish through to his more recent incredible run of big carp from tricky venues this podcast covers it all. As to be expected with Mark he certainly isn’t shy in giving his opinions as well as sharing a whole host of edges and tips that have brought him success over the years.Mark has always been known for his knowledge of bait and bait application which have accounted for some truly stunning fish both “up north” and in the south of the country. He talks through his famous salt tactic and how this can be applied to target large pre spawning carp. He also discusses deadbaiting for large male carp which are often hard to catch on conventional boilies and can go “missing” for years. Marks talks through curing his own hookbaits as well as  other bait edges including liquids and the use of PVA. It’s truly an amazing deep dive into the mind of a big carp angler who uses bait as their biggest weapon.In terms of captures Mark highlights various special fish including his time back in the early days on Rippon Racecourse catching some of the biggest fish in Yorkshire  at the time. He recalls an amazing account of his 61lb 4oz mirror carp caught from Nash Copse Lake some fifteen years ago as well as an unconventional but hugely successful session in which he caught Chad Lakes Blackeye at over 50lb. In more modern times Mark talks through his consistent big fish captures on venues such as Deepings, The Approach and other unnamed off the radar venues.Mark harks back to his days as editor of Advanced Carp Fishing magazine, he talks about his relationships (good and bad) with others in the fishing media at the time as well as his current thoughts on carp fishing media and why he left as editor. Let&aposs just say Mark hasn&apost been shy in his opinions or the information that he has shared.Something a lot of people may not know is that Mark formally had his own lake “Lakeview” in Yorkshire in which he nurtured carp to over 50lb. Add to this the fact that he now is president of a large fishing club in Yorkshire then it becomes clear that Mark certainly lives and breathes the sport and is passionate about leaving a true carp fishing legacy.It’s fair to say this is a really opinion packed rollercoaster of a podcast but there’s one thing for sure along all the twists and turns there’s a huge amount of information and expertise meshed in with humour and charisma from this real-life carp fishing maverick. 
20/06/213h 31m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 33 - Alfie Russell

Joining host Hassan this week is an angler who even at a young age has put London urban big carp fishing on the map with a host of incredibley special captures under his belt, it&aposs none other the Alfie Russell.Alfie is an extremely talented angler who has a passion for fishing in the hustle and bustle of London city searching for the “unknown” special carp that inhabit its waterways. Alfie talks about his childhood and how he learnt his craft under the guidance of his dad and uncle.Alfie talks about his time with Nash Tackle, which was his first break in the fishing industry at the age of just 13. From his early appearances on the Nash Tackle DVD’s to filming Urban Banx 9 with Alan Blair. He talks through his love for urban fishing and how he is thankful for his time with Nash before he moved onto work with ESP more recently. Alfie also talks about the nature of the London urban big carp scene and how due to respect for his fellow anglers, he keeps locations unnamed as he talks about them in the rest of the podcast.Alfie talks through his campaign on “The Park” which was the place that elevated his standing in the carp community where he managed to capture both a 40lb+ common and a 40lb+ mirror from the venue. As if this wasn’t impressive enough at the time, he was only a teenager and there was no previous record of capture for both these fish.Next it was onto “The Forest” where Alfie pitted his skills in pursuit of a huge mirror in a silty old lake. Changing tactics, prebaiting and observing he quarry all led to him ending his time on the venue with his target which was another 40lb+ fish in his arms.In more recent times Alfie talks about the capture of an epic looking canal 30lb+ linear. The stretch in question is certainly not for the feint hearted with a few scary episodes with the locals and more than one or two considerations in terms of his own personal safety whilst out fishing the canal. Alfie talks through his approach in terms of rigs and baiting and hints to a future video about his campaign on here to be released by ESP.Finally, Alfie shares an insight into him, his struggles with anxiety, his love for his family and his ambitions and hopes for the future as he launches a hookbait rolling business. He also covers his love for other species namely perch and barbel proving that he’s an incredible all-round angler with truly a wise old fishing head on his young shoulders. There’s one thing for sure there’s more than a few gems of wisdom that will have you thinking about targeting your own urban uncaught carp. 
13/06/212h 11m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 32 - Gary Bayes

This week joining host Hassan on the podcast is the most eagerly anticipated of guests, none other then NashBait mastermind, former British record holder and the  all-round true character that is Gary Bayes.Gary starts by talking about suffering a recent heart attack and how he is straight back as busy as ever enjoying his life with his unrivalled passion for carp fishing and nature.In terms of angling there’s no doubting Gary’s track record and pedigree. Despite choosing some incredibly testing venues he’s always had more than his fair share of success.Starting with “The Essex Manor” he talks about how he managed to catch fish with astonishing regularity despite a lake which had a very well-established baiting campaign on it. He managed to develop a tactic which led to not need to set a morning alarm as he was inevitably woken by a take each morning. His campaign ended with the capture of his target “The Amphibian” which had eluded him for longer than he thought it would. He then decided to go back some years later with a new approach due to his change in circumstances in his private life and managed to catch the reason for his return in the shape of “The Northern Lin”.Gary then set his sights on the infamous Collingbrooke in Kent. The venue held the British record mirror carp “Two Tone”. In true Gary style he used his bait as a weapon priming areas and managing to catch in his first season. After a very difficult second season due to the fish suffering from a gill parasite he finally managed to capture “Two Tone” at a British Record weight of 61lb 2oz making him the first person to catch a UK 60lber and on the famous Nash Scopex Squid also, a bait of his own creation.On to the unknown vast expanse Fen Drayton and Gary applied all his knowledge to ensure that he was able to locate and fish spots which led to capturing a number of unknown carp including a common named after him “Bayes Common”. Despite the fish not seeing boilies and feeding on naturals his knowledge of fish feeding and bait lead him to unlock the code on the venue.Gary shares his thoughts on various matters in the world of bait. From how Scopex Squid came to be to how you can change the way you apply bait to ensure success in your own angling. In this extremely informative section, he shows just how in tune he is with carp, their feeding habits and how as anglers we can adapt things in our baiting approach to help us.Finally, Gary talks fisheries and how he manages Bayswater, Fen Drayton and a new fishery project which his is very excited to be in the process of developing. You simply cannot fail to be entertained, educated and inspired by a true great carping mind. As for the man himself we know you’ll love Gary’s “both barrels” approach to everything he does.
06/06/212h 39m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 31 - Justin Carter

This week the podcast welcomes Justin Carter, a truly inspirational man with an equally inspirational story having suffered a lifechanging accident whilst carp fishing leaving him paralysed and needing the use of a wheelchair.Justin talks about his love for big carp and he recalls successful campaigns on Ringstead and Deepings. On Ringstead he managed to bank majority of the stock from both Crackers (a feeder water on the complex) and the main lake cumulating in his incredible capture of “The Lady” at over 55lb. On Deepings despite some early struggles he managed to find a winning formulae fishing in the weed rather than the clear areas which lead to capturing the biggest fish “Black Spot” twice both times at over 50lb.Justin talks about his love for fishing and how it contrast’s and balances his busy working life (he is an accountant with his own business) and how he enjoyed regular foreign fishing adventures to the likes of Morocco, France and Hungry in search of big continental carp.Life changed for Justin when he suffered a fall whilst up a climbing tree fishing on Northley park. He was left paralysed from the waist down, with a punctured lung and torn Aorta. Drifting in and out of consciousness, he had to wait over 3 hours in immense pain before being found and airlifted to hospital. Then began a huge change in Justin’s life. Over the next two years Justin’s positive mentality and love for his family, friends and desire to get back on the bank has driven him to fight against the odds and get himself rehabilitated to the point at which he is back to work and back out catching 40lbers .He talks about the highs and lows, how he has changed, advice for people in similar situations as well as the people who have helped him along the way. You simply cannot help but be inspired by this tale and it certainly shows the power of the human mind, how much carp fishing can contribute to people’s lives and it certainly puts life into perspective. A massive thanks to Justin for being so honest and open in sharing his story.
30/05/212h 10m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 30 - Kev Hewitt

Warning this weeks’ podcast contains huge amounts of BIG day ticket carp and the man responsible for these captures is the carping terminator that is Kev Hewitt.Joined by host Hassan, Kev shares firstly his iconic early days on the Linear Complex where he honed his love for spodding and the famous “three rods on a spot” approach that is so devastating for big hit fishing on Linear to this very day. He talks about his standout captures across the complex over the years including Spike on his first night, Kempy’s Linear on Facebook live and the jewel in the linear crown St Johns&apos Big Plated.Kev talks in depth about his approach to busy day ticket complexes and how this has changed and adapted over the years through his own experimentation. Kev also addresses the controversial rumours around the use of certain additives such as hormones which many have suspected be a potential reason for the unbelievable regular success of the top day ticket anglers at present.In an emotional and frank chapter Kev talks about his time fishing the British Carp Angling Championships (BCACS) and how he came to form a partnership with his childhood friend and top carper in his own right Mark Bartlett. The pair went on to win the title two years in a row also finishing third and then second in the subsequent events showing just how  consistent they are even under all that pressure.Kevin talks about his love and success on the awesome Bluebells complex in which he managed to take apart the two premier waters Swan and Kingfisher. Starting with Swan Kev talks about his standout capture of Dave a mirror which is still his UK pb to this very day. Onto Kingfisher (or Kingy) and after a slow start he managed to put together a huge hit of over 42 fish in a concentrated amount of time after developing an insight into how to locate prime feeding spots on the lake.The last chapter Kev talks about his recent run of success on The Carp Society’s Farriers Lake where he has once again put together an incredible hit of big commons that reside in the lake with devastating effect.Finally, he talks about his balance of work, life and fishing and his future angling plans. Through it all Kev is incredibly open and well spoken, you can’t help but admire the man even more after an insight into the mind of a carp fishing machine.
23/05/213h 8m

Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 29 - Joe Morgan

This week the podcast welcomes “Mr Carp Angle” Joe Morgan.Joe is a truly unique, charismatic man who has a host of incredible carp captures under his belt. He prefers to keep relatively low key with his captures and we think you’ll be surprised by some of the fish that have ended up (or almost ended up) in his landing net over the years. Joe has spent a considerable amount of time working within the industry. He began at the early age of just seventeen working as a bailiff on the famous French holiday complex “Dream Lakes”, he then when onto work for Korda before being the face of Carp Tv. He sets the record sraight around the end of Carp Tv and his involvement as well as talking about his (and camera man Mike Tobin) motivations to start his recent epic carping YouTube channel Carp Angle.Joe recalls his carp fishing campaign in pursuit of “Dippy” from the infamous Snake Pit. He recalls the struggles, successes and how he ultimately managed to bank this most sought after of carp.He has historically had a scary affinity for big commons and talks through his capture of The Wood Common from Spitfire pool, one of the widely regarded hardest to catch of carp from a tricky intimate venue. Couple this with an epic tale about the Burghfield common and you will see for yourselves that Joe certainly has friends in pretty high places.Joe goes onto talk about his more recent campaign on Northwyke where with a few elements that “stretched” the rules he managed to cradle the incredible freak of carping nature that is “James’ Fish”.Throughout the podcast Joe referances his mindset, spirituality and life experiances he’s had during his travels across the globe. He’s an enlightened man with a positive and infectious outlook on life that has undoubltely crossed over to his angling. He talks about his other passions outside of carp fishing namely his love for music and music events.The later part of the podcast Joe discusses the keys to his recent success on Longreach and the Meadows where the fishing is anything but for the feint hearted and where Joe still pursues his target of the Friendly Common.Joe certainly is unique and his passion, hard work and love for carp fishing is truly inspirational as you will find over the next two hours.
16/05/212h 57m

Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 28 - Jim Shelley

We’ve finally managed to pin him down and get him in the podcast studio! This week the podcast welcomes legendary big carp hunter Jim Shelley.Jim is widely acclaimed as one of the very best big carp anglers in the history of the sport. If any proof was needed as to Jim’s carping pedigree you only have to look at his incredible record including historic captures of some of the very best carp that have ever lived in the UK and his continued relentless hunting of big old English carp. Jims drive, passion and pursuit of carp has often left in his wake a whole host of rumours, incidents and controversy. In this podcast Jim talks through some of his most significant captures and sets the record straight, there’s one thing you find whilst listening to this podcast and that above all else Jim certainly tells it like it is.Jim starts by talking about his time on the historic Wraysbury of old, imagine one hundred and twenty acres with only seventeen carp. He guides us through his approach which ultimately led to his historic capture of former British record Mary at 52lb 12oz. In this chapter Jim also speaks about the tragic events which saw the death of his close carp fishing friend “Marky Mark” and how this affected him. The party scene and celebrations as well as a few home truths about subsequent captures are also covered.Collingbrooke in Kent was Jim’s next port of call where he targeted the infamous “Two Tone” mirror which had grown to weights in excess of 60lb. The fishing on there was renowned to be very tricky with a couple of bites a season being really good going. In true Jim style he set about the task going against the grain and reaping some serious rewards.Jim talks about his time fishing for “unknown” giants on Fen Drayton. Just armed with his knowledge, a boat and an unwavering hunger to capture something rumoured to be very special he developed a plan that would be the downfall of some truly historic and special captures including a 48lb linear!In his final chapter Jim talks through his capture of arguably the finest carp that has ever swam in our waters “The Black Mirror” from the mere. Fishing a no fishing venue with minimal gear whilst surrounded by a host of carp fishing’s finest anglers targeting the same prize is certainly a daunting prospect and a big ask. Jim as ever managed to live his dreams and cradle The Black Mirror in an incredible carping crescendo.Finally, Jim speaks about his mindset, how he has changed as a person and how he has worked on himself over the years allowing him to be better understood and communicate better all in a manner which allows him to help other anglers. Jim talks about learning to read and write only ten years ago and then publishing three separate books, an admirable achievement in its own right. We know how eagerly anticipated this podcast is and it sure doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy an incredible, historic, funny and frank three-hour dive into the world of “Uncle Jim”
09/05/213h 24m

Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 27 - Terry Dempsey

This week joining host Hassan is “The Urban Myth” himself Terry Dempsey.Terry talks us through his life from him discovering fishing in the hustle and bustle of industrial London through to his modern-day escapades on the most premier of big carp waters.Terry’s carping pedigree is undoubtable, and he recalls the incredible captures of his first 30lb fish from Hainault Forest and his first 40lber from Longfield way back in the 1980’s. To have both a 30lb and 40lb fish under your belt, still being in your teenage and during an era where there where literally handfuls of big fish around “the scene” it shows just how dedicated and talented Terry is.Terry also talks about his lifelong experimentations with bait, from sourcing ingredients to trialing new flavours, all of which has not only led to his big fish captures over the years but also to the formation of Urban Baits. On the same theme of Urban Bait, he talks about the development of the business and we get the full story of his tv appearance on the BBC’s Dragons Den.Terry also talks through his chapter on the infamous Wraysbury of old, where he was targeting just seventeen carp in over one hundred acres of water. Add to the mix tackle theft, shootings and a host of carp fishing greats trying to work their way through the stock at the same time, its an eventful part of carp fishing history.Moving onto Wingham Terry recalls his capture of some truly awesome carp cumulating in the capture of a 50lb+ common which his shared with his young son. Terrys&apos approach on the venue was very much  against the grain but as you will discover the carp certainly showed a preference to how he tackled it.Finally, Terry talks about his family life, how he has changed over the years and also him writing his book “The Urban Myth”. In true “East End” style Terry is frank, funny and very much paints an incredible picture of just a few of the standout moments in the life of Terry Dempsey.
02/05/213h 19m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 26 - Adam Penning

This week joining host Hassan is the one and only Adam Penning!Adam is highly regarded as one of the finest carp anglers in the country. His relentless pursuit of big, special carp on tricky, pressured venues competing against both the fish and the highest calibre of anglers set him apart from the crowd and in his own words defines him as a “Piscatorial Masochist”Adam talks through his early years, how he got started in fishing, how he got involved in the industry through Peter Drennan and E.S.P and recalls some amazingly successful chapters in his angling on Linear Fisheries Manor Farm and The Quarry in Essex. He also covers in detail his time on Bayswater which culminated, after some seriously good angling in the capture of “The Coconut Common” one of the finest commons in the land at the time and a real Essex history fish.The later part of the podcast is dedicated to two more recent campaigns where Adam has caught some of the finest looking carp that swim in our waters. His tale of his success on “Lapem” (as he calls the venue to protect its true identity in respect of those anglers still on there) where he captured two mirrors which can only be described as breath taking. He also talks about Grendon Lakes, a venue which he has torn apart and is still fishing despite catching forty-seven fish out of a stock of only forty-five fish (there’s been some repeats) as he searches for the one he wants, which I’m sure isn’t too far away.Finally, we delve into Adams foreign fishing exploits including his epic capture of his Cassein “snark” back in 2018. On wider issues, he talks in depth about his mentality, drive, fishing on limited time with a family and on the importance of how to maximise your time and value each capture. It’s a truly incredible glimpse into the mind of a man with incredible depth, intelligence and carp catching ability, that’s not to mention how good he is at telling a story!
25/04/214h 9m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 25 - Dave Levy

This week joining host Hassan is former Nash Tackle sponsored angler, now RidgeMonkey & Mainline Baits carp catching machine Dave Levy.There’s a reason this podcast is over four hours long and that is due to Dave’s relentless lifelong pursuit of carp! We look back at Dave’s formative years which where eventful to say the least. During these early years Dave (being from a military family) had to move a lot as his father was posted to different parts of the country, he discovered his love for boxing, he went through his struggles at school and later was kicked out of his family home by his dad when he was 16 years old. During this whole time carp fishing was a constant in his life and was always in his blood. From his very early visits to Yateley  where he was well out of his depth, through to him honing his craft on local Essex waters and establishing himself as a carp angler on the likes of Walthamstow and Sutton, it’s fair to say this early success and hunger was only the tip of the carp fishing iceberg for Dave.His passion for carp fishing has to this day never wavered and he has never had a break in over 30 years. It has cost him marriages as well as much more, but by Dave’s own admission he wouldn’t change it for anything. Dave’s mind set and drive for carp fishing is highlighted by his awesome captures on Tol Pits, The Essex Manor, Collingbrooke, Horton, Wraysbury, Kingsmead, Northwich and a 485 acre “Unkown” Essex Reservoir. The earlier of these captures came whilst Dave was still serving in the Parachute Regiment of the Army and the later campaigns he only had one night a week fishing at his disposal.Dave also talks about his recent carp fishing history with him writing his book “Fallen Kings” and his success on Essex Carp Syndicates “The Rise” which was tipped off by the capture of a 50lb+ carp known as Brick Top. He also shares his opinions on the modern carp fishing scene, social media and imported carp. It’s a truly jaw dropping, enlightening and thorough look into one of the very best carp anglers out there and shows exactly what it takes to be successful, warts and all!
18/04/214h 7m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 24 - Henry Lennon

This week the podcast welcomes Nash Tackle Marketing Coordinator Henry Lennon.In this episode Henry tells his story in his own words. From his beginnings fishing in Switzerland avoiding Police and park rangers in pursuit of carp, pike and various other species armed with his John Bailey fishing encyclopaedia all the way through to joining Nash and him finding his feet in the modern UK carp scene. Henry has certainly not had your “textbook” angling journey thus far and testament to his passion and natural angling ability he has achieved a great deal in a relatively short space of time.As to be expected there’s more than a few funny, crazy and by now "typical" Henry moments along the way as well as some real awesome pieces of angling. There’s certainly a lot more to Henry then he lets on. You’re sure to be captivated, entertained and surprised by one very talented young man.*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore, the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.
11/04/213h 4m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 23 Kevin Nash "A Carp Fishing Journey" Part 6

This week the podcast welcomes back Kevin Nash for Part 6 in his podcast miniseries  “A Carp Fishing Journey”This episode focuses on Kevin&aposs exploits during his time fishing the infamous Essex Manor and the start of his campaign for an epic common carp named Herman from Warmwell. Kevin explains how he refined his rigs, bait and approach based on his previous experimentations which led to pretty much instant success on the extremely busy, pressured Essex Manor. He also shares stories about the obstacles he faced there and the events that led to him leaving.From there Kevin set his sights on “Herman” a large common located on a holiday park lake called Warmwell. He talks through his first sessions on Warmwell and joined by Gary Bayes it was inevitable that awesome captures, controversy and a few “troublesome” situations wouldn’t be too far away.As ever with Kevin there’s honesty, opinion and real depth from one of the greatest of carp fishing minds.*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore, the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.
04/04/211h 35m

Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 22 - Alfie Willingale

This week the podcast welcomes Nash Tackle Social Media Manager and former podcast host Alfie Willingale.In this episode Alfie talks about his own angling journey, from finding a telescopic rod and reel setup on a family holiday through to working for Nash Tackle and catching some incredible carp including a real Church lake stunner. It’s not all plain sailing as you’d expect and there’s more than a few shocking, funny and “down right wrong” moments along the way, most of which have never been shared before (not even with the rest of the Nash Tackle Team).Not only is Alfie super talented in all things media but he’s is one very modest,  awesome angler with true hidden depth. We know you’re going to love this one!*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore, the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.
28/03/212h 23m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 21 - Kevin Nash "A Carp Fishing Journey" Part 5

This week the podcast welcomes back Kevin Nash for Part 5 in his podcast miniseries  “A Carp Fishing Journey”This episode focuses on the early to mid 90’s and yet more epic tales of Kevins’ European pioneering carping adventures to the likes of Lake Sarulesti (Raduta) and Italy. Kevin also share his experimentations with rigs, tackle and bait over this period which led him to some incredible, historic success domestically back on Star Lane. This period is a huge chapter in the Nash Tackle and Nash Bait development story with the start of the infamous “blow back rig” and the rise of Scopex Squid.In customary Nash style there’s the usual controversy, awesome captures, laughter and shocking tales that only Nashy could share in the most upfront, honest way!*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.
21/03/212h 20m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 20 - Dan Yeomans

This week the podcast welcomes Nash Tackle Media Manager and former podcast host Dan Yeomans.In this episode Dan talks about his early fishing years and how (after some “interesting” other jobs) he managed to get involved in the industry with Nash Tackle. In terms of his carp fishing Dan shares some of the most incredible, inspiring and downright hilarious tales of his carp fishing adventures in Belgium, Europe and back home in the UK. From 40lb+ canal monsters to a 60lb+ river carp Dan has certainly witnessed and experienced some  incredible moments.  As ever, along the way there&aposs  some strange and shocking stories featuring other members of the Nash Tackle team.One thing’s for sure, Dan’s storytelling and personality is sure to keep you fully entertained throughout!*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore, the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.
14/03/212h 20m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 19 - Tom Forman

This week making his second appearance on the podcast it’s Nash Tackles’ very own Tom Forman.In this episode Tom focuses on his own fishing over the years that he’s been at Nash Tackle. From his early years as a bailiff on Cavagnac through to his recent success on Bluebell Lakes’ Kingfisher, there’s a huge variety of incredible stories and equally incredible captures. Tom also shares how his career within Nash Tackle has developed over the years. In customary Tom style, there’s more than a few funny stories which involve not only himself in various crazy scenarios but also other members of the Nash team in their finest and  "not so" finest moments. This episode really has everything, its sure to leave you entertained, informed and inspired.*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore, the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.
07/03/212h 51m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 18 - Kevin Nash "A Carp Fishing Journey" Part 4

Kevin Nash is back for Part 4 in his podcast miniseries  “A Carp Fishing Journey”In this episode Kevin concentrates on the early 1990’s detailing more incredible foreign pioneering carp fishing adventures on Lac Du Der as well as other venues in Holland and Belgium.  On a business level Kevin talks about the trials, tribulations and success with Nash Tackle during this period cumulating in the huge shift in tackle companies moving production to China. He also talks about the formation of Nash Bait and his partnership with Gary Bayes.  As ever, no one can tell a story like Nashy and this episode is as open, honest, shocking and funny as ever.*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.
28/02/212h 43m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 17 -Kevin Nash "A Carp Fishing Journey" Part 3

Kevin Nash once again joins Hassan for Part 3 in his podcast miniseries  “A Carp Fishing Journey”In this episode Kevin talks about his carp angling exploits in Gran Canaria, starting with his initial pioneering trip out there just after he left Harefield. Kevin shares stories about heading into the unknown searching for huge uncaught carp in crazy surroundings. He also talks through his adaptations in approach with regards to rigs, bait and location which led to some incredible success all shared with various friends including  Gary Bayes. There are also more than a few humorous, scary and inspirational moments recollected both on and off the bank during his fishing in Gran Canaria. Enjoy a chapter of the Kevin Nash carping story that not many will know much about especially in this much detail.*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.
21/02/211h 36m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 16 - Kevin Nash "A Carp Fishing Journey" Part 2

 This week we welcome the return of Kevin Nash for Part 2 in his miniseries “A Carp Fishing Journey”.In this episode Kevin picks up from where he left off talking through his progression in carp fishing over time as well as his formation/expansion of Happy Hooker tackle which is the starting point of  the "Nash Tackle" we know today. Along the way Kevin shares numerous stories of new personal bests, friendships and conflicts with various well known anglers all cumulating in a very lively, honest and open look back at his time on the infamous carp fishing mecca that is Harefield. Sit back and enjoy the next two hours of classic Kevin Nash story telling.  *please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.
14/02/212h 23m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 15 Kevin Nash "A Carp Fishing Journey" Part 1

This week the podcast welcomes none other than the original “Mr Nash” himself Kevin Nash for the first episode in his miniseries entitled “A Carp Fishing Journey”In this episode Kevin takes us back to his childhood and shares his early memories of fishing “back in the day”. He also talks us through his beginning and experimentations in carp fishing including tackle developments, becoming the youngest member of the British Carp Study Group and his pioneering days carp fishing on his local Essex waters. It’s a real look back in time and in true Kevin style there’s a huge amount of detail, humour and passion throughout. Enjoy this look back at the founding days of not only the carp scene but the enigma that is Kevin Nash.*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.
07/02/212h 10m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 14 - Alan Blair "From The Beginning" Part 3 Urban Banx

This week Alan Blair joins host Hassan for the final instalment in his miniseries “From The Beginning”.This third and final episode is based on the hugely popular NashTv Youtube series “Urban Banx”. Alan talks through how the series was formed and developed over the years. He shares some “eventful” memories whilst filming various episodes from awesome captures to strange encounters on the banks of urban park lakes. It’s another frank, up front and honest account of one of the most popular and defining of carp fishing series. As an added bonus Alan also shares a few EuroBanx memories and an insight into his park lake approach. We hope you enjoy this final episode and that you’ve enjoyed the miniseries overall!*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.
01/02/212h 58m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 13 - Alan Blair "From The Beginning" Part 2

Once again joining Hassan this week its Nash Tackles’ very own Alan Blair for part 2 of his miniseries “From The Beginning”This episode focuses on “The Nash Years” from when Alan first started at the company up until the present day. As you can imagine there’s a wealth of topics covered throughout this podcast including not only his own personal development inside and outside the industry but also the huge growth/development of Nash Tackle and his role within that. As always Alan is brutality honest and doesn’t hold back on any of the details in this podcast. There are more than a few shocks, home truths and so many epic captures and adventures.There’s a reason Alan has been such a driving force and so successful and this episode is a real journey and insight into that! Sit back and enjoy.
24/01/212h 56m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 12 - Alan Blair "From The Beginning" Part 1

In this week’s podcast Mr Urban Banx himself Alan Blair joins Hassan for the first in a special miniseries all about his life in angling “From The Beginning”.In this episode Alan talks about his humble beginnings in fishing all the way through to the point at which he got his job at Nash Tackle. As to be expected from Alan it’s certainly not your stereotypical journey and it has everything from wholesome family memories, awesome old school captures through to the craziness of the rave scene and his previous work as a lecturer.There’re more than a few shocking and colourful tales about how Alan carved his way through his early years defining and developing his angling as well as himself as a person. We just know that you are going to enjoy the next 2hrs!*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.
17/01/212h 12m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 11 - Leon Bartropp

Joining Hassan for this episode of the podcast is none other than Leon Bartropp.There&aposs more than a few exclusives in this episode as Leon opens up for the first time publicly about his exceptionally varied and colourful past! There will be more than a few raised eyebrows I&aposm sure. Leon explores his incredible carp fishing history where he has caught some of the most sought after carp in the UK, from venues such as Wellington Country Park, Horton and the Essex Manor. Leon also talks about his media career and his rise to YouTube success. This episode is packed with entertainment, awesome captures as well as shocking revelations! Let&aposs just say, Leon doesn&apost do things by halves!#nashtackle #nashbait #carpfishing #carp Follow us on Instagram: us on Facebook: out our Website: news on our Twitter:
10/01/213h 21m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 10 - Oli Davies

Joining Hassan this week is Nash Tackles&apos very own "Mr O. D." Oli Davies.Straight talking, entertaining and almost poetic in places, in true Oli style he talks about a host of topics relating to his angling career both past and present. There&aposs everything from the end of Eurobanx, fishing/stocking the Horton Complex,  "Half-A-Wrap" observations and angling as well as his overall thoughts and opinions on carp fishing! Simply sit back, listen up and enjoy a little journey into the world of Oli Davies.#NashTackle #NashTackleOffTheHook #NashTacklePodcast #NashBait 
03/01/212h 43m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 9 - Rob Hughes

Nash Tackle&aposs carp fishing podcast invites Rob Hughes to join new host Hassan for this episode.All round incredible angler, TV presenter, angling ambassador and Carp Team England manager (plus many more credentials) Rob Hughes shares his stories about his early days fishing in Shropshire/Cheshire through to his modern day angling.Theres a huge amount of information and entertainment  in this episode including Rob meeting/fishing with good friend Simon Crow , an incredible Cassein capture, injuries/illness along with spooky stories and  pioneering trips abroad to fish the likes of Lake Raduta and South Africa.There&aposs so much crammed into this episode we are sure to get Rob back in to discuss more of the shear wealth of fishing information and experience he has. Sit back and enjoy!
27/12/202h 57m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 8 - Nash Christmas Special

Join host Hassan for a Nash Christmas Special episode of the podcast featuring Kevin Nash, Alan Blair, Dan Yeomans, Alfie Willingale, Henry Lennon, Max Hendry, Tom Forman and Mike Wilson.The team take a look back at their year as well as look forward to what next year will hopefully bring. There&aposs more than a few funny stories, shocking events and incredible captures along the way. Enjoy listening to an action packed edition of the podcast guaranteed  to make you laugh, cry and get well and truly in the festive spirit. Merry Christmas!
20/12/203h 14m

Nash Tackle Off the Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 7 - Ricky Rayment

Nash Tackle&aposs carp fishing podcast invites Ricky Rayment to join new host Hassan for this episode.From "The Only Way Is Essex" fame to carp fishery owner and a whole host of both saltwater and carp captures in-between, it&aposs fair to say there&aposs a lot more to Ricky Rayment then you may initially think. Hear about his passion for carp fishing and how it has become so fundamental in his life. There&aposs more than a few surprises in this one, enjoy! 
13/12/201h 43m

Nash Tackle Off the Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 6 - James Armstrong

Nash Tackle&aposs carp fishing podcast invites James Armstrong to join new host Hassan and Alfie for this episode.James needs no introduction having worked in the industry for a number of high profile brands in media and marketing. James cut his teeth fishing for some of the finest carp the country has to offer and recalls two particularly special campaigns, one of which led to the capture of a 48lb+ common carp from a park lake.  James currently works freelance for a number of different brands as well owning his own online business "My Gilly". He is a truly talented all-round angler with an abundance of charisma and more than one or two incredible stories to tell. Sit back and enjoy this entertaining dive into the world of "Jimmy". 
06/12/202h 23m

Nash Tackle Off the Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 5 - Hassan Khan

Nash Tackle&aposs carp fishing podcast invites Hassan Khan to join Dan and Alf for this episode.Hassan has forged a career within the industry starting at Carpology Magazine and more recently being the "face" of Angling Direct. He also has a wealth of angling experience spread across not only carp fishing but fishing worldwide, with some of the most desired fish already ticked off his bucket list. His energy, personality and passion for angling are infectious as I&aposm sure you&aposll agree as you listen to this podcast. Don&apost miss an exclusive announcement about some changes to the future of the Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast!
29/11/202h 13m

Nash Tackle Off the Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 4 - Steve & Joan On Cassien

Nash Tackle&aposs carp fishing podcast invites Steve Briggs & Joan to join Dan and Alf for this episode.Cassien is one of (if not the) most iconic carp fishing venues, held in the very highest regard by carp anglers all around the world. In this episode we explore the wonder of this magical place and relive over 30 years worth of incredible experiences, highs, lows and strange goings shared via Steve and Joan who are true Cassien carping pioneers and have been captivated by the lake since day one. Sit back prepare to laugh, cry, share in their incredible captures (including world firsts) and feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. One things for sure I bet you&aposll be planning your own trip to Cassien after listening to this.
22/11/202h 10m

Nash Tackle Off the Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 3 - Gaz Fareham

Gaz needs no introduction to the carp fishing scene. Not only has he caught some of the countries finest carp over the years, but he&aposs also the man behind the incredibly successful Subsurface Journal series. We dive into it all in this huge episode of the Off The Hook podcast!
13/11/203h 31m

Nash Tackle Off the Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 2 - Wofte - So How Do You Pronounce It?

Wofte Clothing was born from the depths of the murky underground carp fishing scene in the South East of England. Bringing the street into carp fishing and offering alternative, trendy and averse bank side threads, that not only look the part but also stick two fingers up to the outdoor elements and from function to fit, embrace them.In this episode, Dan and Alfie sit down to talk about how Wofte Clothing has developed over the past 9 years.
08/11/201h 29m

Nash Tackle Off the Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 1 - Dan and Alfie - Guess Who's Back!

We are back with Season 2 and this time, we are doing it properly! In this episode, we join our hosts Alfie Willingale and Dan Yeomans as they bring us back up to date, and set things off for the new season!
01/11/201h 41m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 18 - Euro Banx 6 with Alan and Oli Pt 2

Tune in to part 2 of the Euro Banx special as Alan and Oli reminisce on the best moments from the EB series. They also give an insight into how to approach your own European adventure!  
13/05/201h 28m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 17 - Euro Banx 6 with Alan and Oli Pt 1

Did you enjoy Euro Banx 6? Well, make sure to listen to this exclusive episode where Alan and Oli take us through the full adventure including all the behind the scenes stories that you wouldn&apost have heard on the film! 
09/05/202h 49m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 16 - Jacob Worth - The London Carper

Jacob Worth has certainly made a name for himself on the London carping scene. At only 20 years old he&aposs already managed to catch some incredible carp, all whilst having a very unique career. Tune in to find out more! 
31/03/201h 26m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 15 - Samir Arebi - European Adventures

Samir is known for his incredible European adventures documented through his productions on Nash TV. In this episode, Alfie speaks to Samir to find out more about his personal life and exactly how he came to be the angler he is today. 
13/02/201h 35m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 14 - Christmas Special

The Nash team reflect on some of their most memorable moments of 2019! 
25/12/192h 25m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 13 - Henry Lennon - Yellow Thunder

Although Henry has only been at Nash Tackle for a year, he&aposs found himself in some very &aposinteresting&apos fishing situations! An episode full of surprises, you don&apost want to miss this one!  
12/12/191h 49m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 12 - Oli Davies - The Man Behind The Lens

With a library of incredible images, Oli Davies has cemented himself as one of the best photographers within the carp fishing industry. We sit down to find out more about his personal life as well as exploring the technical side of photography. 
21/11/192h 6m

Alan Blair On Concealing Your Terminal Tackle

Alan Blair shares his thoughts on why concealing your terminal tackle will catch you more carp in the long run. 
11/11/198m 15s

Marc Voosen On Strength And Reliability In Your Terminal Tackle

Marc is a renowned European big fish angler and so confidence in his end tackle is key. We caught up with him about the aspects of strength and reliability of his terminal tackle and how much it plays a part in his fishing.
11/11/198m 40s

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 11 - Max Hendry - That Is So Max Hendry

If you want to know anything about Nash Bait then Max Hendry is the guy you need to listen to! This episode gives us an insight into Max&aposs everyday life at Nash and how his role has changed over the past few years! 
16/10/191h 21m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 10 - Steve Briggs - The Black Mirror

The legend that is Steve Briggs sits down to tell us about his incredible capture of &aposThe Black Mirror&apos. 
25/09/191h 33m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 9 - Kevin Nash - The Pub Chuck!

The legend that is Kevin Nash explains how Nash Tackle was born along with telling us a few of his incredible and hilarious angling moments over the years! 
01/09/191h 58m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 8 - Julian Cundiff - Page 5 Fella

Julian Cundiff offers a brilliant insight into his fishing career along with explaining his journey to becoming the sexiest angler in the country! 
13/08/191h 26m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 7 - Dave Mag - The Royal Forty

Just when you thought we couldn&apost get a dreamier podcast guest than Marc Voosen, we managed to sit down with Dave Mag to discuss some of his incredible carp fishing experiences! 
01/08/191h 44m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 6 - Marc Voosen - She Works Hard For The Money

Marc Voosen provides us with some invaluable information about carp behaviour after his experience with underwater filming. We also find out how Pinpoint Hooks was created and have a general chat with Marc about his personal life and fishing! 
16/07/191h 31m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 5 - Mike Wilson - Revenge Is Sweet

Dan and Alfie are joined by Mike Wilson live from the banks of France! Will there be any crying in this episode....? Tune in to find out! 
02/07/1949m 50s

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 4 - Dan and Alfie - The Final Countdown

Dan and Alfie sit down to discuss an eventful trip to Bluebell Lakes along with announcing the departure of two members of Nash staff! 
21/05/191h 7m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 3 - Tom Forman - That Belgium Trip

Dan and Alfie sit down with Tom Forman to not only discuss his role at Nash but to also talk about a rather eventful trip to Belgium! 
02/05/191h 23m

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Episode 2 - Alan Blair - Pálinka Gate

Dan and Alfie are joined by their first guest of the series, Alan Blair! 
23/04/191h 27m

Episode 1 - Intro - The Mystery Box!

Dan and Alfie welcome you to the new Nash Tackle podcast! You&aposll learn what to expect from the series over the coming weeks and also be given the chance to win &aposThe Mystery Box!&apos 
08/04/1938m 26s
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