Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 28 - Jim Shelley

Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 28 - Jim Shelley

By Nash Tackle

We’ve finally managed to pin him down and get him in the podcast studio! This week the podcast welcomes legendary big carp hunter Jim Shelley.

Jim is widely acclaimed as one of the very best big carp anglers in the history of the sport. If any proof was needed as to Jim’s carping pedigree you only have to look at his incredible record including historic captures of some of the very best carp that have ever lived in the UK and his continued relentless hunting of big old English carp. Jims drive, passion and pursuit of carp has often left in his wake a whole host of rumours, incidents and controversy. In this podcast Jim talks through some of his most significant captures and sets the record straight, there’s one thing you find whilst listening to this podcast and that above all else Jim certainly tells it like it is.

Jim starts by talking about his time on the historic Wraysbury of old, imagine one hundred and twenty acres with only seventeen carp. He guides us through his approach which ultimately led to his historic capture of former British record Mary at 52lb 12oz. In this chapter Jim also speaks about the tragic events which saw the death of his close carp fishing friend “Marky Mark” and how this affected him. The party scene and celebrations as well as a few home truths about subsequent captures are also covered.

Collingbrooke in Kent was Jim’s next port of call where he targeted the infamous “Two Tone” mirror which had grown to weights in excess of 60lb. The fishing on there was renowned to be very tricky with a couple of bites a season being really good going. In true Jim style he set about the task going against the grain and reaping some serious rewards.

Jim talks about his time fishing for “unknown” giants on Fen Drayton. Just armed with his knowledge, a boat and an unwavering hunger to capture something rumoured to be very special he developed a plan that would be the downfall of some truly historic and special captures including a 48lb linear!

In his final chapter Jim talks through his capture of arguably the finest carp that has ever swam in our waters “The Black Mirror” from the mere. Fishing a no fishing venue with minimal gear whilst surrounded by a host of carp fishing’s finest anglers targeting the same prize is certainly a daunting prospect and a big ask. Jim as ever managed to live his dreams and cradle The Black Mirror in an incredible carping crescendo.

Finally, Jim speaks about his mindset, how he has changed as a person and how he has worked on himself over the years allowing him to be better understood and communicate better all in a manner which allows him to help other anglers. Jim talks about learning to read and write only ten years ago and then publishing three separate books, an admirable achievement in its own right. 

We know how eagerly anticipated this podcast is and it sure doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy an incredible, historic, funny and frank three-hour dive into the world of “Uncle Jim”

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