Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 29 - Joe Morgan

Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 29 - Joe Morgan

By Nash Tackle

This week the podcast welcomes “Mr Carp Angle” Joe Morgan.

Joe is a truly unique, charismatic man who has a host of incredible carp captures under his belt. He prefers to keep relatively low key with his captures and we think you’ll be surprised by some of the fish that have ended up (or almost ended up) in his landing net over the years. 

Joe has spent a considerable amount of time working within the industry. He began at the early age of just seventeen working as a bailiff on the famous French holiday complex “Dream Lakes”, he then when onto work for Korda before being the face of Carp Tv. He sets the record sraight around the end of Carp Tv and his involvement as well as talking about his (and camera man Mike Tobin) motivations to start his recent epic carping YouTube channel Carp Angle.

Joe recalls his carp fishing campaign in pursuit of “Dippy” from the infamous Snake Pit. He recalls the struggles, successes and how he ultimately managed to bank this most sought after of carp.

He has historically had a scary affinity for big commons and talks through his capture of The Wood Common from Spitfire pool, one of the widely regarded hardest to catch of carp from a tricky intimate venue. Couple this with an epic tale about the Burghfield common and you will see for yourselves that Joe certainly has friends in pretty high places.

Joe goes onto talk about his more recent campaign on Northwyke where with a few elements that “stretched” the rules he managed to cradle the incredible freak of carping nature that is “James’ Fish”.

Throughout the podcast Joe referances his mindset, spirituality and life experiances he’s had during his travels across the globe. He’s an enlightened man with a positive and infectious outlook on life that has undoubltely crossed over to his angling. He talks about his other passions outside of carp fishing namely his love for music and music events.

The later part of the podcast Joe discusses the keys to his recent success on Longreach and the Meadows where the fishing is anything but for the feint hearted and where Joe still pursues his target of the Friendly Common.

Joe certainly is unique and his passion, hard work and love for carp fishing is truly inspirational as you will find over the next two hours.

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