Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 30 - Kev Hewitt

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 30 - Kev Hewitt

By Nash Tackle

Warning this weeks’ podcast contains huge amounts of BIG day ticket carp and the man responsible for these captures is the carping terminator that is Kev Hewitt.

Joined by host Hassan, Kev shares firstly his iconic early days on the Linear Complex where he honed his love for spodding and the famous “three rods on a spot” approach that is so devastating for big hit fishing on Linear to this very day. He talks about his standout captures across the complex over the years including Spike on his first night, Kempy’s Linear on Facebook live and the jewel in the linear crown St Johns&apos Big Plated.

Kev talks in depth about his approach to busy day ticket complexes and how this has changed and adapted over the years through his own experimentation. Kev also addresses the controversial rumours around the use of certain additives such as hormones which many have suspected be a potential reason for the unbelievable regular success of the top day ticket anglers at present.

In an emotional and frank chapter Kev talks about his time fishing the British Carp Angling Championships (BCACS) and how he came to form a partnership with his childhood friend and top carper in his own right Mark Bartlett. The pair went on to win the title two years in a row also finishing third and then second in the subsequent events showing just how  consistent they are even under all that pressure.

Kevin talks about his love and success on the awesome Bluebells complex in which he managed to take apart the two premier waters Swan and Kingfisher. Starting with Swan Kev talks about his standout capture of Dave a mirror which is still his UK pb to this very day. Onto Kingfisher (or Kingy) and after a slow start he managed to put together a huge hit of over 42 fish in a concentrated amount of time after developing an insight into how to locate prime feeding spots on the lake.

The last chapter Kev talks about his recent run of success on The Carp Society’s Farriers Lake where he has once again put together an incredible hit of big commons that reside in the lake with devastating effect.

Finally, he talks about his balance of work, life and fishing and his future angling plans. Through it all Kev is incredibly open and well spoken, you can’t help but admire the man even more after an insight into the mind of a carp fishing machine.

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