S8 Ep1: Unsolved Murder of Beverly Jarosz

S8 Ep1: Unsolved Murder of Beverly Jarosz

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

(Part 1) I’ve been receiving requests from some of you to release the three podcasts I created years ago on the 1964 unsolved murder of Beverly Jarosz. These 3 episodes were among early in the podcast, and it was under the name American Crimecast. You will hear interviews from Beverly’s sister Carol along with her mother Eleanor. I am very saddened to share that Eleanor has since passed away. On December 28th, 1964, sixteen year old high school junior Beverly Jarosz was slain in her home in Garfield Heights, Ohio.  Almost 52 years later we sat down with her family. This is her story. Find us ⁠online.⁠ Support the show by joining our Black Label to support the show and unlock exclusive benefits. You can join on ⁠Patreon⁠ and ⁠Apple Podcast Premium⁠. Follow us on ⁠Instagram⁠, ⁠Twitter⁠, and ⁠Facebook⁠. Join ⁠Shane's Facebook Group⁠. Hosted by ⁠Shane Waters⁠. Listen to his other crime podcast ⁠Mystery Inc⁠, or his history podcast ⁠Hometown History⁠!

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