Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 32 - Gary Bayes

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 32 - Gary Bayes

By Nash Tackle

This week joining host Hassan on the podcast is the most eagerly anticipated of guests, none other then NashBait mastermind, former British record holder and the  all-round true character that is Gary Bayes.

Gary starts by talking about suffering a recent heart attack and how he is straight back as busy as ever enjoying his life with his unrivalled passion for carp fishing and nature.

In terms of angling there’s no doubting Gary’s track record and pedigree. Despite choosing some incredibly testing venues he’s always had more than his fair share of success.

Starting with “The Essex Manor” he talks about how he managed to catch fish with astonishing regularity despite a lake which had a very well-established baiting campaign on it. He managed to develop a tactic which led to not need to set a morning alarm as he was inevitably woken by a take each morning. His campaign ended with the capture of his target “The Amphibian” which had eluded him for longer than he thought it would. He then decided to go back some years later with a new approach due to his change in circumstances in his private life and managed to catch the reason for his return in the shape of “The Northern Lin”.

Gary then set his sights on the infamous Collingbrooke in Kent. The venue held the British record mirror carp “Two Tone”. In true Gary style he used his bait as a weapon priming areas and managing to catch in his first season. After a very difficult second season due to the fish suffering from a gill parasite he finally managed to capture “Two Tone” at a British Record weight of 61lb 2oz making him the first person to catch a UK 60lber and on the famous Nash Scopex Squid also, a bait of his own creation.

On to the unknown vast expanse Fen Drayton and Gary applied all his knowledge to ensure that he was able to locate and fish spots which led to capturing a number of unknown carp including a common named after him “Bayes Common”. Despite the fish not seeing boilies and feeding on naturals his knowledge of fish feeding and bait lead him to unlock the code on the venue.

Gary shares his thoughts on various matters in the world of bait. From how Scopex Squid came to be to how you can change the way you apply bait to ensure success in your own angling. In this extremely informative section, he shows just how in tune he is with carp, their feeding habits and how as anglers we can adapt things in our baiting approach to help us.

Finally, Gary talks fisheries and how he manages Bayswater, Fen Drayton and a new fishery project which his is very excited to be in the process of developing. 

You simply cannot fail to be entertained, educated and inspired by a true great carping mind. As for the man himself we know you’ll love Gary’s “both barrels” approach to everything he does.

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