Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 33 - Alfie Russell

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 33 - Alfie Russell

By Nash Tackle

Joining host Hassan this week is an angler who even at a young age has put London urban big carp fishing on the map with a host of incredibley special captures under his belt, it&aposs none other the Alfie Russell.

Alfie is an extremely talented angler who has a passion for fishing in the hustle and bustle of London city searching for the “unknown” special carp that inhabit its waterways. Alfie talks about his childhood and how he learnt his craft under the guidance of his dad and uncle.

Alfie talks about his time with Nash Tackle, which was his first break in the fishing industry at the age of just 13. From his early appearances on the Nash Tackle DVD’s to filming Urban Banx 9 with Alan Blair. He talks through his love for urban fishing and how he is thankful for his time with Nash before he moved onto work with ESP more recently. Alfie also talks about the nature of the London urban big carp scene and how due to respect for his fellow anglers, he keeps locations unnamed as he talks about them in the rest of the podcast.

Alfie talks through his campaign on “The Park” which was the place that elevated his standing in the carp community where he managed to capture both a 40lb+ common and a 40lb+ mirror from the venue. As if this wasn’t impressive enough at the time, he was only a teenager and there was no previous record of capture for both these fish.

Next it was onto “The Forest” where Alfie pitted his skills in pursuit of a huge mirror in a silty old lake. Changing tactics, prebaiting and observing he quarry all led to him ending his time on the venue with his target which was another 40lb+ fish in his arms.

In more recent times Alfie talks about the capture of an epic looking canal 30lb+ linear. The stretch in question is certainly not for the feint hearted with a few scary episodes with the locals and more than one or two considerations in terms of his own personal safety whilst out fishing the canal. Alfie talks through his approach in terms of rigs and baiting and hints to a future video about his campaign on here to be released by ESP.

Finally, Alfie shares an insight into him, his struggles with anxiety, his love for his family and his ambitions and hopes for the future as he launches a hookbait rolling business. He also covers his love for other species namely perch and barbel proving that he’s an incredible all-round angler with truly a wise old fishing head on his young shoulders. There’s one thing for sure there’s more than a few gems of wisdom that will have you thinking about targeting your own urban uncaught carp.


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