Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 34 - Mark Holmes

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 34 - Mark Holmes

By Nash Tackle

Joining host Hassan this week is Yorkshire’s big carp bounty hunter himself Mark Holmes.

Mark has been an established personality in the carp fishing world for well over thirty years. From his early days fishing the mixed fisheries of Yorkshire learning to single out bigger fish through to his more recent incredible run of big carp from tricky venues this podcast covers it all. As to be expected with Mark he certainly isn’t shy in giving his opinions as well as sharing a whole host of edges and tips that have brought him success over the years.

Mark has always been known for his knowledge of bait and bait application which have accounted for some truly stunning fish both “up north” and in the south of the country. He talks through his famous salt tactic and how this can be applied to target large pre spawning carp. He also discusses deadbaiting for large male carp which are often hard to catch on conventional boilies and can go “missing” for years. Marks talks through curing his own hookbaits as well as  other bait edges including liquids and the use of PVA. It’s truly an amazing deep dive into the mind of a big carp angler who uses bait as their biggest weapon.

In terms of captures Mark highlights various special fish including his time back in the early days on Rippon Racecourse catching some of the biggest fish in Yorkshire  at the time. He recalls an amazing account of his 61lb 4oz mirror carp caught from Nash Copse Lake some fifteen years ago as well as an unconventional but hugely successful session in which he caught Chad Lakes Blackeye at over 50lb. In more modern times Mark talks through his consistent big fish captures on venues such as Deepings, The Approach and other unnamed off the radar venues.

Mark harks back to his days as editor of Advanced Carp Fishing magazine, he talks about his relationships (good and bad) with others in the fishing media at the time as well as his current thoughts on carp fishing media and why he left as editor. Let&aposs just say Mark hasn&apost been shy in his opinions or the information that he has shared.

Something a lot of people may not know is that Mark formally had his own lake “Lakeview” in Yorkshire in which he nurtured carp to over 50lb. Add to this the fact that he now is president of a large fishing club in Yorkshire then it becomes clear that Mark certainly lives and breathes the sport and is passionate about leaving a true carp fishing legacy.

It’s fair to say this is a really opinion packed rollercoaster of a podcast but there’s one thing for sure along all the twists and turns there’s a huge amount of information and expertise meshed in with humour and charisma from this real-life carp fishing maverick.


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