By Tom Eames and Morgan Jeffery

Save the cheerleader, save the world… or at least until season 5.

For this episode, Tom takes Morgan on a look back at 2000s sci-fi series Heroes, and perhaps the biggest drop from gold to meh in TV history.

We discuss the NBC comic-style drama’s fantastic first season, its disappointing follow-ups, and how it may have inspired our love of superhero films.

Also in the episode:

Tom gets progressively drunk and angry when remembering how Heroes went.We find a tenuous link to Love ActuallyMorgan laments people’s insistence of calling comics graphic novelsWe remember how Ando once appeared on Soccer Aid and didn’t know what corners wereThe weird backtracking of making Sylar a good guy and sexy bloke despite eating people’s brains (or did he?)Is there an ‘Ashanti Virus’?How Peter left his girlfriend to die in a parallel universe apocalyptic futureHow bloody brilliant was Gilmore Girls?

Clips used:

Heroes (NBC)Heroes Reborn (NBC)The Champions (ITV)
Heart UK