DiSC The Dynamics of Personality Styles with Nikki Vee

DiSC The Dynamics of Personality Styles with Nikki Vee

By Nick James

In potentially the most impactful episode ever, personal coach Nikki Vee, talks to Nick about the dynamics of personality styles and the psychology that underpins how we interact and communicate with each other.

The DiSC model describes the four main personality styles dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance and using this tool in business can be the key to moving to the next level.

Understanding your own profile and appreciating that someone else is different to you is crucial in building your empire.

When you have self-awareness and are being you then everything is better and this episode is a great way to find out how to be who you truly are



The way we interact and communicate with others falls into four categories (dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance High dominance and high compliance are  left-brain orientated, the masculine and ‘doing’ part of the brain Those with high compliance are very focused on the doing of the task and not the end goal Influence and steadiness are right-brain orientations, this is about emotions and is more feminine A high steadiness person wants to know what’s going to happen in the future It’s a rare thing to be just one of the categories, most people are a combination of two To be successful in sales long term a person needs to be a combination of influence and dominance in their profile People operate from a position of thinking others think like them and want the same things but this is not the case. Understanding others personalities better means when there is less conflict and discord, it’s about learning the philosophy of human psychology When you are being you and in your natural style everything will work better If you are presenting yourself to the world with a mask people see this as who you are Find out what your natural style is and find a strategy to grow your business that is aligned with it If your natural, adjusted and stress profiles are all the same everything will work better



‘You come home to who you really are and live your life in your most natural style and the journey is about noticing when you have adjusted’

‘In a stress situation whatever is dominant will become more exaggerated’

‘Understanding the philosophy of personality styles took our company to the next level’



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