Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 37 - Steve Renyard

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 37 - Steve Renyard

By Nash Tackle

This week the podcast welcomes a true carp fishing character and star of Advanced Carp Fishing’s “The Weekender” series Steve Renyard.

Steve has an incredible carp fishing pedigree cutting his teeth fishing in the 80’s catching much sought after twenty pounders. He talks about being fortunate enough to learn from three of the greatest carp fishermen that have ever cast a rod, these being Kevin Maddocks, Rod Hutchinson and Kevin Nash.

Steve reflects on his time fishing Kevin Maddocks&apos Withy Pool, where despite its rock-hard reputation over the nine years Steve fished it, he “smashed it” using a combination of watercraft but also the development of the now well renowned “Withy Pool Rig”. Testament to how epic this rig development was Steve still uses this presentation to this day and it accounts for numbers of large wary big carp. Steve also talks about the social scene at Withy and how “bad behaviour” was encouraged by Kevin at the time, you’ll be sure to have a few chuckles along the way during Steve’s reminiscing.

Onto Wellington Country Park and Steve once again applied a rig development in the shape of his “Basic Complicated Rig” which accounted for numerous thirty pounders which would grow to be the fifties and sixties that Wellington has become famous for.

On the theme of rigs and bait Steve talks about his ever faithful “Hermit Rig” incorporating elastic and using solid PVA bags before they were widely used and fashionable like today. He looks back to starting his own bait company and learning about bait from the likes of Gray Bayes and the team at Richworth. At this time, he talks about his fishing in “The Weekender” days for Advanced Carp Fishing and recalls his success on Yateley North lake, Nashy’s Church Lake and many other venues whilst being photographed by the likes of Richard Stewart and Oli Davies.

Steve explains the reasons behind his five-year disappearance from carp fishing and how this affected him. He talks about his epic return onto the scene thanks to  Dan Wildbore and Sticky Baits/Thinking Anglers. He managed to capture a numerous string of 30lbers and 40lbers including the A Team from Linch Hill and Linear to name but a few. Steve talks openly about his thoughts on the modern scene and his general musings about carp fishing. 

One things for sure this podcast has so many layers, pure carp fishing acumen, epic tales, comedy, history and all form integral parts into what maketh the man, that man being the living legend that is Steve Renyard.

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