BITESIZE #25 | Ben Ainslie: Focus on the failure with brutal honesty

The High Performance Podcast

By Jake Humphrey

BITESIZE #25 | Ben Ainslie: Focus on the failure with brutal honesty

Friday, 16 July

As part of our special Olympic series with Lotus Cars, we’re delving into the rich archive for lessons from Olympic legends! This week’s comes from Ben Ainslie, the most successful Olympic sailor of all time, with four golds and one silver medal over a 16 year period. 

Ben talks about focussing on failure with brutal honesty, with the mindset of improvement. Don’t ignore the bad...or you’ll never turn it into the good 🙌

Listen to the whole episode:

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Thank you to Lotus Cars for being our very special parter for this Olympics series. Lotus has created the new cutting edge Olympic bike to be raced by Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics – 25 years after the Lotus 108 helped Chris Boardman win a gold medal. It is an incredible design you really have to see for yourself! Check it out at 

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