Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 41 - Dan Wildbore

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 41 - Dan Wildbore

By Nash Tackle

This week the podcast welcomes one of the industries top videographers, former England International and a man who likes his carp British and full of history, Dan Wildbore.

Dan and his brother Jake grew up in Leicestershire and both of them despite their relative youth have achieved a huge amount both on the bank and in a wider aspect working in the industry. There’s certainly some incredible carp oriented Wildbore genetics at work.

From his humble beginnings fishing for doubles and maybe the one or two twenty pounders present locally Dan really kicked his carp angling into gear when taxied by his mother he found himself on the Linear complex and The Carp Society’s Horseshoe Lake during his teenage years. He developed his love for fishing over bait and had a host of incredible captures including “The Birth mark Linear” from linear fisheries as well as a huge host of incredible old apple sliced Horseshoe lake stunners to over 30lb.

As these venues became busier and busier Dan decided to targeted a big fish syndicate in the shape of Irchester. After a tough time adjusting his tactics to the new venue the second season saw him have numbers successful sessions capturing a number of the A team.

Not content with his success along with his brother Jake they entered the carp fishing match scene and took it by storm. Despite their relaxed manner, seemly only going to have a number of beers and a social they were successful and soon developed quite the match winning partnership. This lead to them qualifying to represent their country and Carp Team England in three Word Championships across three different countries. The ins and outs of this time I will leave Dan to explain via this podcast but let say he doesn’t hold back and shares just how things can be tested in angling media and how much pressure there is angling at the top level. Dan also shares the story of how him and his brother came second in the World Carp Masters but didn’t ever receive any of their prize money.

In terms of his career lets just say Dan has covered everything from working at a supermarket to being instrumental in the rise of Sticky baits along with his friend and owner Tom Anderson. Dan goes into detail about his time at Sticky and how as media/marketing manger he built the brand up from its humble beginnings. He reminisces about his fondest shoots and chapters including working with the likes of Chris Yates, photographing The Burghfield Common and filming Nick Helleur when he captured “That Thames 50lber”. He talks fondly about his “eventful” trips to Cassein with the team where he himself landed a 65lb+ Cassein carp as well as nearly drowning Tom doing some underwater filming.  Finally Dans talks about a venues that have captivated him over the recent years and which he still finds himself on the banks of, these being Linch Hill and Elstow. With a host of incredible captures from both venues you’d think he’d find it hard to choose between the two but Dan’s heart is firmly over at the secretive Elstow and after hearing about it you will know why.Its truly a fascinating insight into Dans influence and drive during his time at Sticky.

Dan rounds of this action packed podcast by talking about his recent career change and his decision to leave Sticky and go freelance. He talks frankly about his opinions in terms of fishing and media as well as what he wants for the future.

Dan is a true creative and an incredible gifted angler. His nonchalant nature and modestly hides a man who is a real achiever. The podcast shows just how diverse Dan is and how just like he has already proved he can certainly crave a niche for himself wherever he wants.

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