Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 42 - Forbidden Routes Jack Thomson

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 42 - Forbidden Routes Jack Thomson

By Nash Tackle

This week joining host Hassan in the podcast studio is a self made carp fishing YouTuber, the man behind “Forbidden Routes” Jack Thomson.

Jack is a truly passionate and skilled carp angler who manages to catch some incredible carp for all over the country despite holding down a family and full time job. Add to this the fact that he also documents his own fishing adventures on his “Forbidden Routes” YouTube channel which has over 10k of subscribers to date and you cannot fail but to be impressed.

Jack talks about how he came to start his Youtube channel along with the difficulties and realities of filming his angling. He talks about him receiving death threats and the general negativity that comes with putting your content out to the masses. He also talks about the positivity he has received and that way his channels has grown since he started it four years ago. Finally he gives some sound advice for anyone out there who wants to follow in his carp fishing YouTuber footsteps.

One significant place and a location which put him and his big carp fishing on the map is London. Jack talks through some crazy times tackling the capitals “no fishing” lakes in search of some incredible big scaly carp. Jack’s limited time means that he is constantly moving around  London trying to find a stalking opportunity at one of the very desired London carp which reside in its canals, rivers and park lakes. He talks about two special mirrors which he captured whilst filming/fishing last year. Both these mirrors where from areas on venues where he had to be as hidden as possible and required some serious “quick in and out” skills. Jack also talks about the reality of fishing in London with a very protective community of anglers, traffic, tackle thieves plus much much more. It’s certainly an eye opening look into the London carping scene.

Onto river carping, an area which Jack has excelled in recent times and has led him to have two features in typography. He talks about his approach and captures on various river systems and how the adventure and unknown element attracts him to these venues.=

In the final chapter Jack talks about his recent incredible success capturing a 49lb surface PB and a stunning dark platted mirror from a new syndicate. He concludes by giving a candid but vague enough account of a big pit that he is targeting in Cambridgeshire which is practically unfitted and has rumours of 50lb uncaught monsters in.

As a character Jack is incredibly driven and give 100% in everything especially his carp fishing. If you like your carp fishing with adventure and passion then this is sure to light your fire.

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