Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 43 - Steve Briggs "Fifteen From Fifteen"

Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 43 - Steve Briggs "Fifteen From Fifteen"

By Nash Tackle

This week joining us for the second time this series is none other than the living legend and Nash/Carp Fishing Hall Of Famer Steve Briggs.

To our knowledge Steve is the only man on the planet to have caught FIFTEEN different 50lb+ carp for FIFTEEN different countries! If that’s not impressive enough, he’s still out there doing it and I’m sure number sixteen isn’t too far away! This podcast tells the stories and details behind each one of these incredible captures. From the Black Mirror in the UK through to South Africa and a host of different European countries Steve has been there and got himself a 50lb+ T shirt. Take a look at the list of Steve’s captures and venues they are from below….

1: 61lb 8oz mirror France, Cassien 1987

2: 54lb 8oz mirror South Africa, Klaserie Dam 1999

3: 53lb common Romania, Lake Raduta 2001

4: 55lb 10oz common Austria, Forest Lake 2006

5: 51lb 12oz mirror (The Black Mirror) England, The Mere 2010

6: 62lb mirror Belgium, The Surf syndicate, 2011

7: 57lb common Germany, Becker Pool, 2012

8: 58lb mirror Hungary, Euro Aqua, 2013

9: 56lb mirror Poland, Tuszynek Lake, 2014

10: 59lb 14oz common Croatia, Lake Sumbar June 2017

11: 53lb common Slovenia, Smartinsko Lake July 2017

12: 55lb mirror Italy, Parco Del Brenta, November 2017

13: 51lb common Holland, Carplantis, August 2018

14: 56lb 8oz common, Czech Republic, Hejlov lake June 2019

15: 53lb mirror, Bosnia, Pelagicevo lake, October 2020

In his own classy, eloquent and modest way Steve talks through each capture in detail as well as the funny, controversial and untold stories that come along with a lifetime of incredible angling. Steve also give an insight in how he comes to find/hear about big target fish as well as how he has refined his rigs and baiting approach to aid him in capturing so many incredible carp all over the globe over the past 30+ years. Steve is a true carp angling pioneers and one of the most humble, down to earth and nicest of guest we’ve had the pleasure of having on the podcast. His carping pedigree is second to none and the sheer scale of what is discussed in this podcast is mindblowing and will leave you in awe of a man who has dedicated his life and lived his carping dreams yet still has the hunger for more! Big Love Briggsy. #FifteenAndCounting

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