BITESIZE #31 | Cath Bishop: Winning when it’s impossible

The High Performance Podcast

By Jake Humphrey

BITESIZE #31 | Cath Bishop: Winning when it’s impossible

Friday, 27 August

This week we have an extract from our exclusive members club The High Performance Circle, with former Olympian and business coach, Cath Bishop. 

Cath believes that we have come to define winning too narrowly - as a moment in time crossing the line, winning a medal, and at a level set by others rather than ourselves. That 'win at all costs' mentality has seen 'the costs' rise to unacceptable levels. 

Cath talks about the need to redefine winning in a way that helps us to explore our potential better and thrive over the long-term, to ensure that crossing the line first or last is connected to something of lasting value. Jake and Damian respond to Cath's excellent keynote speech.

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