Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 44 - Mike Wilson

Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 44 - Mike Wilson

By Nash Tackle

Joining Hassan in the studio is Nash Tackle Product Innovations Manager Mike Wilson! Warning…. look out for a shock announcement in this podcast and have your tissues ready!

Mike has been with Nash since his teenage years and has grown to be a fundamental part of Life at Nash and responsible for a whole host of incredible Nash products over the years including the new “yet to be seen” products due in the future.

Mike talks through his recent successful three years campaign on Essex big carp syndicate Golden Gates targeting a historic 40lb+ common by the name of Bulldozer.

Fishing midweek overnighters mainly Mike spent three seasons trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together to unlock the code to capture Bulldozer. The whole campaign has been captured on film and will be released soon on Nash TV however we take an exclusive and detailed look at how Mike went about his angling. 

After getting his ticket and being told “you can’t catch them off the top here” Mike in less than a few hours caught the second biggest fish in the lake on a mixer. Despite being an incredible result, it was a false dawn and Mike had the rest of his success off the bottom in that first season. 

In season two Mike started to apply bait to areas that would see him receive consistent action. He refined his rigs and approach to maximise opportunities that presented himself. The syndicate socials, fellow anglers and etiquette showed added to Mikes enjoyment and the whole overall incredible atmosphere at the venue.

Finally, in season three after a “written in the stars” sequence of events Mike managed to capture his target, the details and emotions around the capture we will leave Mike to share with you in his own customary way.

Moving on from his campaign success Mike shares details around how his life has changed recently with him getting married (sorry ladies and gentlemen but he’s now officially taken) as well as what the future looks like for him.

Finally, Mike takes a little look back at some of his favourite chapters in his Nash life thus far, be prepared for some funny stories, truths and an end to the rumours around his “crying” episodes

As ever with Mike there’s humour, charisma and a huge amount of understated incredible angling. What a boiiii! Sit back and enjoy the Mike Wilson show!

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