Interview with the Creator of The Pandemic Podcast - Dan Gregory

Interview with the Creator of The Pandemic Podcast - Dan Gregory

By Nick James

Dan Gregory host of ‘The Pandemic Podcast’ talks with Nick about why following the increasingly one-sided information about the pandemic he felt compelled to speak out and take action with his podcast talking a balanced critical view based on analysis of the data and the science.

The pandemic has affected us all and Dan has grown a huge following in a very short time frame exploring the questions and seeking answers to a narrative that had previously had no counterbalance. Hear more about his vision, values, and tribe in this in-depth interview.


I become very sceptical about some of the models that were being presented More and more over time, there has been a divergence between the data, the science and what’s been portrayed in the media The data was showing young people as been the least susceptible but they were being treated in an unacceptable way so I had to speak out It was about stepping up because this was about children’s futures, humanity, and society The impact I was seeing beyond myself created something within myself that said – ‘you have to step up’ There was an internal shift to leading and I spoke as my authentic self and to my true self I wanted to use my natural entrepreneurial curiosity to explore the questions and seek answers because there had been a narrative with no counterbalance to it It came from a deep-rooted desire to make an impact in that particular space. It has shifted how I am as a leader and entrepreneur and was driven by concern about what was going to happen to us as a society You need to understand what people are concerned about and the podcast content is built around not only my curiosities but also the curiosities of those who listen A deliberate approach to values was forged early on in the podcast Historical my driving force has been around elevating humanity and enriching the world The podcast has brought clarity around the structural and systemic issues in the world and how I can focus my vision on the areas I want to operate in.  Shifting the ways in which we operate and using my expertise and the tribe I have following me is a way to make changes in the world I want to look at how to create global solutions Where there is a problem there is a solution, where there is a solution there is an opportunity


‘You understand the personal issues and frustrations of people’

‘There have been some seismic shifts in the last twelve months and the world is changing

‘Humans were born to live not to just exist’


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