Mastering Digital Marketing with Neil Shoney

Mastering Digital Marketing with Neil Shoney

By Nick James

The amazing Neil Shoney who hosts ‘The Shoney Show’ podcast talks with Nick about how to master Facebook groups and achieve the engagement that generates the conversations that turn into conversions.

He explains the best approach to providing value and effectively using groups and challenges to create immersive experiences that bring engagement and multiple opportunities to make a sale.

This is an episode that provides invaluable advice and great tips about what really works in digital marketing



There are  a lot of people who use Facebook groups as their primary source for generating  high ticket sales For high figure  sales, it’s about high-quality information delivered live with logical calls to action at the end The opportunity to ask a question when someone makes a request to be part of the private group can be utilised effectively if you position  the value in that part of the step Having a well-articulated question at this part of the process can bring in people who have already said yes Long term Facebook groups mean it has to be a high-level priority for you, short term ‘pop up’ challenge groups are better if you only want short term engagement If you are selling something use Facebooks conversion API, if you are looking for leads use Facebook lead ads The more aligned you are with one platform the more risk there is, you must diversify With high ticket sales and challenges, it’s about an immersive experience We want to give people the steppingstone towards the call if its high ticket When you get free challenges right there are multiple opportunities to make the sale it’s not just on the pitch You can put in great prompts for the highest engaged members to start conversations with you and conversations turn into conversions When a challenge is complete there are continuing opportunities for conversations that can become conversions



‘The percentage of people who say ‘yes’ is so much higher than you think’

‘Free challenges work really well’

 ‘It’s about high-quality information delivered live with logical calls to action at the end’



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Nick James

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