Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 46 - Scott Lloyd

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 46 - Scott Lloyd

By Nash Tackle

Joining Hassan this week is a modern day carping giant who has probably the best carp in the land on his CV in the shape of the Burghfield common at over 62lbs as well as a host of other incredible carp, its none other than Scott “Eggy Lad” Lloyd.

There’s no doubting not only Scott’s incredible carp catching ability but also his infectious, very unique personality but in this podcast we delve deep into what’s made him such a success. Scott talks about his upbringing, his struggles with the law and how despite more than a few scrapes with the law he managed to move away from the trappings of crime with carp fishing being very much his saviour.

Scott recalls cutting his carping teeth on linear where his love for carp observation and learning from this truly began. Through his experimentation and development on the complex he managed to capture the awesome Big Plated from St Johns which is still a major draw to anglers who visit the complex now. From these beginning on Linear Scott moved to a complex which he has become synonymous with in recent time, that being Linch Hill.

Talking through his time, findings and observations of the carp on Stoneacres, Christchurch and Willow Scotts shows his incredible ability to find carp and then developed methods that single out the real jewels in the Linch Hill Crown. Notable captures that Scott talks about are Bite Mark, The Bus and Harleys to name but a few. 

We couldnt have Scott in the studio without talking through his amazing achievement in capturing The Burghfield Common. Not only is capturing a 62lb+ Common from an incredible disjointed, large and tricky water incredibly impressive but his mindset and approach through his three year campaign is inspirational. In true Scott style he was after the next bite he was after THE BITE. Whilst talking through the capture Scott also set the record straight for the first time around his split with Greys including a rather awkward falling out and phone call with Ed Betteridge.

After the Burghfield common Scott became a little lost and flitted between venues (very successfully as expected) before targeting Englefields “Baby Black” which he managed to bank in relatively short time once finding his carping mojo once gain.

Onto present times Scott discusses his campaign on Dinton Pastures as well as his new business in the form of “Fink Food Fishing” where he has delved wholeheartedly into the catering side of carp fishing after leaving his long term lucrative job on the railways.

If youre looking for a podcast that has everything from brutal honestly, controversy and out and out incredible angling then this will no disappoint. The next three hours are an incredible maze that will leave you shocked, inspired and entertained thanks to the one and only Mr Lloyd.

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