The Importance of Body Maintenance with Andrew Petrou

The Importance of Body Maintenance with Andrew Petrou

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Tuesday, 4 May

In this episode, we&aposre talking to health expert and Osteopath Andrew Petrou, Bioglan’s in-house guru about the importance of body maintenance and what you need to be thinking about to keep your body healthy, especially now as restrictions are easing. 

What we discussed: 

The challenges over the year and how Andrew struggled with the changes to his exercise routine. How he uses  gratitude in his day to dayThe importance of maintaining perspective when it comes to how you are feelingSleep issues - we discuss a Sky News report from the start of lockdown which said people were initially sleeping better.  In the second lockdown, however, as anxiety levels started to rise, our sleeping habits were affected with more of us having disturbed sleep.Andrew  has been having more conversations with patients about an increase in anxiety, stress, and uneaseHow when cortisol levels (the stress hormone kick in) it makes sleep harder. How exercise can help reduce chronic pain and how it can help chronic insomniaThe importance of taking stock - clocking in with ourselves more often, rather than just when something goes wrong. Allowing ourselves to be a bit lazyHow to think of the body as a unit. Know that you might feel fatigued because you are tired or it could be because you are lacking in B vitamins. The increase in ADHD in adultsHow a lack of concentration is a sign of fatigue. If you are battling to focus on one thing How the Gut can give you a lot of important signs about your health, if you aren’t regular or if you have noticed the smell has changed. Sitting is the new smoking, working from home has meant longer hours being worked and people not having breaks in their day from the commute. Keystone Habits - James Clear’s book Atomic Habits and how it all starts with small incremental changes to what you do. The key pillars for a supplement program and benefits of Magnesium, Chromium, Zinc,  Glutathione, Krill Oil and Adaptogens We discuss Elle Linton and The Mac Twins both guest in Series 2 for you to listen to

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