Health Unwrapped

Health Unwrapped

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped is the conversation you need to hear to enhance your wellbeing, from the experts at Bioglan. We'll be talking about trending health topics & ways you can make a difference to your health, with leading experts discussing the latest developments in dietary supplements and of course natural foods.


Exercising yourself young - Ebony Rainford-Brent

Festive Greetings and Welcome to this is the final episode in the wonderful Health Unwrapped series that I’ve been running with Bioglan for the last year. We’re welcoming Ebony Rainford-Brent, former international England cricketer who now works as a broadcaster and commentator. This is a brilliant conversation to end our inspirational series and we hope you enjoy it.  What we discussed:  The transition from pro athlete to commentator and how that process was for her. How active she is now compared to how she was previously.How she has waves of motivation and managing her time with a busy workout schedule.  Ebony works out 3/4 times a week - twice a dayHow she got into cricket aged 10 with a dream to play for her country which she did within a decade.  The highs and lows of injury. Her experience of the world cup and The Ashes.What it was like to sign with Sky in 2020 as the only woman working on the Men’s Series.Her favourite place to travel. Her toughest opponent and how much she learnt from her, especially regarding work ethic. Her charity work as Chair of The ACE Programme, supporting British talent from the Black community. Coping with the body as it ages and whether Ebony gets frustrated by not being able to do what she previously could.The difference between high and low-intensity exercise. Joint stress and the benefits of Magnesium. How diet and supplements have changed since her pro career - and how she would have liked to have taken more than she did, but was unable to due to restrictions.The importance of routine and how they set you up. How she uses music as an anchor. Why discipline is so hard. The power of small habits. Ebony recommends Atomic Habits by James Clear.  SOCIAL:Ebony Jewel Rainford BrentBioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
05/12/2131m 28s

Immunity and the Gut

Welcome to Health UnWrapped, we’re speaking with Health and Wellness columnist Susannah Taylor about how she has been looking after her gut health, during the last 18 months and what she has learned from the conversations she’s been having for her column in You Magazine.  What we discussed: How her working life has changed over the last year, Susannah has three children between age 14 to 3 so she was confronted with the challenge of work and homeschooling. How shift-work was key between her and her husband as they juggled work and childcare.A big thing to come out of lockdown has been the time the family was able to spend together. How being immersed in nature has been her saving grace and how it took on the healing power of its own that Susannah will never forget. The importance of celebrating the simple things and the joy and meaning of them. Wellness trends during a lockdown: The growth of home exercise eg. Peloton, People have focused on looking after themselves more, living more sustainably, and how every brand should be incorporating sustainability and environmental consciousness into what they do.  The severity of our mental health and her fears about the people&aposs mental health suffering after lockdown. How there is now a new term ‘Post Pandemic Stress disorder’The best technology for mental health. The impact of Prince Harry’s conversation with Bryony Gordon and how it really escalated the mental health conversation.The link between gut health and immunity and the link with mental health. How the changes she made helped her anxiety. How many people realized the link between the gut and immunity and the importance of the microbiome. How the conversation about our microbiome is becoming more and more normalized. How everyday cookbooks are talking about the gut.Susannah discusses Immunology and conversations she has had with Dr. Jenny Machiotchi.The impact of sleep on our immunity and how a bad night&aposs sleep can lower your immunity by 60%.How our gut and head are linked to our body as a whole and how we need to put it all together in our body. It’s all one incredible system. We mentioned a previous episode of Health Unwrapped with Dr. Zoe Williams Why it is so important that we cook our own food and staying away from processed food.The dangers of sugar.The supplements that are recommended such as Vitamins D3, Zinc, and Vitamin C - but should be able to get enough Vitamin C from a reasonably healthy diet. How that helps your gut to thrive.Why you should look at your alcohol intake. SOCIAL:Susannah TaylorBioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
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Benefiting your child’s health - Jess Cunningham

Welcome back to Health Unwrapped, where we are speaking to Jess Cunningham,  former Apprentice and Big Brother contestant, business and transformation coach, and mother of five, to talk about all things related to children’s health. Jess and I spoke when her youngest son was just a few weeks old and he was good as gold!>  What we discussed: What it was like during the lockdown and how her excitement of homeschooling waned. How they managed during the 2nd lockdown, homeschooling with a toddler, being heavily pregnant, and having just launched a new business. How her stress levels were heightened during the lockdown and how it made her feel. How she works as a Business and Transformation coach and the tools she teaches to help people feel less anxious and fearful. How there aren’t many people on social media who are raw and authentic when talking about their anxieties. Why we aren’t taught this at school. How feelings are triggered by ‘in the now moments’. How she went through her mid-teens to her early 30’s thinking she was an anxious person. The modalities she is trained in. (All of these pieces of training are needing more evidence-based research) How vulnerable she was when she went on The Apprentice and then Big Brother. The importance of self-development. The importance of eating well and the effect it has on her family and their foodHer experience of being dyslexic and how she admits she is now a course junkie. How she feeds her kids with wholesome foods and how that helps their immune system. The difference you notice in children when you cut out processed food. How she uses EFT with her children.The importance of finding 20 minutes for your mental health.  SOCIAL:The Prodigal FoxBioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
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Taking care of your body’s interior functions - Scola Dondo

Welcome to another episode of Health Unwrapped and today I’m talking with Scola Dondo - YouTuber, TV Presenter, and Personal Trainer about the challenges she has overcome having been sharing her story online since she was 11.  What we discussed: The rollercoaster of emotions during the lockdown.How she found the toughest thing to be the lack of social interactions - which surprised her as she has always worked from home.How much she missed working in a coffee shop, work events and really missed being around people. How her FOMO changed from before lockdown. How she has been spending more time focusing on her mind - although she does still spend more time on her physical wellbeing How she makes a point of journaling and how listening to really positive things have helped herHow her workouts have 90% been more for her mental health during the lockdown. The different benefits of low and high-intensity mind workouts. Her diagnosis of Hyperthyroidism in her early 20’s and it&aposs impact on her life. How talking about it on her socials how her followers have related to her experienceHow Scola set up her YouTube at aged 11. How she reacts to comments about her changing appearance. How social media has changed. How she deals with negative comments on her appearance. How her physical and mental health routines as well as research have helped her with her Hyperthyroidism and listening to her body with research and listening to her body.How she has a better understanding of what exercise works for her how certain foods make her feel worse and how others make her feel amazing.  SOCIAL:Scola DondoBioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
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Adrienne Herbet - Energy and Strength

Welcome to the seventh episode in the Health Unwrapped series and we are in conversation with  Adrienne Herbert. Adrienne runs her own fabulous Power Hour podcast which is all about reclaiming your mornings and getting the most out of every day. She’s also a TEDxspeaker, author, and athlete.What we discussed:  Connectivity and how the pandemic showed us how connected we could be. The challenges of home schooling whilst Adrienne was still trying to train and get over races, such as the London Marathon being cancelled.  Adrienne believes everyone has something they want to improve in and describes herself as a ‘Professional Encourager.’ She admits to always trying to encourage people to pursue what it is they want.  How she uses her non-negotiable habits when she is struggling with her motivation e.g. when she has a long to do list. Adrienne explains how she priorities her energies e.g. with her son and his schoolwork, with her, running, or when her menstrual cycle is affecting her energies.  What is a non-negotiable? Adrienne talks about examples, such as going to bed early and how she prepares herself by going to bed at 10 pm ready to wake at 5.30 am.  The importance of a routine that you can always come back to. How our circadian rhythms and our internal body clock are so distracted by all the technology around us, yet our bodies have not evolved at the same pace as technology.  The importance of ‘White Space’ and how she has this during her day or week. It is time in your schedule where nothing is planned.  The reason Adrienne started the Power Hour Podcast and how she wanted to be ‘in the conversation’ and how she felt there was a gap in the personal development podcast space. She wanted to highlight the female point of view.  In the Power Hour book, Adrienne explains how she started the book after experiencing secondary infertility and having to deal with recurrent miscarriage and how everyone must overcome adversity in their own way. She describes the relentlessness of IVF treatment.  The Power Hour is the first hour of your day and Adrienne describes how to reclaim it.  The importance of mobility exercises post-exercises and how it helps the active recovery as it speeds up the lactic acid coming out of your muscles.  How to use magnesium and its benefits, plus how magnesium deficiency can present itself. The importance of sleep and why you should try to make your sleep environment the best you can, calm and decluttered and not too much the in the bedroom. Building a routine can be overwhelming so you need to start with the basics, which Adrienne talks about as movement. Not exercise, but movement. Trial and error is the best way to start and how you can’t force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy. The importance of letting your body rest and digest. SOCIALS Adrienne Herbet on InstagramBioglan on TwitterBioglan on FacebookBioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
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The benefits of physical health on mental health - Jules Von Hep

Welcome to Health Unwrapped and a fab chat with Jules Von Hep, who is a huge advocate of self-love, optimism, and body acceptance. He founded the cult and global self-tan brand The Isle of Paradise and helps thousands of people every day learn to love themselves and see the joy in life’s wonders via his Insta which we chat all about. What we discussed: The challenges during the pandemic and the mental issues that arose, despite having the advantages of technology on our side. The importance of human connection. How his job massively changed and how he didn’t know how to help his clients at first as there were no red carpets for him to help his clients prepare for. How he put his efforts into Instagram and social media. How this time has given us the opportunity to discuss topics that were previously really hard to speak aboutThe mental strain Jules felt when lockdown happened as he had been on his fitness plan for about 18 months and had to change it. How he tried all the zoom workouts but couldn’t work out in his kitchen as for him exercise is a side step out of reality and needed to find another way to do it.His body confidence took a real hit as he couldn’t work out how he wanted to and he wasn’t being honest on his socials, and how he then came forward and opened up about it. How once he could train outside it made all the difference.Why we are addicted to endorphins and Jules recommends Alice Living about her addiction to endorphins and gym culture. How he is very aware of what is going on in his body. The significance of your genetics and accepting your body for what it is.Why Jules uses Endorphins to clear the fog in his brain.How we perceive positivity and the importance of awareness in what we are telling ourselves and how we can work on changing our internal dialogue. Why exercise has never been marketed for the mental health benefits.The conversation he had with his first PT about what he wanted to achieve. How society has a long way to go in accurately portraying people&aposs wellbeing and how airbrushing and apps aren’t doing us any favours and are incredibly toxic. How we see ourselves now is so important, as we are conditioned early on to not like what we see. You have to be strict with yourself and reflect on how beneficial social media is - if social media is making you feel bad, come off it. Putting time aside for your exercise in your diary to make sure you do it. How cooking brings him joy. The importance of goal setting - and using long term language like ‘I will’ How he learned to implement supplements into his daily routine. How he tries to meditate and get better at having downtime and reminding himself how doing nothing is OK.   SOCIAL:Jules Von Hep Bioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
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Exercise as recovery with Alex Marks

Welcome to another episode of Health Unwrapped, we are in conversation with Alex Marks. Alex is a personal trainer, with 10 year’s experience in the health and fitness industry. He’s an online coach and Founder of On Your Marks personal training studio in southwest London, and a previous contestant on the UK’s version of The Bachelor!!  What we discussed:The challenges of lockdown. Alex described a rollercoaster of emotions and how important his exercise has been as it’s one thing he’s been able to have control over. How there are always things you can do to scale yourself forward and back in terms of exercise,  regardless of your current position - whether you are recovering from an injury needing to reach out to a Physio, a seasoned athlete, or someone who loves HIT training, running or walking your dog. How fitness is more accessible yet it can still be intimidating as social media does feed our anxieties - people comparing where they are to people they see online such as Emily Ratakowski.The importance of managing expectations and knocking down ‘perceived boundaries’ unless they are physical ones.  Why Alex feels there aren’t many boundaries that can prevent you from doing something in the exercise realm. The importance of good communication in Personal Training.How by reminding yourself that you control the steps or the seconds in front of you when exercising. The power of connecting with your breathing and your heart rate.How you are anchoring yourself into a position of freedom simply by connecting with movement. How much fun it is to create playlists and how music can impact your exercise and your motivation. How shared moments with a stranger can lift his mood and improve his day. Why you shouldn’t hide your energy. How exercise can help trauma by centering. How you can get confidence from resistance training.Why seeing your progress in the numbers can be a good thing as it is a quantifiable way to measure. The challenges of working with Post Partum mums.Why expectations of what can be achieved are so important. The importance of Magnesium  - how it aids recovery and sleep.Alex talks about ‘keeping the furnace burning’ eat meals earlier in the day so you won’t have a full belly in the evening which can lead to a disrupted night&aposs sleep. The importance of stretching. SOCIAL:Alex MarksBioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
09/08/2127m 40s

Maintaining Focus During Times of Change with Ercan Ramadan

Welcome back to Health Unwrapped, we join Ercan Ramadan to discuss how he kept his focus during the lockdown and about his new personal training business.  What we discussed: How he was keeping active during the lockdown and his routine whilst living in a flat without a garden. How he has had to come out of his comfort zone and adjust to what he has available. When lockdown first happened he embraced the opportunity to rest and how it gave him the chance to recharge and start his PT course.How lockdown then got frustrating. How lockdown impacted his sleep and started to make him question his purpose. His experience of Covid and how he thought he wouldn’t get it as he was young, fit, and healthy and how he got back to normality after being ill. Eye health and how Ercan has always had poor eyesight and how much time he has spent on screens during the lockdown. How he and Vicky have one hour a day without phones. The benefits of Krill Oil. How he works out with Vicky. What life is like being in the public eye and the pressures of social media?  SOCIAL: Bioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
25/07/2121m 52s

The secret to beautiful skin - Vicky Pattinson

Welcome to Health Unwrapped, in conversation with Vicky Pattinson about her about her beauty regime, body positivity and her experience of being in the public eye for over a decade, riding the highs and the lows of celebrity.  What we discussed: Her realisation on the impact her job has in defining her as a person and how the pandemic has been a real learning curve.The importance of realising the small things as well as acknowledging the down days and how whilst she missed the fancy showbiz lifestyle, what she missed most was her family.Her and Ercan’s experience having Covid- the sheer exhaustion of how the virus affected them was a real shock as they were in bed for a good two weeks. How her sense of self has changed over the year. How her 30’s have been a significant time of self acceptance. How and why in her 20’s she was perceived to be really angryThe difficult side of reality TV in terms of the restrictions on her personal life. How as you get older you feel less need to be what everyone else wants you to be.How she feels the public perception of beauty has changed.How we should all strive to accept images of all body types. How beauty starts from within.The importance of sleep.What advice she’d give her 23-year-old self and how she really wasn’t given much guidance in the early days.The explosion of reality TV and social media.How she feels about parents having to navigate their children’s exposure to social media.How she feels about the influence of social media.How social media helped her continue to make an income during the pandemic.Why she feels trolls should be named and shamed  - how she is getting better at dealing with them. How she embraced the ‘stay at home’ clothes trend during the lockdown and enjoyed not having the pressures of having to look good… at least for a while. How she is naturally lazy and how her and Ercan have been training for their PT certification and how it’s helped their mental health. How Ercan helped her feel more motivated to train. How exercise is the most under utilised anti-depressant on the planet.How she loves a life hack - so taking her supplements is something she is all over.How her doctor told her about the amount that collagen in your skin drops after 30.How healthy her hair and nails are, especially having gone from brunette to blondeSOCIAL: Vicky Pattinson Bioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
27/06/2132m 30s

The brain in your gut - Dr Zoe Williams

Welcome back to Health Unwrapped and this is episode 3 of Series 3. We&aposll be speaking once again to  Dr. Zoe Williams, who is expecting her first child. In this episode, Zoe explains how we should look after our gut health and shares her experiences of what she has learned about her body during her pregnancy. What we discussed: How the gut brain and gut microbiome are connected.The chemicals and hormones your gut produces and how it communicates with the brain to turn on and off our hunger hormones or regulate our mood. How your gut microbiome influences your brain and how your brain influences your gut via the nervous system.What state we need to be in, for digestion to occur. How the importance of the microbiome is getting more and more robust. Dietary changes which can help your gut.The importance of fibre.How 70-80% of our immune functions reside in our gut.The complexity of the immune system.How well our immunity system is functioning has been a hot topic during the pandemic as we want to ensure it is functioning properly and working optimally - not boosted. The danger of ‘boosting’  our immunity system and how it could lead to autoimmune conditions such as celiac disease. How the pandemic has given us more time to be aware of what is going on with our body and recognise patterns.  Zoe chatted with Alieash from Strictly and has identified which foods triggers his psoriasis.How eating slowly and taking time to chew our food is really important for digestive health  Each bite should be chewed 25 times.How we can maintain the good habits we’ve developed during lockdown - such as having porridge for breakfast. How to feed your gut microbiome on a budget.Being pregnant during the pandemic and coping with the stress and anxiety.How the body changes when pregnant and its impact on the gut as your bowel ‘forgets its purpose’ which is part of why pregnant women suffer constipation. Foods you should avoid during pregnancy  - and how to deal with gut issues when you are pregnant. Understanding supplements, what you need to consider and how everyone is different. Think about your gut like a garden in how you can support it. What you can do to maintain your wellbeing and gut health once you have your baby - by getting support. SOCIAL:Dr Zoe Williams on Instagram Bioglan on TwitterBioglan on FacebookBioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
30/05/2140m 36s

The Importance of Body Maintenance with Andrew Petrou

In this episode, we&aposre talking to health expert and Osteopath Andrew Petrou, Bioglan’s in-house guru about the importance of body maintenance and what you need to be thinking about to keep your body healthy, especially now as restrictions are easing. What we discussed: The challenges over the year and how Andrew struggled with the changes to his exercise routine. How he uses  gratitude in his day to dayThe importance of maintaining perspective when it comes to how you are feelingSleep issues - we discuss a Sky News report from the start of lockdown which said people were initially sleeping better.  In the second lockdown, however, as anxiety levels started to rise, our sleeping habits were affected with more of us having disturbed sleep.Andrew  has been having more conversations with patients about an increase in anxiety, stress, and uneaseHow when cortisol levels (the stress hormone kick in) it makes sleep harder. How exercise can help reduce chronic pain and how it can help chronic insomniaThe importance of taking stock - clocking in with ourselves more often, rather than just when something goes wrong. Allowing ourselves to be a bit lazyHow to think of the body as a unit. Know that you might feel fatigued because you are tired or it could be because you are lacking in B vitamins. The increase in ADHD in adultsHow a lack of concentration is a sign of fatigue. If you are battling to focus on one thing How the Gut can give you a lot of important signs about your health, if you aren’t regular or if you have noticed the smell has changed. Sitting is the new smoking, working from home has meant longer hours being worked and people not having breaks in their day from the commute. Keystone Habits - James Clear’s book Atomic Habits and how it all starts with small incremental changes to what you do. The key pillars for a supplement program and benefits of Magnesium, Chromium, Zinc,  Glutathione, Krill Oil and Adaptogens We discuss Elle Linton and The Mac Twins both guest in Series 2 for you to listen toTo check in with Andrew for a Pitstop click here SOCIAL MEDIA Bioglan on TwitterBioglan on FacebookBioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
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The Key to Body Strength with Jade Jones

Welcome to series 3 of Health Unwrapped and we&aposve got an amazing lineup for you over the next 12 episodes. We&aposre starting with Olympian, European and World  Champion Jade Jones OBE who we got to speak to exactly 100 days ahead of her trip to Tokyo,  where she is heading for the &aposthreepeat&apos. Jade had just returned from the European Championships and had already brought home the first gold. What we discussed: How the delay of Tokyo impacted her as she was actually injured with a slight tear in her knee, so she had time to recover. How she worked one day at a time with her recovery and how she felt during the pandemic.Why the London 2012 Olympics was her best experience and what it was like as a 19-year-old to become an Olympic champion. How she prepared for Brazil and how the pressure really got the better of her before she competed. Competing under pressure and how she motivates herself when she’s feeling downHow she may not always be motivated but she is always committed. Her daily rituals and how journaling helps including pre and post rituals. The importance of a midday nap.How she builds supplements into her routine.How she describes her body as a machine and she knows what she is missing from fuel, sleep or supplements and she always checks what she might be missing. Knowing when to back off if your body is fatigued. What her recovery looks like including hydration and ice baths Why it is so important to know your body and find out what it needs and give yourself a pit stop if you need it. Doing your exercise first thing in the morning is keyThe key to maintaining an active lifestyle is to pick something you enjoy. SOCIAL MEDIA: Jade Jones Instagram Bioglan on TwitterBioglan on FacebookBioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
25/04/2119m 59s

Keep fighting fit this winter with the Plant Powered Doctor

Welcome to the final episode in Series 2 of Health Unwrapped, as we speak with Dr Gemma Newman, a UK GP who has a specialist interest in holistic health, plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine and has just published her first book &aposThe Plant Power Doctor&apos. We wanted to get some top tips for you to boost your immunity and say fit and well through Winter. What you will learn: The importance of getting as much as we can from our food such as getting Vitamin C from Oranges, kiwi, peppers, cauliflowers. How Vitamin C can shorten the length of a cold which is why it’s important to have enough of itHow Vitamin D also v.important for our immune health and Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to poor distributors function and the health of middle-age adults . Did you know we only get 10% through our diet?Skin tone is an important consideration as darker than caucasian skin difficult to get what you need in terms of Vitamin DThe impact on stress on our immune system and now not getting enough sleep can also affect things like our microbiome in our gut. Did you know that one day of poor sleep can have a big impact? The importance of sleep and how we need to switch off from all the distractions and light sources. Resting in bed is still good, even if you aren’t sleeping.. just leave the phone alone and try not to get stressed about not sleeping. Should you track your sleep or does it cause more stress?  You can get a bit obsessed with sleep patterns but awareness is great. Zinc is really important - data shows it can help viral replication in cells.  We can get it from beans, lentils, tofu, walnuts Movement is also really important for your immune system - for lymph flow ( the fluid that our immune systems use and our muscles help that flow. The importance of exercising to keep your immune health optimised - how an accountability partner can helpShould you be having a cold shower every day for our immune health - check out Wilm Hoff&aposs cold therapy Did you know - a lot of us eat supplemented food without realising. What vitamins to take if you are eating a plant-based diet, you are over 50 or have diabetes, or celiac disease or other autoimmune conditions. Remember everybody&aposs Algae as a source  for Omega 3 and Iodine and Selenium  - you can also learn about Omega 3 and Krill Oil in this previous episode When it comes to understanding dosages, we talk about what the packages mean and what you should take and whether you can take too much of a supplement also how you know which is a good supplement when you are first buying one  - what should you look for. We discuss the power of Flaxseeds - help keep blood vessels supple, studies show they help reduce blood pressure and they have Omega 3 in them. They are brilliant for them and they can be sprinkled in everything. We also talk about the importance of the mind body connection - your nutrition and your mental health SOCIAL MEDIA: Dr Gemma Newman on Instagram Bioglan on TwitterBioglan on FacebookBioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
23/12/2036m 3s

A skin-ful of goodness with Happy Skin Kitchen

Welcome to another episode of Health Unwrapped from Bioglan where we&aposre talking to Elisa Rossi, a recipe developer and blogger. Elisa explains how she changed her diet after suffering from hormonal acne and not getting on with the medication she was given. The results have been life-changing and here Elisa shares her tips and advice on how you can make the changes, which you need to do gradually. What you will learn: How Elisa started to experience hormonal breakouts after coming off the pill She went down a medical route, dermatologists gave her medication and antibiotics which didn’t work for herWhere she started her research on her diet and lifestyleHow she gradually made changes into her lifestyle she was seeing the changes over timeHow sleep has an impact and how stress can affect your skinHow to implement the changes into your day to dayWhy you need to cook from scratch - stop relying on processed foodHow you can make the changes from meat and dairy to a vegan diet, how it is hard and needs to be done gradually to sustain it. Her research into links between dairy and skin problems How reducing sugar in her diet and stopping the dairy was when she first started to see improvementsThe impact skin problems can your confidence when you are dealing with acneHow to focus on simple whole food - tips on &aposveganifying&apos classic dishes and also how to convert your partnerWhat she learnt from the &aposBioglan’s Tummy Diaries&apos campaign and the &aposAtlas B&apos testWhat research is being done into probiotics and skincare health  Elisa Rossi on InstagramBioglan on TwitterBioglan on FacebookBioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
11/11/2022m 52s

Rest, Reset and Recovery with Elle Linton

In this episode of Health Unwrapped we have a good old chin wag with Fitness Pro Elle Linton. Elle has been championing exercising from home during the pandemic and coming up with innovative ways to keep her audience entertained including her popular &aposRolling with my Foamies&apos session. We talk about the importance of recovery as Elle explains how she looks after herself, gives great tips for staying motivated during the winter months, highlights the importance of sleep and she and talks us through the supplements she uses. What we discuss: Exercising online has given another level of inclusivityBarriers around exercise and going to the gym or group classesPeople are valuing the flexibility of exercising online as you don’t need to go into the officeExercising outside  and how there’s "No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes"Getting a SAD clock to help you wake up better in the darker monthsHow to be disciplined when exercising at homeWhy consistency is key with exerciseWhy using a foam roller is so important for your recoveryThe benefits of sleep when you are training hard. Listen to your body when deciding how often you train How a woman’s cycle can affect when she trainsThe biggest myth is that every training session has to mean you crawl out of it unable to walk. It doesn’t have to be the norm - a Yin Yoga session or a weight session taking time with your reps are as valuable. The benefits of magnesium supplements including: sleep benefits, period pain, muscle recoveryElle has created an exercise guide with Bioglan which you can access here Supplementation - Elle talks about Active Curcumin Tips for joint discomfort from cycling including supplements, the importance of a bike fit and overall fitnessKeep moving, eat anti-inflammatory foods, enjoy looking after yourself Prevention is better than cure with joint issues Counter exercise low to high impact to protect joints How to get started if you’re still not movingSocial Media:Elle LintonBioglan on TwitterBioglan on FacebookBioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
13/10/2022m 23s

Beneath the Sea, discover the power of Red Krill oil with Aker Marine

Welcome to Series 2 of Health Unwrapped as we go beneath the sea with Aker Marine, biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, who explain the incredible benefits of Krill Oil and why you should take it. We speak to Thomas Repstad and Tone Gjertsen who explain the nutrients you can get from Krill Oil to support the heart, liver, brain and eye and the difference between Omega fish oil and Krill Oil and we talk about the fishy after taste that puts so many of us off from taking Omega-3. What we discuss: Health benefits of Krill and why take itWhat is Choline and why it is essential and it functions in the body as it’s vital in helping our body, work efficiently Choline is a vitamin-like nutrient that we need  - in 90% of the Western diet we don’t get it enough How it can help the liver as choline is a precursor for lipo-proteins Krill Oil also contains Astaxanthin - an antioxidant Understanding your Omega 3 levels - we’re not eating enough fish on a regular basisThe sustainability of Krill  - the fishery takes just shy of 1% of the biomass in that areaHow Krill doesn’t have the after taste that you might expect in a fish oil tablet - due to the phospholipids, which we explain!One of the biggest reasons people stop taking omega 3 is because of the fishy aftertasteHow to find out if a product is reliable - there should be info on the label, you can ask in store and you can also contact the supplier - Aker Biomarine hear a lot from their consumersSustainability and traceability to where the Krill was harvested and how you can see via where the Krill oil was actually sourced Did you know you can see Krill from space!Long term benefits - there is now proof from 3 clinical trials of how Krill can help hydration and elasticity of your skinPersonal individual effects of supplements Social Media:Aker MarineBioglan on TwitterBioglan on FacebookBioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
29/09/2019m 43s

Myth Busting gut health with The Gut Stuff

Welcome to Series 2 of Health Unwrapped and part 2 of our chat with Alana and Lisa Macfarlane, founders of The Gut Stuff. In our first conversation with the ladies, we talked about how their lifestyle working crazy hours as DJ&aposs which involved a lot of travel, had lead them to pay more attention to their gut health. As twins, they were often having tests and realised that despite sharing 100% of their DNA, they only shared 30% of the same gut bacteria.  So in this conversation, we&aposre myth-busting.   What we discuss: Explaining what Pre and Probiotics are Which ones work and which ones don&apostWhat the different strains mean and how you should focus on themHow to find out more about pre and probiotics (Pubmed)Which supplements do they takeHow the twins use Biolgan’s Inulin powder to get fibre, especially if they are on the move and how they take it Why you should squat when you poo!Why more of us are talking about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS conversation) but we still don&apost like telling the Doctor. How the twins maintained good health during the winter months and you can do the same What they cover in their YouTube series   Social Media: The Gut Stuff Bioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
14/09/2020m 27s

The Gut Stuff and their mission to empower gut health in everyone

Welcome to Series 2 of Health Unwrapped. We&aposre so pleased that you enjoyed our first series of expert advice and have been using some of their tips in your day to day. We all know, now, more than ever before how important it is to look after ourselves so we are keen to continue to bring you more useful conversation which you can incorporate into your every day. We want to help you get your head around what can seem overwhelming, and know that these kinds of changes don&apost have to cost the earth. Today we join Alana and Lisa Macfarlane aka The Mac Twins to talk about their work creating The Gut Stuff. We&aposll be chatting to the Ladies over two episodes as they had so much handy info to share, so be sure to listen to the next episode after this one. What we discuss: How the Gut Stuff came to be - Alana and Lisa were going for tests being identical twinsHow &aposwellbeing is an aspirational industry&apos that should be for everyoneEating healthily is a lifestyle change and about consistency, not 2 weeks before holiday The realisation that they share 100% of DNA but only 30% gut bacteriaWhat is microbiome - eg. all the bacteria, viruses, pathogens that live within us and how clever they are and what they do The most common questions people ask - can I eat gluten or dairy, bloating, IBS. How our awareness of Gut Health has changed since the pandemic started Social Media:The Gut StuffBioglan on TwitterBioglan on FacebookBioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
09/09/2021m 21s

Recipes to maximise nutrition, with Emma Hanton

Welcome to episode nine and the final part of series 1 of Health Unwrapped. We really hope you&aposve found our expert advice useful and it has given you some handy tips that you can incorporate into your everyday without it costing the earth or seeming to hard to achieve. We&aposre catching up once again with Nutritionist Emma Hanton to get more advice on how you can maximise your nutrition. What we discuss: Her amazing looking food on Instagram and how does she come up with her recipesNormalising food - how to mix it up especially if you are cooking for a family How to step out of your comfort food to get a variety of nutrients. Try a different protein source or carbs.. change rice for speltWhy use Buckwheat -  banana bread, pancakesWhy use raw cacao powder- instead of coco powder How to get more plant, fibre and protein in your diet Don’t be scared of mixing veg and meat together - eg. shepherds pie with half meat or lentilsWhat are the benefits of Tumeric and how you can use it in your cooking? Why you should consider a Curcumin supplementMost people in the UK aren’t getting enough fibre - the best place to start How to switch to leaner protein sourcesHow to get more fibre in your dietHow to get your head around good and bad bacteria - it’s linked with our mood, our fertility and we need to understand it betterHow to incorporate natural probiotic foodSocial Media: Emma HantonBioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
13/07/2013m 41s

The Importance of Rest and Recovery after training, with Chloe Madeley

Welcome to episode eight of Health Unwrapped, where we rejoin Chloe Madely to talk about the importance of rest and recovery in your training. This was another episode recorded before lockdown and who knew how much our exercise routines would have to change, however it has been amazing to see the range of resources that are available for us to continue to maintain our fitness despite all the restrictions. Chloe was keen to talk about the importance of understanding what is happening to your body when you are training and why rest and recovery are so important and what nutrition does to help. What we discuss: If muscle growth is your goal what you need to do How to best manage your among DOMS and JOINT PAIN How long to train forHydration and how it helps your organs  - 70/80% of your body is waterWhat you should eat before and after your train including warming up and cooling down. Importance of stretching before and after Explanation of mitochondria and how you can help it to be restored with supplementsWhy Sleep is so important for you body Why rest days are essential - to let your body recoverJoin inflammation - how tumeric  can helpThermogenesis - How heat and cold helps your body perform and recoverProtein supplements and how they help  - but what is a decent protein bar.How you should be mindful of the macro nutrient breakdown isThe window of when you need to eat after training or optimal recovery SOCIAL MEDIA: Chloe Madely on Instagram Bioglan on TwitterBioglan on FacebookBioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
15/06/2011m 37s

Marathon and Race for Life Training with Deborah James

Welcome to the seventh episode of Health Unwrapped, shared with you during lockdown in the UK, despite being recorded before we went into it. So the conversation has changed somewhat as at the time of recording, Deborah was hoping to be running the London Marathon in April, which we know at the time of publishing has been postponed until Sunday 4th October. Deborah also talks about Race for Life which are currently being moved to later in the year, so if you were planning on doing one - we&aposd suggest keep an eye on their socials and website. What we discuss: How Deborah always ran, in fact she was a National gymnast as a girl - very impressive!The importance of exercise for your mental health - how exercise supports her mind  and the dark side that cancer brings What her running entails including  the daily battle she has The biggest challenge  - Deborah talks about the rollercoaster of cancer treatment The operations she has had to date, including lung and bowel resections How she overcomes the time spent recovering from operations and builds up her strength again The Mental and Physical preparation including how she fuels her body and how she manages the side effect of her cancer treatmentThe resources she uses such as the NHS &aposCouch to 5k&apos appHer involvement as an Ambassador for Race for Life and how saying yes to a challenge is such a powerful of the milestone Supplements she uses for recovery - including Potassium and magnesium What is &aposparty pace&apos  - How being a slow runner doesn’t matter. Social Media: Deborah James Bioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
18/05/2015m 33s

Is there a correct diet? With Dr Zoe Williams

Welcome to episode six of Health Unwrapped where we catch up once again with Dr Zoe Williams. This episode is being shared whilst many of us are still in lockdown due to COVID-19 and our shopping habits have changed significantly. Some of us are used to eating out regularly rather than cooking or being a bit too reliant on takeaways. Our current situation may have found you reunited with your kitchen and having to cook, others might be on a limited budget  - more so now than before. Or it may just be you aren&apost able to get to the shops due to work, health or childcare and therefore can&apost get the items we&aposre used to. So this conversation about &aposdiets&apos with Dr Zoe Williams is going to be really useful and hopefully get you thinking about some practical changes you could make. What we discuss: Why Zoe has an issue with the word &aposdiet&apos and how you should view it as a lifestyle. How to get a better diet - what do ditch and what to keep How 1/3 of our population are overweight and 1/3 are obese and the numbers are acceleratingWhy  we never ask why has someone reached the stage of not just being overweight but obeseHow to identify something you are already doing, such as drinking Kefir and explaining that lots of people are doing this as it has health benefits How to get more movement into your day to day and how to get motivatedHow &aposMotivational Interviewing&apos can help conversations alongHow we have to get away from the idea that the answer to obesity is to eat less and move more, that it requires an all systems approach How a cheap lifestyle intervention can achieve such amazing results What types of fat you have in your body and how we all have different capacity of what we can carry safely - subcutaneous fat, visceral fat & ectopic, what it is and what it can do to your body What is a TOFI - thin outside, fat on the insideWhich diets that you should be wary of eg. KetoThe benefits of low carb diet and intermittent fasting eg. time restricted eating Social Media: Dr Zoe Williams Bioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
21/04/2032m 34s

Training with Chloe Madeley

Welcome to episode five of Health Unwrapped, a somewhat timely episode after the bank holiday weekend as we join fitness guru Chloe Madeley, to talk about training. With most of us currently in lockdown due to COVID-19 Chloe also offers some useful tips on working out at home as well as talking about her gym routine, so be sure to bookmark this episode to listen to again, once we are all able to go back to the gym. Chloe has published three books, her latest one is called &aposTransform your body with weights&apos and we talked about the stigma around women and weight training and what she thinks about it. She is currently writing her 4th book  and I wanted to talk to her about her introduction to training. Chloe explained how she hated sport as a kid which is hard to believe when you consider what incredible shape she is in. She also spoke about how much of an impact her training regime has had on her mental health. What we discussed: How Chloe started running in her late 20’s to help with anxiety (she hated running)  How she learnt to Olympic lift and the impact it had on her self esteemDifferent types of training you can do when weight lifting What is a physique athlete What you can do in 10 minutes and the impact of if on your metabolic rateHow to get started at the gymWho to ask for advice and what you should expectHow to manage the pressure of maintaining looking a certain way What is homeostasis - and how your body tries to get back to it SOCIAL MEDIA: Chloe Madeley on Instagram Bioglan on TwitterBioglan on FacebookBioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
13/04/2023m 33s

Understanding Burnout - with Miss Nutritionist, Rosie Millen

Welcome to episode four of Health Unwrapped, where we are speaking to Rosie Millen aka Miss Nutritionist about her experience of burnout, which she experienced six years ago after collapsing in a park. Rosie explains how the World Health Organisation legitimised burnout in May 2019 and how it had such a huge impact on her life, she had to stay in bed for three years to recover. You can imagine how challenging that must have been, now more than ever as we are all currently going through our own lockdown and dealing with the frustrations it brings. However, what will be interesting is listening to this episode in the contact of being forced to slow down and taking stock to think about what Rosie explains as contributing factors to causing burnout. Maybe this current lockdown came at just the right time for you.What we will be discussing: How our adrenal glands are responsible for the stress response  - the release of cortisol and adrenaline What causes Burnout - when your plate is already full but you keep adding to it What are the signs - such as dragging yourself through the day, you can’t even brush your teeth, lose your drive, low blood pressure, feel dizzy, dark circles under the eyes, grey skin, fatigue after exercise Why you need to make sure you are eating enough food eg. protein at every meal   How to avoid foods that zap energy How to talk to work about feeling burnt out The importance of Sleep and Sleep Hygiene - Rosie refers to "Why we sleep by Mathew Walker"The stresses you need to remove  -  such as toxic relationships and the impact of emotional stressWhat supplements can help - such as MagnesiumHow to get good at prioritising things How Mindfulness can helpWhat is GABA  (Gamma Aminobutyric acid)  and how it can make us feel calm How to have more fun offline Why Burnout is more prominent in womenHow Rosie is &aposBurnout proof&apos from what she has learnt Social Media: Rosie Millen Bioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
06/04/2018m 55s

How to eat healthy with Emma Hanton

Welcome to episode three of Health Unwrapped where we speak to Nutritionist and food blogger Emma Hanton about the importance of eating healthily. Emma has a beautiful Instagram feed where she shares a wide range of recipe ideas and in this conversation, she gives some key tips on how to make your diet even healthier, without it being too difficult or expensive. We talk about how nutrition is at the core of so much of our health and how it doesn&apost have to be too hard to get our heads around. What we will be discussing: Where best to get your protein from you eg. lean meats such as chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, plant proteins such as chickpea, lentil and tofuHow there is a positivity movement on instagram about food but there is still a lot of people promoting &aposrestriction&apos when they might not realise it What annoys Emma about Detox - such as charcoal products, claims on products that are natural or organic aren’t always healthy. How sugar is in more than we realise eg, salad dressing, sauces, ketchup but you can make a reduction by buying alternatives. How honey, maple syrup and agave still have sugar in them, which means they aren’t automatically healthier than white sugar and how we don’t have research on sweeteners,  so best to reduce as best as you can How to get more fibre in your diet through wholegrains and pulses and lots of fruit and vegetables. How Inulin which is from chicory route is an additional way to take on some fibre.When it comes to planning a weeks food, one way is to think of five meals on a Sunday that you would like for the week ahead and buy in the bits but you can chop and change rather than having it all mapped out. Social Media: Emma HantonBioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
31/03/2020m 47s

A Healthy Gut creates a healthy life with Deborah James

Welcome to episode two of Health Unwrapped, where our host Natalie Silverman chats to Deborah James about living with Bowel Cancer. Deborah who is currently cancer-free talks about how it had a major impact on her health, despite on paper being the type of person, least at risk. Deborah had a bowel resection, so half her bowel was removed. Day to day, she has to actively think about the type of foods she puts in her body as it either comes through too quickly or doesn’t come through or makes her sick.  Therefore Deborah has to eat a high fibre diet eats a variety of fruit and vegetables and she talks through where she gets her fibre from. We will be discussing: How Bowel Cancer can be caused by a variety of different things and 50% of it is are lifestyle factors. How we all need more fibre as we know that 30% of bowel cancer is linked to a lack of fibre in the diet. Most of us don’t eat enough a day.How looking after our gut is key.The connection between a happy gut and a healthy mind.Easy ways to get more fibre into your diet.How you can supplement fibre into your diet.Why we need to understand our microbiome which is the climate in which our gut exists and we have to keep it as healthy as possible. The responsibility of parents to teach our children about food and help them understand healthy food choices. Deborah talks through &apospooh check&apos fun with her children, helping them understand more about their stools, by making plasticine poohs.Not every case of bowel cancer is linked to diet but it’s important to be aware of it.Social Media: Deborah James Bioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
31/03/2021m 53s

Supporting your Immunity with Dr Zoe Williams

Welcome to the first episode of Health Unwrapped, where our host Natalie Silverman talks to Dr Zoe Willams about how best we can look after ourselves whilst we are having to   self isolate. There’s never been a time when it’s been so significant to think about your own immune system and what you can do to boost your immune health .  Dr Zoe talks about how a lot of us are going to get Coronavirus and how most of us will be fine and recoverWhat we will be discussing is: The importance of having a diet high in fruit and vegetables, whole grains, healthy sources of omega 3 - oily fish and dairy ( if you’re not vegan or vegetarian ) to make the cells and chemicals it needs to help your body function. If you can&apost access fresh fruit and vegetables then take a multivitaminHow daily regular movement will boost your immunity.The importance of good sleep.How important it is for asthma sufferers to use inhalers properly. Use them how they are prescribed. How stress can have a really negative impact on your immune system. How having a glass of wine a week isn’t going to have an impact but drinking large amounts will. Why now is a better time than ever to stop smoking as for those of us who will get  Coronavirus and progress to getting complications, having quit smoking will help. Immunity is affected by genetics.Social Media: Dr Zoe Williams Bioglan on Twitter Bioglan on Facebook Bioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
30/03/2013m 4s

Introducing Health Unwrapped - Trailer

Welcome to Health Unwrapped a brand new podcast launching soon. Health Unwrapped is the conversation you need to hear, to enhance your wellbeing from the experts at Bioglan. We&aposll be talking about trending health topics & ways you can make a difference to your health, with leading experts discussing the latest developments in dietary supplements and of course natural foods.Make sure you subscribe via your favourite podcast app so you don&apost miss an episode. Plus you can follow us on Twitter Facebook Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 
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