Myth Busting gut health with The Gut Stuff

Myth Busting gut health with The Gut Stuff

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Monday, 14 September

Welcome to Series 2 of Health Unwrapped and part 2 of our chat with Alana and Lisa Macfarlane, founders of The Gut Stuff. In our first conversation with the ladies, we talked about how their lifestyle working crazy hours as DJ&aposs which involved a lot of travel, had lead them to pay more attention to their gut health. As twins, they were often having tests and realised that despite sharing 100% of their DNA, they only shared 30% of the same gut bacteria.  So in this conversation, we&aposre myth-busting.
 What we discuss: 

Explaining what Pre and Probiotics are Which ones work and which ones don&apostWhat the different strains mean and how you should focus on themHow to find out more about pre and probiotics (Pubmed)Which supplements do they takeHow the twins use Biolgan’s Inulin powder to get fibre, especially if they are on the move and how they take it Why you should squat when you poo!Why more of us are talking about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS conversation) but we still don&apost like telling the Doctor. How the twins maintained good health during the winter months and you can do the same What they cover in their YouTube series

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