Recipes to maximise nutrition, with Emma Hanton

Recipes to maximise nutrition, with Emma Hanton

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Monday, 13 July

Welcome to episode nine and the final part of series 1 of Health Unwrapped. We really hope you&aposve found our expert advice useful and it has given you some handy tips that you can incorporate into your everyday without it costing the earth or seeming to hard to achieve. We&aposre catching up once again with Nutritionist Emma Hanton to get more advice on how you can maximise your nutrition.

What we discuss: 

Her amazing looking food on Instagram and how does she come up with her recipesNormalising food - how to mix it up especially if you are cooking for a family How to step out of your comfort food to get a variety of nutrients. Try a different protein source or carbs.. change rice for speltWhy use Buckwheat -  banana bread, pancakesWhy use raw cacao powder- instead of coco powder How to get more plant, fibre and protein in your diet Don’t be scared of mixing veg and meat together - eg. shepherds pie with half meat or lentilsWhat are the benefits of Tumeric and how you can use it in your cooking? Why you should consider a Curcumin supplementMost people in the UK aren’t getting enough fibre - the best place to start How to switch to leaner protein sourcesHow to get more fibre in your dietHow to get your head around good and bad bacteria - it’s linked with our mood, our fertility and we need to understand it betterHow to incorporate natural probiotic food

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