Understanding Burnout - with Miss Nutritionist, Rosie Millen

Understanding Burnout - with Miss Nutritionist, Rosie Millen

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Monday, 6 April

Welcome to episode four of Health Unwrapped, where we are speaking to Rosie Millen aka Miss Nutritionist about her experience of burnout, which she experienced six years ago after collapsing in a park. Rosie explains how the World Health Organisation legitimised burnout in May 2019 and how it had such a huge impact on her life, she had to stay in bed for three years to recover. 

You can imagine how challenging that must have been, now more than ever as we are all currently going through our own lockdown and dealing with the frustrations it brings. However, what will be interesting is listening to this episode in the contact of being forced to slow down and taking stock to think about what Rosie explains as contributing factors to causing burnout. Maybe this current lockdown came at just the right time for you.

What we will be discussing: 

How our adrenal glands are responsible for the stress response  - the release of cortisol and adrenaline What causes Burnout - when your plate is already full but you keep adding to it What are the signs - such as dragging yourself through the day, you can’t even brush your teeth, lose your drive, low blood pressure, feel dizzy, dark circles under the eyes, grey skin, fatigue after exercise Why you need to make sure you are eating enough food eg. protein at every meal   How to avoid foods that zap energy How to talk to work about feeling burnt out The importance of Sleep and Sleep Hygiene - Rosie refers to "Why we sleep by Mathew Walker"The stresses you need to remove  -  such as toxic relationships and the impact of emotional stressWhat supplements can help - such as MagnesiumHow to get good at prioritising things How Mindfulness can helpWhat is GABA  (Gamma Aminobutyric acid)  and how it can make us feel calm How to have more fun offline Why Burnout is more prominent in womenHow Rosie is &aposBurnout proof&apos from what she has learnt 

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