How to eat healthy with Emma Hanton

How to eat healthy with Emma Hanton

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Tuesday, 31 March

Welcome to episode three of Health Unwrapped where we speak to Nutritionist and food blogger Emma Hanton about the importance of eating healthily. Emma has a beautiful Instagram feed where she shares a wide range of recipe ideas and in this conversation, she gives some key tips on how to make your diet even healthier, without it being too difficult or expensive. We talk about how nutrition is at the core of so much of our health and how it doesn&apost have to be too hard to get our heads around.

What we will be discussing:

Where best to get your protein from you eg. lean meats such as chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, plant proteins such as chickpea, lentil and tofuHow there is a positivity movement on instagram about food but there is still a lot of people promoting &aposrestriction&apos when they might not realise it What annoys Emma about Detox - such as charcoal products, claims on products that are natural or organic aren’t always healthy. How sugar is in more than we realise eg, salad dressing, sauces, ketchup but you can make a reduction by buying alternatives. How honey, maple syrup and agave still have sugar in them, which means they aren’t automatically healthier than white sugar and how we don’t have research on sweeteners,  so best to reduce as best as you can How to get more fibre in your diet through wholegrains and pulses and lots of fruit and vegetables. How Inulin which is from chicory route is an additional way to take on some fibre.When it comes to planning a weeks food, one way is to think of five meals on a Sunday that you would like for the week ahead and buy in the bits but you can chop and change rather than having it all mapped out. 

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