Ian Russell - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 48

Ian Russell - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 48

By Nash Tackle

This weeks’ guest in the podcast studio is the enigmatic, charismatic and timeless carp fishing star that is Ian Russell.

When it comes to carp fishing there are very few named anglers whose careers have been so varied and incredibly successful as Ian’s’. Whether its catching numbers of carp, big carp, making bait or working on tv Ian has done it all and all in his customary classy, happy, humour filled way.

Starting with his angling on the infamous Harefield including the colourful “social scene” centred around The Horse and Barge, Ian talks about how he came upon a chance meeting in Harefield Tackle that led to him forming Heathrow Bait Services. He talks about how the business progressed and the development of the incredible Pukka Pineapple and Indian Spice Pop Ups which accounted for so many carp. Finally, Ian talks through the conclusion of Heathrow Bait Service and why he chose to step away.

European angling isn’t something that many would associate with Ian however even pre-90’s Ian was out in Holland, Belgium and France chasing continental carp. In recalls his one and only trip to Cassein where in 1994 he landed a 30lb + carp. In more recent time in fact over that last ten years the Abbey lakes complex has been a mainstay of Ian’s yearly trips and he recalls how the venue has been so kind to him as well as things to considered for anyone who wants to fish the lakes.

Ian spends a lot of his time on busy day ticket complexes both when he’s filming and with his tutorials. He runs through a guide to his experiences on the likes of Linear Fisheries including him capturing the Oxlease Common. He also shares valuable tips around common mistakes he sees people making on these types of venues.

When it comes to match carp fishing Ian has an incredible record. From early “Battle Carp” 1vs1 matches to “Carp Wars”  in Crafty Carper Magazine Ian has beaten some of the very best anglers and won both match series. He talks through his fond memories of these vents and recalls some special times shared with Iain MacMillan amongst other famous carpers. Onto Carp Wars the tv show and Ian talks about his journey through series 1 and 2 and how he nearly didn’t fish the second series due to being “robbed” in the first series.

RK Leisure has always been Ian’s “for himself fishing” venue. The incredible complex of lakes has been the scene of so much consistent success for Ian. He talks through and epic Horton Boat Pool winter campaign as well as success on Kingsmead 1. The lake that holds a special place in Ian’s heart is Wraysbury and he shares the story of how he caught his targets of a big Redmire Common and the “No Name” mirror, showing when it comes to big carp Ian is just as comfortable as the best bounty hunters in the game.

With a career spanning over 40 years in the industry Ian talks about the development of his career from writing in magazines through to working on TV and nowadays social media as well as everything in-between. The mark of true success is him constantly improving himself and adapting to huge changes over this period of time which have made him just as relevant now as he has ever been in the carp world. One thing is for sure his energy, personality and passion for angling is truly inspiring. Sit back and enjoy!

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