Adrienne Herbet - Energy and Strength

Adrienne Herbet - Energy and Strength

By Bioglan

Welcome to the seventh episode in the Health Unwrapped series and we are in conversation with  Adrienne Herbert. Adrienne runs her own fabulous Power Hour podcast which is all about reclaiming your mornings and getting the most out of every day. She’s also a TEDx
speaker, author, and athlete.

What we discussed: 

 Connectivity and how the pandemic showed us how connected we could be.

 The challenges of home schooling whilst Adrienne was still trying to train and get over races, such as the London Marathon being cancelled. 

 Adrienne believes everyone has something they want to improve in and describes herself as a ‘Professional Encourager.’ She admits to always trying to encourage people to pursue what it is they want. 

 How she uses her non-negotiable habits when she is struggling with her motivation e.g. when she has a long to do list. Adrienne explains how she priorities her energies e.g. with her son and his schoolwork, with her, running, or when her menstrual cycle is affecting her energies. 

 What is a non-negotiable? Adrienne talks about examples, such as going to bed early and how she prepares herself by going to bed at 10 pm ready to wake at 5.30 am. 

 The importance of a routine that you can always come back to.

 How our circadian rhythms and our internal body clock are so distracted by all the technology around us, yet our bodies have not evolved at the same pace as technology. 

 The importance of ‘White Space’ and how she has this during her day or week. It is time in your schedule where nothing is planned. 

 The reason Adrienne started the Power Hour Podcast and how she wanted to be ‘in the conversation’ and how she felt there was a gap in the personal development podcast space. She wanted to highlight the female point of view. 

 In the Power Hour book, Adrienne explains how she started the book after experiencing secondary infertility and having to deal with recurrent miscarriage and how everyone must overcome adversity in their own way. She describes the relentlessness of IVF treatment. 

 The Power Hour is the first hour of your day and Adrienne describes how to reclaim it. 

 The importance of mobility exercises post-exercises and how it helps the active recovery as it speeds up the lactic acid coming out of your muscles. 

 How to use magnesium and its benefits, plus how magnesium deficiency can present itself.

 The importance of sleep and why you should try to make your sleep environment the best you can, calm and decluttered and not too much the in the bedroom.

 Building a routine can be overwhelming so you need to start with the basics, which Adrienne talks about as movement. Not exercise, but movement. Trial and error is the best way to start and how you can’t force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy.

 The importance of letting your body rest and digest. 

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