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Grace Beverley - Hustle Culture, Downtime and Balance

Grace Beverley - Hustle Culture, Downtime and Balance


In this episode Nicola, founder of wellbeing brand NEOM, invites super cool guest Grace Beverley onto the podcast to give us all her best wellbeing tips.
Grace is a 24-year-old CEO Oxford University Grad who now runs TWO businesses and is a full-time Instagram influencer. She was in the Forbes 30 under 30 list and is also author of ‘working hard, hardly working’ - a books about how to achieve more, stress less and feel more fulfilled.
As a big believer in downtime Grace is on a mission to talk about modern pressures to prevent burnout and teach people what working hard really looks like, outside of the warped hustle culture that is all over Instagram!
If you want to get in touch or just see what we're up head to or follow us: Nicola @nicolaelliottmoss, NEOM @neomorganics and Grace Beverley at @gracebeverley.
And thank you for listening!

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