Looking Forward, Economic Predictions Post Pandemic

Looking Forward, Economic Predictions Post Pandemic

By Nick James

Nick is talking with Frank Flegg about his predictions for what will happen in the coming months

They discuss the ways the Government is beginning to claw back the huge debt accrued through the pandemic and how things are going to change dramatically

In an economy that’s going to become more hostile, it’s about looking forward and being able to capitalise as things change because there are always opportunities



As a country, we have acted like a very naive businessperson The last eighteen months have been an interesting look at human psychology Change excites me and  as a property investor the worst thing is continuity because people who are not as knowledgeable catch up creating more competition A rapidly evolving environment puts us at the cutting edge doing deals that no one else can As a country, we now have a massive negative balance sheet and we are going to feel the pain of it. The government is trying to claw back massive amounts of money  Small things being changed will make a massive difference The government is also considering a rise in capital gains tax that will 

mean a 4x increase on money you have risked in investment

Inflation will be the way the money is clawed back by the government Everything going up in value is good for the government because their debt is not My prediction is that inflation will rise to erode the debt If inflation is going up it’s not seen as something that the government is doing to us Getting into assets that are inflation-proof is vital You have to look forward and make inflation work for you We are going into a more hostile environment where tax and inflation will be higher



‘No one is feeling the pain of it at the moment but we are going to very soon’

‘These measures will affect everyone’

‘Look at how you can capitalise on what’s going to happen’

‘Whenever there is change there is great opportunity’



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