Episode 089 | Exploring Identity

Episode 089 | Exploring Identity

By Out Of Home Podcast

The Out of Home Podcast

Thursday, 22 July

In this week’s episode, Kieran, Steven and Yaf hold down the convo whilst Kwame is moving into his new house! The conversation builds on our last episode, exploring all things identity. From environment, to values, to this new generation breaking down barriers, the homies discuss how identity is evolving. 

02:40 - Steven’s instantly legendary introduction

07:32 - Weekly What Made You Smile + general banter

26:00 - The Homies speak on how society shapes your identity 

40:13 - National identity and pride 

51:51 - Values shaping identity and the New Generation

01:02:57 - The mandem talk on the biggest impact on their identity to date

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