Episode 068| Lowki's Last Night

Episode 068| Lowki's Last Night

By Out Of Home Podcast

The Out of Home Podcast

Thursday, 25 February

In this week’s episode, Kwame, Steven & Yaf dedicate this one to the departing, Out of Homie, Kieran. Recorded the night before Kie moved back to London, the rest of the mandem unpack his two-year stint in Amsterdam – reliving the highlights and how his experiences shaped him as a man. With “Rahberry Raw” on deck, an outpouring of emotions, and live recitals of So Solid Crew & J-Kwon records, this is heartfelt and hilarious! Lastly, only locations have changed, Out Of Home is still going strong, catch you next time.



- Kieran drops his announcement (8:17)

- Tweaking things a little, rather than the whole group the focus is on what made Kie smile during his time in Amsterdam (11:47)

- Kwame (28:43), Yaf (31:27) and Steven (43:17) discuss their first-time meeting Kieran in Amsterdam, London and Paris respectively

- Kieran reveals why he is going back to London(69:16)

- The group reflect on their feelings about everything they have done and will do in the future (75:00)

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