Episode 060 | "RAHHBERRY????"

Episode 060 | "RAHHBERRY????"

By Out Of Home Podcast

The Out of Home Podcast

Thursday, 24 December

For the latest episode, the mandem sans Yaf (who is holidaying in the Caribbean), discuss a bunch of stuff as only they can. As is the recent tradition during recording, the gang are in a rambunctious mood due to fruit flavoured vodka (5:32) which influenced the name of this very episode!

- WMYS – What Made You Smile, the popular segment returns (8:57) 

- Steven recaps some cold war jollof rice tactics from Kwame (14:03)

- Kieran introduces the topic of humans having to constantly self-reflect in 2020 (56:44)

- The group discuss the demons they slayed in this calendar year (63:02

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