Season 2 The Best Bits So Far... - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 49

Season 2 The Best Bits So Far... - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 49

By Nash Tackle

This weeks’ podcast features Jim Shelley, Alan Blair, Nigel Sharp, Jeremy Wade, Steve Briggs, Kev Hewitt, Dave Levy, Terry Dempsey and Scott Lloyd in a celebratory look back at a selection of the standout moments (for a variety of reasons) during season two of the podcast. I think you’ll agree the line-up of names alone would make some serious VIP carping guest, that’s without their epic tales.

Starting with Uncle Jim and his epic tale of how he in forty nights captures probably the most sort after of carp in the UK, the infamous Black Mirror.

Next we look back at our very own Alan Blairs’ journey into what has to be one of the finest stand out careers in the industry. This chapter Alan talks about it could have all gone seriously wrong and how he managed to find his way through some difficult times.

When it comes to Yateley Nigel Sharp is an out and out legend, one of the very best to have fished the complex and when you consider the anglers that have fished there that’s some statement. Mix this with one of the most iconic carp of all time “Bazil” you’ve got one incredible story that’s for sure.

This man has transcended angling and is an international superstar, biologist, scientist and all-round rock-hard adventurer. The star of the tv series “River Monsters” Jeremy Wade and in this epic podcast moment he describe his brush with death in the amazon during and ill-fated light aircraft flight.

One of the true pioneers, gentlemen and a true Nash Tackle “lifer” Steve Briggs shares his incredible story of a 60lb+ carp caught from the beautiful Lac Du St Cassein and how this started Steve (and his partner Joan’s) lifelong love affair with the place

Possibly the deadliest day ticket anglers out there at the moment Kev Hewitt discusses (in a slightly awkward force and surprised way) his “edge” and think behind bait that has seen him produce consistent big hits of big fish on hard pressure waters up and down the country.

This man has the mindset of a true champion whatever sport he chose, Dave Levy shares how this mindset led him to successfully capture a modern day iconic fish in the shape of the long powerful scaley mirror called “James”.

Proper London geezer and life long “Hammers” fan Terry Dempsey takes a break from Urban Baits and from starring on BBC’s Dragons Den to talk through and incredible capture of “Jack The Net Ripper” from back in the glory days of carp fishing.

Finally, onto a modern day iconic carp in the shape of the Burghfield Common all 62lb+ of it, at least this is what it weight when the charismatic Scott Lloyd captured it. Scott shares how he was successful where so many others haven’t been and still to this day haven’t banked this most prized of big carp.

Whatever you listen to the podcast for, information, entertainment, controversy or simply to stoke you angling fires this podcast has something for everyone. We hope it inspires you to listen back to episodes you may have missed or check out the new episodes which air every Sunday. A massive thanks for your support over the past forty-nine episodes and here’s to forty-nine more.

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