Hustle Up Podcast - Episode 8 - Albert Azis-Clauson (UnderPinned)

Hustle Up Podcast - Episode 8 - Albert Azis-Clauson (UnderPinned)

By Josh Burrell

I chatted with Albert Azis-Clauson, the CEO of UnderPinned, a platform that helps support freelancers to build their businesses.

We talked about his journey from the world of dance at the Royal Ballet School to mainstream education and then to University, raising £1m for his business within a year of graduating.

Albert, who has tried his hand at every sport played in a world-record charity rugby game which lasted more than 30 hours for the School of Hard Knocks charity.

He is an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community and featured in a popular campaign on LinkedIn wearing typically "feminine clothing". He also works with the Government's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Small Business Commissioner to shape the future of freelancing.

Are you freelancing or thinking of starting out, you can get 25% off the UnderPinned Ultimate Guide to Freelancing course with the code HUSTLEUP25.

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Thanks to Lucy Werner from The Wern for connecting me with Albert. Her new book 'Brand Yourself', with her co-founder, creative director and husband Hadrien Chatelet, is out now. 

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