Immunity and the Gut

Health Unwrapped

By Bioglan

Immunity and the Gut

Sunday, 21 November

Welcome to Health UnWrapped, we’re speaking with Health and Wellness columnist Susannah Taylor about how she has been looking after her gut health, during the last 18 months and what she has learned from the conversations she’s been having for her column in You Magazine. 


What we discussed: 

How her working life has changed over the last year, Susannah has three children between age 14 to 3 so she was confronted with the challenge of work and homeschooling. 

How shift-work was key between her and her husband as they juggled work and childcare.

A big thing to come out of lockdown has been the time the family was able to spend together. 

How being immersed in nature has been her saving grace and how it took on the healing power of its own that Susannah will never forget. 

The importance of celebrating the simple things and the joy and meaning of them. 

Wellness trends during a lockdown: 

The growth of home exercise eg. Peloton, People have focused on looking after themselves more, living more sustainably, and how every brand should be incorporating sustainability and environmental consciousness into what they do.  

The severity of our mental health and her fears about the people&aposs mental health suffering after lockdown. 

How there is now a new term ‘Post Pandemic Stress disorder’

The best technology for mental health. 

The impact of Prince Harry’s conversation with Bryony Gordon and how it really escalated the mental health conversation.

The link between gut health and immunity and the link with mental health. 

How the changes she made helped her anxiety. 

How many people realized the link between the gut and immunity and the importance of the microbiome. 

How the conversation about our microbiome is becoming more and more normalized. 

How everyday cookbooks are talking about the gut.

Susannah discusses Immunology and conversations she has had with Dr. Jenny Machiotchi.

The impact of sleep on our immunity and how a bad night&aposs sleep can lower your immunity by 60%.

How our gut and head are linked to our body as a whole and how we need to put it all together in our body. It’s all one incredible system. 

We mentioned a previous episode of Health Unwrapped with Dr. Zoe Williams 

Why it is so important that we cook our own food and staying away from processed food.

The dangers of sugar.

The supplements that are recommended such as Vitamins D3, Zinc, and Vitamin C - but should be able to get enough Vitamin C from a reasonably healthy diet. 

How that helps your gut to thrive.

Why you should look at your alcohol intake.


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