Episode 103 | The Information Age & Identity

Episode 103 | The Information Age & Identity

By Out Of Home Podcast

The Out of Home Podcast

Thursday, 25 November

In this week’s episode, Steven joins Yaf and Kieran live in London, while Kwame records from Amsterdam. Vibes aplenty with this one, there is the first-ever life Out Of Home Birthday gifting and Yaf attempts to provide proof that luck is always not on his side! Lastly, the group discuss the notion and concept of identity in the aftermath of a UK chat show interview with comedian, ‘White Yardie’.

- Weekly What Made You Smile segment - sharing the positive vibes of the week just gone (10:08 )

- Kieran talks about an important milestone in his personal life (17:09)

- Yaf reveals he is now an Uncle and shares with the lovely listeners about the unfortunate series of events regarding Winter Wonderland (21:22)

- The tandem speak on the topic of belonging and identity, referencing ‘White Yardie’ being grilled for claiming a country he was raised in (34:38 )

-Steven shares a story on young women already being labelled as one thing due their to fashion choices and sporting interests (59:24)

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