Jake Wildbore - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 62

Jake Wildbore - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 62

By Nash Tackle

This week Hassan joins one of Leicester’s finest and one half of a hugely successful pair of carp fishing industry brothers, Jake Wildbore.

Jake has pretty much done it all despite his young age. From representing your country to working in the industry and catching some incredibly sought after carp both home and abroad, Jake in his understated hard working way has achieved an awful lot.

Looking back at his early years Jake talks about him and his brother discovering Linear, Linch Hill and Horseshoe lake and how these venues developed their carp fishing. Along the way there’s recollections of awesome captures, funny moments and developing their own presence in the carp scene which ultimately lead to them testing themselves in matches. Despite an apparent lack of real effort, they were hugely successful and soon represented Carp Team England.

Jake goes onto talk about his international fishing exploits teaming up with his brother fishing thirty two foot fixed zig rigs in one particular World Championships. This is a real eye opener as to how things actually played out in these events and how cruel the media had been when things didn’t go to plan for them. Over the course of their international match fishing career Jake is very proud of having a silver medal to his name, even if they were told they had won the competition before the official scoring came out. This section is a fascinating look at the very top end of international carp match fishing.

From working twelve hours a week to working in media and now sales within the fishing industry, Jake career path has been on a huge upwards trajectory since finding his place working in the industry. He recalls found memories and funny stories of his time at various other brands as well as why he chose to leave his previous role to pastures new.

Jake talks in-depth about his angling and how his style has changed from day ticket to big fish style venues such as Irchester and Elstow. Wherever Jake has cast a line, success has followed, and he looks back at success on a huge variety of venues including Cassein, Belgium Canal, French public lakes and domestically on venues such as Walthamstow Reservoir.

In the final section Jakes talks about his opinions on the fishing industry, his future and what he wants to achieve. There’s one thing for sure there’s more than a few laughs in this podcast and you’ll be sure to see that despite all his success Jake s feet are firmly on the ground and he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

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