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Two Geeks Turns 100!

Two Geeks Turns 100!

By Tom Eames and Morgan Jeffery

Wow, we’re old!

Yes, somehow we’ve made it to 100 EPISODES. To celebrate our milestone, we’re having something of a celebration and retrospective of the series so far. We also answer some of your questions, sent to us via email and socials.

In this special look-back, we discuss our favourite episodes, the one episode Tom is desperate to do but Morgan keeps vetoing, the ‘lost’ episode you’ll never hear because Tom didn’t record it properly, and the origins of the show back in 2015.

We also ponder what we might have done differently if we started today, what we’re tempting to change the name of the show to, and our plans for 2022 and beyond.

Thanks so much to everyone of you who have ever listened to the show over the past 100 episodes and 6+ years. We love making the show and love hearing from you, it always means a heck of a lot!

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