Sean Leverett - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 68

Sean Leverett - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 68

By Nash Tackle

This week joining Hassan is a true big carp target angler, former Nash angler and now Proper Carp Baits boss it&aposs Sean Leverett.

Sean has caught an awful lot of the most iconic carp to have ever swam in our waters over the 90’s and early 2000’s. He has always thrown himself one hundred percent into his work and his angling but has very much tried to stay out of the limelight. In this podcast he discusses some incredible captures as well as how carp angling and the sacrifices he’s made to pursue the very best carp in the land.

Starting in the early 90’s Sean talks through his captures on the infamous Essex waters of Star Lane, The Essex manor and Cleverly Mere. His captures of fish such as The Annie, Northern Lin, Spike and Hendrix from these waters were a prelude to how his natural ability as an angler and his mindset would lead to more incredible results in the future.

Sean talks about how his work has changed over the course of his life. From setting up his own successful plumbing business through to starting up Proper carp baits with friend and partner Jon Mac. In the interim period Sean took a year to go full time and concentrate on his fishing after selling his plumbing business, let’s just say he may have been too successful in this time as he captured his target fish such as The fat lady from St Ives in record time. This led to his obsession with carp angling growing so strong that it cost him a marriage and ultimately five years of his life in full time pursuit of big carp.

Reminiscing about his time with Nash, Sean talks about how much faith he had in Scopex Squid and also his relationship with Kevin Nash. Over thirteen years with Nash he had seen a lot of the developments over that time including Alan Blairs arrival to Nash. He talks about a particular session on Church where he was very successful and due to his camera shy nature had to tell a few tales to ensure Kevin didn’t sound a camera crew down to film him.

Moving on from Nash Sean talks about his more recent angling with Sticky baits from 2011-2016. In this time, he set his sights on the ultimate prize of The Black Mirror from the Mere only to discover it dead on his very first session. Sean talks about success he had on various RK leisure waters until ultimately on Cassein he realised he wanted to take his future a different way and came out of full time angling to pursue his bait business.

Sean talks about his health and future goals as ultimately, he hasn’t been fishing for over three years, but the desire, drive and mindset is there for a return in the not too distant future hopefully. Sean is an incredible example of how ability is nothing without mindset and hard work. He is brutally honest and understanded in this podcast and there’s one thing for sure, if I were a carp, I would want him to set his sights on catching me as time has shown it will only end up one way!

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