Creating Harmony Between Your Family and Business

Creating Harmony Between Your Family and Business

By Nick James

Nick is with Claire McTernan, a successful multiple business owner and Mum talking about how to create harmony between your business and your family.

Clare, whose entrepreneurial journey has been alongside her children growing up,

discusses how creating a structure can help you to stay on top of the many complexities and explains why being organised, focused and mindful in your work time means you can properly present and enjoy your family time



I’ve been on my entrepreneurial journey while they have been through the various developmental stages Take control and create a structure so that you know what’s happening when I use my businesses as my normality when there is lots of family stuff going on The are many situations where you have to make decisions in the moment Decide what the minimum viable level is for family and business at the beginning of each day If you are organised and productive during your working day the reward is time with your family Be really focused during the times they are not there so that you can be present and focused on them when they are there You need to be very clear on the objectives and how you are going to achieve them What are you going today that will make tomorrow better? Being mindful of your time means looking at what will make you most happy and fulfilled and then looking at what impact you can make in the rest of the time Look at the tasks you can outsource and effectively prioritise the rest Reflecting on where you started and where you are now is a good way of seeing how far you’ve come



‘Thinking about everything that needs to be done takes up a lot of mind space’

‘When you are on work stuff, be really focused’

‘It's about being able to deal with all of the complexities’




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