638: Yuriy Matsarsky | Fighting for Ukraine

638: Yuriy Matsarsky | Fighting for Ukraine

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Thursday, 17 March

Yuriy Matsarsky is a Ukrainian journalist turned civilian fighter against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Since the incursion began, he's been keeping the world updated with events as they happen as the host of the daily podcast Fighting for Ukraine.

What We Discuss with Yuriy Matsarsky: Why did Yuriy -- and so many of his civilian countrymen and women -- turn in the tools of their trades for assault rifles to defend their homeland against the professional army tasked with invading it? Why Yuriy considers these Russian invaders more heartless and brutal against civilians -- including women and children -- than even ISIS terrorists he's encountered in war zones. What Yuriy hopes Westerners come to understand about this conflict sooner rather than later that often gets missed by mainstream media. What day-to-day life and overall morale are like for Ukrainian defenders, and how Yuriy sees this conflict ultimately playing out. Short of picking up a rifle and heading to Kyiv, what can you do to help Yuriy and his fellow defenders keep resisting the advances of their uninvited neighbors? And much more...

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