Moment 49 - How To Form Habits That Actually Stick: Professor Steve Peters

Moment 49 - How To Form Habits That Actually Stick: Professor Steve Peters

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Friday, 18 March

In these ‘Moment’ episodes of my podcast, I’ll be selecting my favourite moments from previous episodes of The Diary Of A CEO.

In this one, I’m taking a section from Steve Peters, a doctor, psychiatrist, professor and mental coach for the world's top athletes and business leaders. Here he shares his wisdom about how we can form healthy habits and ways in which to maintain them. He explains that habits can be formed both consciously, based on our belief system, and unconsciously, the ones we aren’t knowingly thinking about. When we look to battle those good habits from the bad, it is not straightforward, and they need to be subdivided. 

Steve is the author of “The Chimp Paradox”, which has sold millions of copies worldwide and put forward the groundbreaking ‘Chimp model’ for understanding how our brains work. The model focuses on the 3 parts of the brain and he talks briefly about one of them here. The ‘Chimp’ which is our desire to be irrational, emotional, impulsive and short-term. Basing habits on our beliefs and experiences is letting the Chimp make those decisions, and sometimes we need to connect the other parts of our brain; the ‘Human’ and the ‘Computer’ to manage and control the interaction they have with habits.

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