647: Karim Hijazi | When Cyber War Goes Kinetic

647: Karim Hijazi | When Cyber War Goes Kinetic

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Tuesday, 5 April

Karim Hijazi (@karimhijazi) is the founder, chairman, and CEO of cyber intelligence company Prevailion, and creator and host of The Introverted Iconoclast podcast.

What We Discuss with Karim Hijazi: How vulnerable is the Internet and how much of our current infrastructure would suffer if it were to go down tomorrow? What are the biggest threats to the security of your privacy, your bank account, your company, and your country? How cyber warfare can lead to kinetic (i.e., real) warfare with physical consequences. Why the current efforts of companies and governments to mitigate digital security risks are woefully insufficient. What are our best practices for staying as safe from cyber attacks as possible? And much more...

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